Caritas Clinics, Inc. dba Duchesne Clinic & Saint Vincent Clinic
636 Tauromee Avenue
Kansas City KS 66101
Bringing Health & Hope, at Duchesne Clinic
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Telephone (913) 321-2626
Mission Statement
We will reveal and foster God's healing love by improving the health of the people and communities we serve, especially those who are poor or vulnerable.
CEO/Executive Director Mr. George Noonan
Board Chair Mrs. Margaret Steele
Board Chair Company Affiliation Kansas Gas Service
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1993
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Mission Statement We will reveal and foster God's healing love by improving the health of the people and communities we serve, especially those who are poor or vulnerable.
Background Statement

Throughout our history, Saint Vincent and Duchesne Clinics have met the primary healthcare needs of the uninsured poor. In 1986, Sister Rosalie Mahoney expressed concern that many Leavenworth County residents had no medical coverage and therefore no access to care. Sister Rosalie wanted to develop a cost-effective, accessible facility for people without the ability to pay for medical services. Her work made possible the birth of Saint Vincent Clinic in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1986. 

A similar need was recognized in Wyandotte County and Duchesne Clinic opened in June of 1989. The clinics joined together as Caritas Clinics, Inc., and were incorporated in December 1993. Today, as affiliates of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, the clinics continue to bring to life Sister Rosalie's vision of quality, affordable health care for all.
Founded on the belief that health care is a basic right for all people, the clinics provide primary medical services to indigent patients, regardless of religious affiliation, with an emphasis on the values of respect for the dignity for all persons, compassionate care and sensitivity to human suffering.

The clinics are unique in that an unduplicated service is provided only for the uninsured poor. Other clinics in the area serve the uninsured, but they also serve recipients of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. The clinics services are available only to uninsured persons whose income is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Services include diagnosis and treatment of common or chronic illnesses, care of minor injuries, and education about health, nutrition and medication compliance.

Impact Statement

Duchesne Clinic provides health and hope for the uninsured poor of Wyandotte County through quality primary medical care, chronic disease management, medication assistance and care coordination. 

  • As a medical home, Duchesne Clinic over 1,400 patients in 2016 with 5,687 provider visits and a total of 8,405 medical services, including over $1,300,000 in medication assistance.
  • Over 80% of Duchesne Clinic patients are diagnosed with chronic conditions, most frequently diabetes, asthma, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Goals for 2017 include:

  • Duchesne Clinic will provide primary medical services for the uninsured, including at least 9,000 patient visits and $1,300,000 in pharmaceutical assistance.
  • Duchesne Clinic will provide a medical home for the uninsured, demonstrated by maintaining 70% patient retention.
  • Duchesne Clinic will increase access to healthcare for the uninsured by qualifying and seeing new patients within six weeks of initial contact.
  • Duchesne Clinic will provide chronic disease management for the uninsured by assuring that patients with chronic diseases are seen by a medical provider for evaluation and medical review at least every six months, and track patient progress based on health indicators.
  • Duchesne Clinic will become licensed to accept Medicare and eventually Medicaid reimbursements.
Needs Statement

In order to address community needs, Duchesne Clinic needs:

  • Financial support for direct patient care and special projects, including multi-year pledges to meet emerging trends.
  • Pro bono medical services, including vision, dental, and other specialty care.
  • Medical supplies including basic first-aid supplies and over-the-counter medications.
  • Skilled volunteer support, especially in the areas of marketing and communications, social media, graphic design, and copy writing.
Service Categories
Community Clinics
Ambulatory & Primary Health Care
Areas of Service
KS - Wyandotte County
KS - Wyandotte County Urban Core
KS - Leavenworth County
Description Duchesne Clinic provides primary healthcare services for the uninsured poor of Wyandotte County. Our patients are seen by clinic staff or volunteer medical providers. Patients receive access to ongoing, bilingual, integrated on-site care, including diagnosis and treatment, chronic disease management, medication assistance, diet and exercise education, preventive care and acute care.
Program Budget $1,679,000.00
Category Health Care, General/Other Ambulatory & Primary Health Care
Population Served Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent, Adults,
Short-Term Success
Short-term success is determined by the efficiency and effectiveness of our clinic practices.  Goals include the number of patients served, number of services provided, and wait times for service delivery.
In 2016, Duchesne and Saint Vincent Clinics served 1,855 patients and provided over $1.4 million in pharmaceutical assistance. Of the pharmaceutical assistance, $1.2 million was from the Pharmacy Assistance Program and the additional $200,000 came from the Unused Medication Act of 2008 dispensary and private grants. 
Long-Term Success
Long-term success is determined by the quality of care that our patients receive. Goals include providing a medical home for our patients and medical support so that our patients with chronic disease can manage their illness.
Each year we use our Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQI) plan to assess the quality of patient care based on national standards for quality of care measures and patient health outcomes.
Program Success Monitored By Each year the Board of Directors adopts an integrated strategic plan which serves as the work plan for the upcoming year. The plan specifies goals and objectives with strategies and measurable outcomes. At each monthly meeting of the Board of Directors or Executive Committee, the objectives and strategies are reviewed.
Examples of Program Success
In 2016, Duchesne and Saint Vincent Clinics increased access to healthcare in our communities by providing medical care to high-acuity patients while maintaining a patient retention rate of over 80%.
Our patients have complex chronic disease management needs. As a safety net clinic our goal is to help patients manage their diseases on an ongoing basis. We do this through ongoing care.
  • 60% of our patients receive continuity of care from our clinic which averages to around five visits annually. This is essential in helping to keep our patients healthy and out of emergency rooms unnecessarily.   
In addition we look at some indicators of success in more detail. In particular as it relates to high blood pressure and diabetes.  
  • Of the 335 patients with a diabetes diagnosis 86% had final A1C readings at the end of the year at a 9 or below. Anything within that range for a diabetic is considered fair - excellent for the degree of control of the disease according to the American Diabetes Association.
  • Of the 406 patients with identified high blood pressure diagnosis, 71% of them now have blood pressure under control.
During the same time period, the clinics provided over $1,400,000 in pharmaceutical assistance to our patients.
Description Duchesne and Saint Vincent Clinics help our patients access medications through the Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. Staff and volunteers complete paperwork to certify patient eligibility for pharmaceutical company assistance programs, submit applications, receive the donated medications, and follow a multi-step safety and efficacy process to ensure that our patients receive the right medications at the right dose and know how to take their medications correctly.
Program Budget $50,000.00
Category Health Care, General/Other Pharmaceuticals
Population Served Adults, ,
Short-Term Success Short-term success is measured monthly by tracking the number of patients who received free medications and the value of the donated medications.
Long-Term Success
The Pharmaceutical Assistance Program is a crucial component of the clinics' goals to (1) provide a medical home for our patients, and (2) provide medical support for patient efforts to manage chronic disease.

The long-term success of this program is measured by the growing number of patients who are able to better manage their health because of access to the medications they need. This success is captured through our CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) measures.
Program Success Monitored By The number and dollar value of medications provided is tracked monthly. The results of access to medication combined with our emphasis on medication compliance, are reflected in our CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) measures.
Examples of Program Success
The dollar value of the free and reduced cost medications that the clinics access for our patients is evidence of the success of this program. In 2016, patients from Duchesne and Saint Vincent clinics received more than $1,400,000 in patient medications. Our Pharmacy Assistance Program provided maintenance medication management for 247 patients. 

This allows our patients with chronic illness to better manage their illness, which in turn provides better health outcomes.  In addition, the program allows greater medical, financial, and emotional stability for our patients by reducing the impact of uninsurance on the patients' overall well-being.
CEO Comments
The patients of Saint Vincent and Duchesne Clinics frequently have complex medical conditions. A majority of patients have one or more chronic illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and asthma. Because our patients have no insurance, prior to receiving care at our clinics their medical conditions are often untreated, which causes additional complications.
Our services and programs have expanded in order to meet the needs of our patients. We provide medication assistance and through volunteer providers, both on-site and off-site, we are able to provide chronic disease management education, dental care, mental health care, vision care, and some specialist medical care. Our Continuous Quality Improvement Plan assesses the quality of patient care on a quarterly basis. Our patient survey measures patient satisfaction. Our Employee Satisfaction Survey measures employee satisfaction in many areas. Improvement plans are written for any area that fails to meet the benchmark.
We believe that we are never "finished", that there is always a new improvement or a new method which will enhance patient care. The care we provide is patient-focused. Our program is always based on and evaluated by the Core Values of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System. These Core Values are: Respect, Response to Need, Wholeness, Excellence and Stewardship. Care is consistently provided with respect and compassion for those we serve.
Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Mr. George Noonan
Term Start Feb 2016
George Noonan has been Executive Director of Caritas Clinics since February of 2016.  He has the overall responsibility for clinic mission and operations and actively serves in the following:
  • Safety Net Coalition of Wyandotte County
  • Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City, KS
  • Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved (KAMU)
  • Community Health Council of Wyandotte County
  • Congressman Kevin Yoder Health Advisory Task Force.
Co-CEO/Executive Director
Term Start
Compensation Last Year
Former CEOs
Sister Ann McGuire SCLJune 1993 - Nov 2005
Sr. Amy Willcott SCLAug 1990 - July 1993
Senior Staff
Title Finance Manager
Title Development Director
Paid Full-Time Staff 21
Paid Part-Time Staff 7
Volunteers 240
Paid Contractors 0
Retention Rate 85%
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Plans & Policies
Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Yes
Organization Has a Strategic Plan Yes
Management Succession Plan No
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes

Caritas Clinics engage in on-going community collaboration, an essential component of care. Providence Medical Center, Saint John Hospital and St. Luke's Cushing Hospital provide laboratory and radiology services. A sampling of additional partners includes: the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System, Saint Joseph Health Center, Kansas Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, UMKC, KU Schools of Nursing and Medicine, Wyandotte County Safety Net, Riverview Health Services, El Centro, and the Leavenworth Human Resources Council.

Government Licenses
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CEO Comments

Pope Francis urges us time and again to overcome any indifference and care for one another, especially the least among us. Each and all of us must “hear the cry of the poor,” and embrace the challenge. At Duchesne and Saint Vincent Clinics, our doors are open to the poor and disadvantaged. We hear their cry and our medical home is welcoming, inviting and provides patients the care they need and deserve. It’s simply -- our mission.

And this Mission of Health begins and ends with each of us.

I am proud of our deep and rich history with the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, who heard the call 30 years ago and opened Saint Vincent Clinic in Leavenworth.

Louis de Marillac said, “Fear nothing in carrying out what God ask of you for the service of the poor.”

Today, our clinics are still providing healthcare and more than ever, we’ve continued to evolve to address the growing complexity of healthcare from chronic diseases to behavioral health to the struggles of families and homelessness.

I am proud of our staff and to be part of this team—continuing our mission, one patient at a time.

At the clinics, our staff show their skills and compassion with each interaction. But it goes beyond that. The staff does an amazing job of meeting our patients where they are in life and helping them get back on the road to health.

I am proud that we are moving the dial on health care and improving our patients’ health. Through chronic disease management, preventive care, patient education and medication assistance, we have helped over 300 patients get control of their diabetes last year alone.

Board Chair
Board Chair Mrs. Margaret Steele
Company Affiliation Kansas Gas Service
Term Jan 2015 to Dec 2017
Board Members
Sister Nancy Bauman SCLSisters of Charity of Leavenworth
Ms. Kathleen Conwell Providence Medical Center / Saint John Hospital
Mr. Broderick Crawford NBC Community Development Corp.
Samuel Dandar MDSt. Luke's Medical Group-Cushing
Ms. Adele Ducharme St. Luke's Cushing Hospital
Ken Homan PhDLiaison, SCL Health System
Mr. Marcus McCarty Gilmore & Bell, PC
Ms. Anita Messer RN, BS MHSM, ACM
Mr. Brent Mueller Commerce Bank
Ms. Rosemary Podrebarac Attorney at Law
Mrs. Nicole Siebenmorgen Fort Leavenworth
Ms. Margaret Steele Kansas Gas Service
Rita Swann Retired, Hallmark
Mrs. Patrice Townsend Board of Public Utilities
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 2
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 12
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 5
Female 9
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Meeting Attendance % 74%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 4
Standing Committees
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Program / Program Planning
CEO Comments

Our clinics, Duchesne and Saint Vincent, have always served uninsured persons living in poverty.  The state elections in 2016 gave us hope for Medicaid expansion in the state of Kansas because of changes in the legislature. And yet, the results of the national election and calls to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and end Medicaid expansion leave many questions unanswered. Potentially we could see many more patients in the coming year if there is no viable replacement for the ACA. In anecdotal comments from our patients, there is great fear and uncertainty about how they will manage their healthcare in the future. We are committed to caring for the poor and vulnerable in our communities regardless of upcoming healthcare policy and program changes.


Our clinics are doing all we can to meet the need in our communities while maintaining the excellent quality of care that our clinics are known for. At the same time, we are working to enhance our fundraising activities in an effort to secure financial support for clinic operations. As the world of health care becomes more complex each year, our clinics remain steadfast in the commitment to provide quality health care with compassion and competency.

Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2017
Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2017
Projected Revenue $2,689,765
Projected Expenses $2,689,765
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Fiscal Year201520142013
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$255,843$51,695$32,418
Individual Contributions------
Investment Income, Net of Losses$2,212$2,871$11,691
Membership Dues$0$0$0
Special Events$126,473$73,310$61,779
Revenue In-Kind$4,942$0$0
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$1,558,332$1,607,911$1,679,071
Administration Expense$241,209$193,583$167,055
Fundraising Expense$190,847$180,922$152,338
Payments to Affiliates------
Total Revenue/Total Expenses0.971.011.00
Program Expense/Total Expenses78%81%84%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue11%10%9%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$4,112,978$4,601,305$3,111,741
Current Assets$2,316,270$2,785,825$1,236,877
Long-Term Liabilities$1,049,620$1,487,054$0
Current Liabilities$99,170$90,959$90,112
Total Net Assets$2,964,188$3,023,292$3,021,629
Short-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities23.3630.6313.73
Long-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets26%32%0%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountAnonymous $254,760Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City $225,000 --
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountAnonymous $218,750Wyandotte Health Foundation $220,000 --
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountAnonymous $206,722Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Safety-Net Clinic Grant Program $200,000 --
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years No
Organization Comments

Financial stability is an on-going priority for the board of directors and administration of Caritas Clinics. In 2016, we hired a new development and marketing team. Each year a Fund Development Plan is approved by the board of directors. The plan projects revenue from grants, donations, United Way, and special fundraising events. We are working to increase the individual giving program. Since the clinics began operating in 1986, we have been blessed with generous and supportive donors.

In addition to private fundraising, we are revamping some of our procedures to help with patient payments. Our patients are asked to pay $15 per visit. No one will be turned away for not being able to pay, but we are working to increase the funds we receive this way.

Finally, we have been approved to start accepting Medicare. We are in the process of having all medical providers go through the credentialing process. Once these steps are complete we will also apply to accept Medicaid. Although we were not awarded Federal Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status in 2016, board and senior leadership will discern moving forward with FGHC look alike status.

Organization Name Caritas Clinics, Inc. dba Duchesne Clinic & Saint Vincent Clinic
Address 636 Tauromee Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66101
Primary Phone (913) 321-2626
CEO/Executive Director Mr. George Noonan
Board Chair Mrs. Margaret Steele
Board Chair Company Affiliation Kansas Gas Service
Year of Incorporation 1993