Emily A. Silverman Memorial Fund dba Em's Spotlight
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Mission Statement

Bringing the joy of dance to those of limited opportunity in the urban core of Kansas City, in turn, providing a boost to self worth, a creative way to exercise, exposure to the arts and a foundation for life and learning.

CEO/Executive Director Ms. Vicki Silverman
Board Chair Mr Paul Harry Silverman
Board Chair Company Affiliation Waldo General CEO
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2003
Financial Summary
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Mission Statement

Bringing the joy of dance to those of limited opportunity in the urban core of Kansas City, in turn, providing a boost to self worth, a creative way to exercise, exposure to the arts and a foundation for life and learning.

Background Statement

Em’s Spotlight was started in 2003 after our daughter Emily was killed in a car accident. Her dream was to open a studio where everyone felt welcomed even those with no talent, whether short & plump, mentally or physically impaired, or simply couldn’t afford lessons. Our first program started the summer of 2004. After the eight weeks, 16 one-hour dance lessons, a dance recital for 72 participants was held in a church. Dancing through the Summer has grown to serve 380 kids with two nights of recitals, professional photos, costumes and a digital recording of the recital  to remember their summer of dance. The Willow Angel Dance Scholarships, and Dancing After School help keep kids dancing all school year long.   Dance Attire Loan Program  helps current dancers from other studios who are having a hard time financially keeping up with the high cost of taking dance. They  may borrow shoe and dance attire to help them stay in dance classes, church or school groups may borrow costumes for their performances.  In 2008 we started a dance class for children with special needs. Special Steps, Special Children offers an opportunity for this under served population to encounter the arts and have a creative way to exercise.   Special Steps, Special Adult and Struttin' Seniors serve special needs adults and our senior citizen population.   Em's Spotlight will continue these programs and develop others as funds are available and the needs arrive.

Impact Statement
  • Dancing Through The Summer offers a near dance studio experience at no cost for 380 children grades K through 8th in a 8 week summer session: including 16 one hour lessons, cold juice after each lesson, professional group photos, professional DVD of recital, costumes for performance, dance shoes, dinner & transportation provided the night of recital and free admission for family, friends and community. We go to the children. Our teachers bring all supplies needed to the schools the children are in during the summer. The parents do not need to alter their schedule or provide transportation. All the stress related to extracurricular activities has been eliminated.  
  • Dancing After School also gives lessons to urban core children at the school facility they attend. These after school lessons give our dancers a way to creatively expel that stored up energy from their school day and help them settle down for their tutoring sessions that follow. 
  • We also have a shoe and dance attire loan program to anyone who might need assistance in order to stay in current dance classes.
  • "Special Steps, Special Children and Special Steps, Special Adults provides dance classes to those with special needs during the school year. This offers an opportunity for this underserved population to encounter the arts along with a creative way to get exercise.   
  • "Struttin' Seniors" is held at an inner city senior center. Class accommodates mobile seniors, and offers chairs for those not steady on their feet.
  • Our goal is to continue the high standard programs that are currently a part of Em's Spotlight.  Raising fund is an ongoing task.  As funds become available Em's Spotlight would like to expand the current programs and offer more dance classes.
Needs Statement

General Funding: 

  • $2,000.00 Adopt a class covering shoes, costumes, drinks, teacher salary recital cost. 
  • You can sponsor one child dancer for $175.00   
Gifts in Kind:
  • Drink boxes, prefer 100% juice, healthy snacks 
  • Dance shoes, any size, any style. 
  • We also take all costumers and dance attire whether they match or not. Most desirable is multiples that match. 
  • Material and trim for costumes, especially sparkly can certainly be used to put sparkle in a Spotlight child’s life.


  • Volunteer dance teachers and dance aides
  • Volunteers to help during recitals, dress children, help serve dinners.
  • Volunteer Grant Writer 
Service Categories
Youth Development Programs
Senior Centers/Services
Areas of Service
MO - Jackson County Urban Core
All of our programs are offered in the urban core of greater Kansas City.  We go to where the dancers are already participating in another program, such as summer school, after school care or adult daycare. The classes are held in the environment the dancers are comfortable with already.  There is no need for families to try to rearrange schedules or transportation because the dancers are already there!
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement Em’s Spotlight is an exciting foundation that gives opportunities to those in Kansas City metropolitan area by providing free dance lessons, shoes, costumes and dance scholarships to children with limited opportunities. The foundation was founded in 2003, when we started teaching 72 elementary school-aged children to dance. Currently, our foundation serves 380 children, grade K-8th in our summer program. Each year, the children have experienced the excitement of learning dance in a classroom setting and performing at recitals, but more importantly they have learned the value of hard work, practice, teamwork, and leadership. We now are able to offer school year program. Our foundation has experienced many challenges over the years, the lack of funds, lack of equipment, and lack of space. We have met these challenges with the support from individuals and businesses from both our community and from those who have contributed nationwide through our website, www.emsspotlight.com. These supporters have contributed financial support, scholarship funds, shoes and costumes, their own time and even 2400 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space discounted. Even with the help that we have received over the years, more funding is necessary. More funding would mean being able to provide more children with free lessons, the clothing and shoes necessary to participate and scholarships to continue with dance for those who love it. The foundation provides everything for these children to learn the art of dance and the life skills that accompany it. We provide costumes, shoes, a place to learn, and snacks.  Em’s Spotlight, with the help of our volunteers and continued financial support, will be able to provide the services to the community children by giving them a fun, healthy way to learn life’s valuable lessons, such as leadership and citizenship, through the art of dance.

Near dance studio experience at no cost for 380 children grades K through 8th in a 8 week session: including 16 one hour lessons, cold juice provided after each lesson, professional group photos, professional DVD of recital, costumes for performance, dance shoes for practice and performance, dinner & transportation provided the night of recital, recital, free admission for family, friends and community. We go to the children. Our teachers bring all supplies needed to the schools the children are in during the summer. The parents do not need to alter their schedule or provide transportation. All the stress related to extracurricular activities has been taken off.

Category Youth Development, General/Other Youth Leadership
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years), ,
Short-Term Success Better social behavior in school. Better self esteem. Excited about being at school. Practicing dance steps at home instead of sitting in front of the TV. Better physical and mental health.
Long-Term Success To appreciate the arts. To build self-esteem. To make exercise a part of their lives. To continue to try new adventures. To pursue dance if they desire. To be proud of their accomplishments. To see the benefit of working on a team. To make time in their lives for fun. To set goals and follow through to completion.
Program Success Monitored By Responses from children’s school teachers. Responses from parents. Survey taken from students night of recital.
Examples of Program Success
"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this program that is a part of my daughter Dove’s summer school. If you only knew how much my daughter loves to act and dance. I truly appreciate you offering this program. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how I could find an affordable dance program for my daughter to participate in. Being a single mother these days can be so hard financially and emotionally and I just want you to know that you are a true blessing to us. She talks about tap dancing EVERYDAY and shows me the new routine she learns on a DAILY basis. But I know she loves it and I love you for helping to keep my daughter happy and proud of herself."  
Summer program statistics:
  • 2004 - 72 dancers
  • 2005 - 168 dancers
  • 2006 - 350 dancers
  • 2007 - 350 dancers
  • 2008 - 450 dancers 
  • 2009 - 350 dancers
  • 2010 - 350 dancers
  • 2011 - 380 dancers 
  • 2012 - 380 dancers
  • 2013 - 380 dancers
  • 2014 - 380 dancers
  • 2015 - 380 dancers 
  • 2016 - 380 dancers
The program is a great success but numbers have to be limited until more funding is received.
 Children without permanent residence, who move from one shelter to the other, are often left out of extracurricular activities.  Em's Spotlight includes these children by offering dance classes year round at a local shelter in the greater Kansas City area boosting their self esteem, giving them a introduction to the arts and giving them an opportunity to be apart of a team! Unfortunately this program has been suspended because of lack of funding.
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Dance
Population Served Children and Youth (0 - 19 years), ,
Short-Term Success In short, Em's Spotlight's loan program helps keep people dancing, allows church and school groups to add flare to their programs. 
Long-Term Success The goal is to help all those whose financial situation have taken a toll on the ability to continue dancing at a studio.  With the help of Em's Spotlight's Loan program dancers can borrow used dance shoes and dance attire to help soften the cost of dancing.  Church and school groups may also borrow items to help with their programs.This should help keep dancers dancing!
Program Success Monitored By The program request have increased and items returned stays at a high percentage.
Examples of Program Success
As word of mouth has spread the news of Em's Spotlight's Loan Program, the number of request has grown.  When the dancer, church group or school is finished with the borrowed items they are returned and lent out again. It must be working because people are referring others and have been able to stay in dance classes.
Special Steps, Special Children
Dance classes are held on a weekly basis for a kindergarten class of students at their school during their school day.  Two recitals are held for parents and other students yearly.
Special Steps, Special Adults 
Dance classes held during the school year for adults with special needs at Community of the Good Shepherd.  This underserved population love being creative, and active.  
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Dance
Population Served People/Families with of People with Disabilities, ,
Short-Term Success Dancing is great exercise.  Our Special Needs Dancers expand their reach, are up on their feet and build stamina while dancing.  It also helps many introverts learn to join in group activities. 
Long-Term Success It is our hope that dancing for our Special Needs Children will open unknown doors; will help them develop to their fullest potential, all the while having a great time!
Program Success Monitored By If our Special Needs Dancers have fun then the program is a success. Each year the Special Education teacher begs us to return.  She see the value her students receive from the dance lessons.   
Examples of Program Success As reported by the Special Education teacher, nonverbal children have started singing the song as they dance.  A child that had difficulties with muscles; preventing him from sitting could stretch with the dancing helping him achieve his goals.  
Dance classes are held for children in an after school program September through May.  Weekly dance classes and snack are provided.  This gives students a creative way to expel that stored up energy from their school day.  They can settle down for their tutoring that follows. They also have an opportunity to perform in costume for parents and other students.
Category Youth Development, General/Other Youth Leadership
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years), ,
Short-Term Success The after school facilities where dance classes are given are primarily set up for tutoring.  After in school all day the children need a way to expel their stored up energy.  It is proven that being actively involved in the arts can augment learning.  Dancing helps our kids expel energy, helping them get ready for their tutoring and  helps augment the learning process.
Long-Term Success Children are in a structured environment daily at school with very little free time to simply run and play.  The arts are being cut in schools. Our goal is to give children a creative way to expel stored up energy along with being involved in the arts.  We expect our dancers to have many doors opened to them because of the arts and give them a basis for living life to the fullest.
Program Success Monitored By We have served the same after school program, the Upper Room, for a total of 5 years.  The Upper Room sees the value of their students participating in dance and keeps asking us back. 
Examples of Program Success The Upper Room after school teachers have reported that attendance to the program by our dancers is more consistent than by the students who are not taking dance.  The students love dancing and are more excited about being at school.  The teachers have reported that our dancing students "get down to business" easier than those who have not had a chance to get rid of some of the days stress through dancing. 
Dance classes held at an inner city adult senior center.  One class is for mobile seniors and the second class is a chair tap dance class for the adults who are not steady on their feet.  25-30 older adults served yearly.
Category Human Services, General/Other Senior Services
Population Served Elderly and/or Disabled, ,
Short-Term Success We all know that it is better for seniors to get out of the house and be involved with others.  Our goal is to make our dance classes so inviting and fun that they joyfully get up, get dressed and get to the senior center for a the fun activity of dancing!
Long-Term Success Our senior citizens have made our world what it is today, good and bad.  Most have sacrificed for years for our betterment.  Now it is their time to have fun. Along with enjoying the dancing they are receiving exercise.  Dancing helps with cardiac health, stamina, muscle stretching and strengthening, circulation and blood pressure. Mentally they receive benefits from participating in a group activity.  They enjoy hearing a variety of music from their youth and current day.  Our goal is to help seniors be healthier and happier and live longer lives.
Program Success Monitored By Dancing at the senior center has one of the highest participation rates of all their activities.
Examples of Program Success We measure the success of this program by the high participation and the smiles on our seniors faces.  They are excited to perform in costume for their peers at special events.  
CEO Comments

In Dancing through the Summer, 380 children enjoyed learning dance steps, how to work as a team, learning about the arts, getting some fun exercise and a much needed self esteem boost. The challenges facing this program is being able to provide the needed teachers to teach the dance classes and funding to continue the growing of the program.  As time has passed we have seen the need for our organization to grow and add more programs.  As donations increase we plan on continuing our high standards while adding even more programs to serve our children. 

Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Ms. Vicki Silverman
Term Start Jan 2004
Experience Former Teacher. Mother: Emily Silverman
Co-CEO/Executive Director
Term Start 0
Compensation Last Year
Paid Full-Time Staff 1
Paid Part-Time Staff 0
Volunteers 37
Paid Contractors 26
Retention Rate 100%
Staff Diversity (Ethnicity)
African American/Black 32
Caucasian 65
Hispanic/Latino 1
Staff Diversity (Gender)
Female 100
Plans & Policies
Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Under Development
Organization Has a Strategic Plan No
Management Succession Plan No
Organization Policy and Procedures No
Nondiscrimination Policy Under Development
Whistleblower Policy No
  • Upper Room
  • Culture House
  • Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church
In Recognition of Capacity GrowthCatholic Charities2006
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Person Of The WeekKMBZ 98.1 FM2015
Government Licenses
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CEO Comments
Em's Spotlight is contacted by many parents requesting services that we cannot provide because of the numbers. Like many organizations the needs are greater than the funding allows. We are looking into different fundraising and grant opportunities.
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr Paul Harry Silverman
Company Affiliation Waldo General CEO
Term Jan 2014 to Dec 2018
Board Members
Mrs. Linda LaTona Farm to Market Bread Company
Ms Dorothy Page Special Education Teacher-Center School District
Mr. Paul Silverman Waldo General
Ms. Betty Tilloston Tillotson School of Dance
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 1
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 3
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 1
Female 3
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 0
Board Meeting Attendance % 100%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? No
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 1
Standing Committees
Communications / Promotion / Publicity / Public Relations
Donor Services
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
CEO Comments

As the organization grows, the financial challenges become much more apparent. The heartbreak of telling kids they cannot participate because of lack of funding has become all too common. Expanding our financial base is a priority this year.

Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2017
Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2017
Projected Revenue $98,000
Projected Expenses $97,029
Spending Policy Income Only
Foundation Comments
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Detailed Financials
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$33,009$38,780$70,579
Administration Expense$35,293$48,701$13,712
Fundraising Expense$0$0$0
Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.190.930.95
Program Expense/Total Expenses48%44%84%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$13,497$841$6,456
Current Assets$13,497$841$6,456
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$0$0$0
Total Net Assets$13,497$841$6,456
Short-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities------
Long-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountUpper Room $24,440Upper Room $27,000Upper Room $39,000
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountIndividual Donor $7,000Silverman Family $8,289Signature Loans $5,516
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountFrancis Family Foundation $6,000Individual Donor $6,000Francis Family Foundation $5,250
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years No
Organization Comments
As the organization grows the financial challenges become much more apparent. Continuing to apply for grants along with a fund raiser is our current  financial goal.
Organization Name Emily A. Silverman Memorial Fund dba Em's Spotlight
Address 8257 Wornall Rd
Kansas City, MO 641145807
Primary Phone (816) 929-1117
Contact Email info@emsspotlight.org
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Vicki Silverman
Board Chair Mr Paul Harry Silverman
Board Chair Company Affiliation Waldo General CEO
Year of Incorporation 2003