Green Works in Kansas City
607 East 31st Street
Kansas City MO 64109
Working with the EPA to test water quality on Shoal Creek

Web and Phone Contact
Telephone (816) 3048400
Mission Statement

Green Works in Kansas City excels at environmental education and workforce development for urban high school students and in creating partnerships with local businesses, and organizations that open doors for our students and positively impact their futures. We educate students about the environment and involve them in meaningful service projects. We provide job skill training and financial literacy training to prepare our students for summer internships, and life after high school.

We also work with individual citizens, families, neighborhoods and organizations through informal science education to increase community awareness and support of environmental education and workforce priorities, and inspire environmental stewardship and respect. 

CEO/Executive Director Ms. Kate Corwin
Board Chair Mr. Ryan Bresette
Board Chair Company Affiliation Live Like Luke Foundation
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2007
Volunteer Opportunities
Ways to donate, support, or volunteer
Ways to donate - We accept donations on-line through our website with a credit card or PayPal, or donors can send a check. We can accept gifts of stock as well as vehicles. A number of our supporters have designated Green Works for a planned gift through a charitable bequest or beneficiary designation.  
Support - We are often looking for used materials or equipment, and we list these items on the SUPPORT page of our website. We also periodically accept items to auction and we accept donated restaurant gift cards to help with meals for our students.
We primarily use volunteers as guest speakers for our programming, to assist with planting service projects, and to serve as mentors for our older students in our Excelerate program who are placed in summer internships.  If you are interested in volunteering, or have questions about donating or supporting us, please send an e-mail to  Thank you!
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Mission Statement

Green Works in Kansas City excels at environmental education and workforce development for urban high school students and in creating partnerships with local businesses, and organizations that open doors for our students and positively impact their futures. We educate students about the environment and involve them in meaningful service projects. We provide job skill training and financial literacy training to prepare our students for summer internships, and life after high school.

We also work with individual citizens, families, neighborhoods and organizations through informal science education to increase community awareness and support of environmental education and workforce priorities, and inspire environmental stewardship and respect. 

Background Statement
Green Works in Kansas City was incorporated in the state of Missouri in February of 2007. In September of 2007 we were recognized as a not-for-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We have now served nearly 400 students in our two-year programming that includes environmental education and workforce development, culminating in paid summer internships aligned to our students career interests and goals. We have funded 14,000 hours of internships
Green Works in Kansas City combines the concept of environmental justice with the projected growth of employment in environmental fields. Young adults are educated about the environment, provided an opportunity to actively participate in environmental work, and exposed to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the environmental field.  Green Works also is involved in community education, specifically opportunities that allow our students to share what they have learned about the environment with their respective community. 
We empower our students to care for the environment, contribute to our economy, and create healthy communities.  
Impact Statement
Since beginning in September 2007 we have taught more than 500 urban youth about Kansas City's most serious environmental issues, and we have funded 15,000 hours of paid summer internships for our students. Our students and volunteers have planted numerous native plant beds, 45 trees and more than 4,000 native shrubs and plants in urban neighborhoods and along Brush Creek. With coordination from our staff, our current students and alumni represent their community at planning meetings, undertake larger service projects and share what they have learned about the environment with their friends and neighbors. These projects include a Shake Up Recycling program with Eco Elvis, Waterworks! with Bridging the Gap, Habitat Restoration on the oxbow at Brush Creek, and two videos on water quality and trash.  
All the students we have worked with have gone on to graduate from high school. Many are in college or working and four graduates obtained employment at their former internship site. One former student works for the KCMO waste water treatment plant where he had a Green Works summer internship during high school. Now with his high school education he is working at a job he never would have discovered without Green Works and he is making over $60,000 a year.  
We are a KCPT American Graduate Champion, the winner of a 2014 Civility Award from Consensus, and a MARC Sustainable Success Story for 2014.  
Our accomplishments for the past year (9/18 - 8/19) include expanding our programming to serve 150 students, redesigning our environmental education programming to directly address "Nature Deficit Disorder", launching a social enterprise project with funding from KC Water Services and MARC, hosting several successful community education events, hosting a holiday event with alumni and supporters, and placing 13 students into paid summer internships.
Our goals for the upcoming year (9/19 - 8/20) include continued expansion in number of students (and ages) served, and in programming; growing our social enterprise project, and exploring the possibility of developing an Outdoor Nature Van we can use to take nature programming into city parks and community centers. 
Needs Statement
  1. Funding
  2. Mentors who are willing to help our students prepare for summer internships by meeting with them once/month from October through April.
  3. Board members who are willing to assist with fund development and marketing.
  4. Volunteers willing to attend field trips with students, help plant trees or a rain garden, or help coordinate these service learning events.
Service Categories
Youth Development Programs
Employment Preparation & Procurement
Environmental Education
Areas of Service
MO - Jackson County
Geographic Area Served Narrative We provide high-quality educational and workforce opportunities to motivated young people living in Kansas City's dis-invested urban core, with a focus on neighborhoods served by the Kansas City Public Schools.
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement

As the Board Chair for Green Works in Kansas City, I have witnessed first hand the challenges Green Works manages on a daily basis – balancing the current economic conditions and stewardship of the environment in a way that addresses the economic inequalities that exist in our metropolitan area. Taking these issues into account, Green Works founder Kate Corwin had a simple idea to create a program to provide opportunities to teen-age urban core students in Kansas City. The program educates students about local environmental issues, changing their behaviors towards the environment and leading them into gainful "green collar" employment, to benefit both the individual and the community as a whole. During the first few years these goals have been accomplished for approx. 40 students each year. Now we want to expand these successes to more students in Kansas City. How do we continue to build upon the foundation of these early years while also expanding to serve a greater number of students? As you know, raising money to expand these programs is an extremely difficult task for a young not-for-profit organization. Your support is essential to make these goals a reality. Please partner with Green Works in helping to benefit both these students with so much promise, and our community -- with so much of its economic and environmental future riding on the knowledge and talents of today's youths. Your assistance is greatly appreciated; it will be a helping hand towards a positive future for our community. A partnership between the Greater KC Community Foundation and Green Works in Kansas City is a path to build a strong and vibrant individual and community. Thank you.  Ryan A. Bresette

Description ECOS is a year-long outdoor nature program for 3rd - 8th graders that incorporates Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Mindfulness Practice, Journaling, Story-telling, Art and Nature Play. Lessons and activities include birding, tree, pollinator and small animals as well as nature in the city treasure hunts, field trips and guests of community leaders and environmental professionals. ECOS is held at several urban community centers including the Missouri Department of Conservation's Discovery Center at 47th and Troost. The staff to student ratio is 20 students, 2 staff.
Program Budget $50,000.00
Category Environment, General/Other Environmental Education
Population Served At-Risk Populations, Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success

After taking part in ECOS, we expect to see short term success that includes an increase in student resilience, an increased comfort level with being in natural environments, an increase in leisure time spent outside and an increase in sustainable behaviors of the students, but also often their family members as well. 

Specifically, 70% of students will increase their comfort with nature with an average increase of 30%. 80% of students will increase their resilience with an average increase of 12%, 50% of students will increase the amount of leisure time they spend outside, and all students will report a change in their behaviors towards the environment.
Long-Term Success Students who take part in ECOS will have healthier levels of physical and emotional well-being which has led to better educational and social outcomes. Students will develop into adults who are involved in their neighborhoods, understand our environmental challenges, and live more sustainable lifestyles. Many will work at careers that involve some form of environmental stewardship.
Program Success Monitored By
After each semester of the ECOS program, students have an opportunity to informally give feedback on their favorite activities. We also capture some of this feedback through their journaling. Instructors discuss the feedback and make notes on the lesson plans, and then over the summer the entire classroom curriculum is reviewed and updated based on student feedback, teacher observation as well as new best practice research. 
Dr. Connie Campbell, conducted a rigorous evaluation of the ECOS program early on. Over the summer of 2019, she is working with our instructors to update the evaluation tools based on recent curriculum changes. We'll collect results over the 2019-2020 school year and Connie will then analyze the results of our students against a control group of students who did not take part in ECOS. 
Examples of Program Success
Four of our former students secured employment at their summer environmental internship sites, including a young man who is working at the KCMO Waste Water Treatment plant, making $60,000/year with a high school education. One former student has just joined our board, and two former students are serving as assistant program instructors. Many of our students are in college, several majoring in environmental science.
Excelerate is a year-long after school program to help prepare high school students for post-secondary education and the workforce. Students take part in skills and interest evaluations, research three growing careers,  prepare a resume, take part in job shadowing, participate in money management training, and learn time management, leadership, teamwork, and organization skills. Excelerate is offered as a second year program to students who have completed ECOS. 
Students who complete Excelerate are placed in paid summer internships, arranged and funded by Green Works.   
Program Budget $100,000.00
Category Employment, General/Other Internships
Population Served At-Risk Populations
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success
Over the course of the year students' self-esteem and resilience will increase as well as their communication skills. We expect an average increase of at least 12%, and often it's much higher. Students will have created a master resume, a LinkedIn Account, will have taken part in at least three practice interviews and will have created three distinct career plans with varying levels of required education.
Long-Term Success
Students graduate from high school better prepared for post-secondary education and the workforce. Some work directly for the environment - in jobs they never considered before Green Works. Others spread their knowledge of environmental stewardship to their work places. 
With steady employment Green Works graduates are able to buy homes. They plant native plants in their yard, weatherize their homes, install rain barrels and teach their neighbors. When they become parents they pass on their respect for the environment to their children.
Graduates attend community events and advocate for their neighborhoods. They are educated voters who understand the important decisions impacting our water infrastructure and public transportation. Some graduates are appointed to boards and commissions helping lead Kansas City's future. They are resilient and accountable role models - actively engaged in making Kansas City a better and healthier place to live.  
Program Success Monitored By
70% of Excelerate students will complete career plans, a master resume, a LinkedIn profile and will qualify for internship placement. These outcomes are tracked through the Missouri Connections website, the online site we use for career planning. Staff verify LinkedIn profiles and students connect to staff, board and their internship supervisors.
60% of Excelerate students will demonstrate an improvement in their interpersonal communication skills as demonstrated through a pre and post one-on-one evaluation.
85% of interns will receive a "good" or higher rating from their internship site supervisor on an evaluation of timeliness, attitude and work ethic.
80% of interns will self-report an increase in their resilience and self-esteem using a national evaluation tool administered at the beginning of Excelerate, and after summer internships.
Examples of Program Success
We have funded more than 15,000 hours of paid internships for our low-income, minority students. A student from year 2 is employed full-time at the KCMO Waste Water Treatment Plant and three other students obtained employement at their former internship sites. This is a direct result of the student's summer internships through Green Works.
Dr. Alexis Petri and Dr. Connie Campbell have both conducted evaluations of our Excelerate students and both are available on our website. Our students are more prepared for the workforce and college after taking part in Excelerate and summer internships and they have greatly expanded their social capital connections.
One former student now serves on our board, and two serve as assistant instructors for our programs. Many of our students are in college, several majoring in environmental science.    
Description The purpose of Green Ink is to provide opportunities for our students to share what they have learned in ECOS with members of their community, and continue to participate in service projects. Our students have been attending community meetings regarding long-term plans for Brush Creek and have been working with architects on green building design. The students recently worked with a KCAI student and designed water quality t-shirts. They have banded birds, built bird houses, tested water quality at Shoal Creek, and wrote and starred in two public service announcements for the KCMO Parks and Water Departments. Several years ago the students worked with EnergyWorksKC/Bridging the Gap to educate their community about water quality and conservation issues using a game they developed entitled "Our Water is in Jeopardy". Our students chose the name Green Ink to reflect their desire to leave a green impression on their community.
Program Budget $5,000.00
Category Youth Development, General/Other Youth Leadership
Population Served At-Risk Populations
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success Students will actively participate in two projects each year that impact their neighborhoods and they will participate in eight community events or meetings. Average attendance will be 50% or above for each event.
Long-Term Success Our students will be active and involved community members, continuing into adulthood.
Program Success Monitored By Along with attendance, we track our students' increase in self esteem and hopefulness using a national survey instrument.  
Examples of Program Success Green Works alumni partnered with Bridging the Gap to educate their community about water quality. Students developed and fabricated a board game called "Our Water is In Jeopardy" and presented the game at five community events. Students also designed and planted two rain gardens and gave seven presentations of "5 Blue Things".  
Description Our new Digital Literacy elective includes eight sessions where our students learn basic word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail and beginning keyboarding (typing). We are working with Connecting for Good to offer Digital Literacy to our students. The Financial Literacy elective includes topics that are relevant to high school students including credit and debit cards, true cost of owning a car and living away from home, predatory lending and budgeting. We are using curriculum from Junior Achievement and Bank of America.
Program Budget $12,000.00
Category Youth Development, General/Other Youth Development, General/Other
Population Served Adolescents Only (13-19 years)
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success 80% of students will show statistically significant changes in financial knowledge from a pre and post evaluation, and changes in digital literacy from pre and post evaluations.
Long-Term Success Students will be more likely to own a home, have less student debt and a higher net worth than their peers who did not take part in financial literacy programming.
Program Success Monitored By Pre and post evaluations are provided by the curriculum partners.
Examples of Program Success These programs are new so we don't have any success examples yet. 
CEO Comments
We want to grow and serve more students. There are 15,000 students in the Kansas City school district and we want to serve more of them. Our students regularly identify friends who want to be part of our program, and we always have a waiting list.  
We are benefiting from a large grassroots support system. Over 10% of our total budget for the current year will come from in-kind donations from our board and volunteers and we have involved 40 volunteers in our programming. The design and on-going maintenance of our website is 100% donated. This high-quality and professional website is a major marketing asset.
Our volunteers and board members are actively involved in developing internship orientation materials and training for our students, and developing similar materials for the internship work locations. Our board members bring direct connections to City Hall, the EPA, Jackson County, MCC and the Full Employment Council – all of which have committed time, attention and planning opportunities to our growth and development. Our board was very successful this past year in raising money individuals for internships, in addition to the funds raised for general operations.
We are proud of the fact that despite beginning in a recession, our funding and programming is growing and we have met our goal for a healthy reserve fund.
Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Ms. Kate Corwin
Term Start Feb 2007
In 2007, after a successful career as an IT engineer in the telecommunications field and nine years as an entrepreneur, Kate founded Green Works. Kate is an active community member, having served on the Landmarks Commission and the Zoning Steering Committee and as President of the Southmoreland Neighborhood Association. She currently serves on the board of MainCor, and as Chair of the 43rd and Main TIF Advisory Board, overseeing $3M in housing investments. Kate was recently appointed to the streetcar steering committee to represent the Main Street corridor.
Kate was recently recognized by the Kauffman Foundation as a KC Connector. She is a recipient of a 2007 Environmental Excellence Award from Bridging the Gap and was named Eco Activist of the Year for 2009 by The Pitch. Kate is a member of Kansas City Tomorrow and International Women’s Forum. Kate holds undergraduate degrees in Information Technology and Finance and an MA in Economics.
Senior Staff
Title Program Director for Environmental Education
Experience/Biography EPA early retiree with a degree in chemistry. Extensive work in collaboration, mediation and community development.
Title Program Manager for Workforce Development
Experience/Biography Marketing Communications expert with 20 years of experience working in the education field.
Paid Full-Time Staff 2
Paid Part-Time Staff 7
Paid Contractors 0
Volunteers 40
Retention Rate 100%
Staff Diversity (Ethnicity)
African American/Black 2
Caucasian 6
Other 1
Other (Please Specify) Indian
Staff Diversity (Gender)
Female 7
Male 2
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation No
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency N/A
Non-Management Formal Evaluation No
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Frequency N/A
Plans & Policies
Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Under Development
Organization Has a Strategic Plan Yes
Management Succession Plan No
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
United Way transportation committee Hire KC GKC Chamber of Commerce 1 Million Cups KC Scholars KC Rising STEM Connect KC KCEEN - (Kansas City Environmental Educator's Network) LINC Commission Mo. Dept. of Conservation's Discovery Center Heartland Conservation Alliance We are also exploring partnerships with Communities in Schools and PrepKC to improve and expand our recruiting.
Env. Excellence AwardBridging the Gap2007
Eco Activist of the Year for Kate CorwinThe Pitch2009
American Graduate ChampionKCPT2014
Civility AwardConsensus2014
Sustainable Success StoryMid-America Regional Council (MARC)2014
KC ConnectorKauffman Foundation2017
Government Licenses
Is your organization licensed by the government? No
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Ryan Bresette
Company Affiliation Live Like Luke Foundation
Term Sept 2013 to Dec 2019
Board Members
Mr. Jensen AdamsKansas City Public Schools
Mr. Scott BinghamBBN Architects, Inc.
Mr. Ryan BresetteLive Like Luke Foundation
Ms. Amy CoopmanFoland, Wickens, Eisfelder, Roper & Hofer, PC.
Ms. Kate CorwinGreen Works in Kansas City/Community Volunteer
Mr. Calvin GirardKCP&L
Ms. Neila SedaCFS Engineers
Dr. Manuel SolanoMetropolitan Community College
Ms. Queen WilkesFourthought Media
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 2
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 5
Hispanic/Latino 2
Native American/American Indian 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 5
Female 4
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 3
Board Meeting Attendance % 90%
Written Board Selection Criteria? No
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 5
Standing Committees
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Advisory Board Members
Ms. Joan LeavensKansas State University
Ms. Natalie LewisKauffman Scholars
Ms. Rochelle OwensLINC
CEO Comments
Funding for our programming is always challenging. Thankfully we are able to attract funding from funders interested in environmental education, social justice, workforce development, at-risk youth and even health. 
Fiscal Year Start Sept 01, 2018
Fiscal Year End Aug 31, 2019
Projected Revenue $250,000
Projected Expenses $250,000
IRS Letter of Exemption
Foundation Comments
  • FYE 8/31/2018, 2017, 2016: Financial data reported using IRS Form 990.  
  • Foundation/corporate revenue line items may include contributions from individuals.
Detailed Financials
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201820172016
Program Expense$178,555$172,422$141,686
Administration Expense$18,788$17,640$25,854
Fundraising Expense$23,198$26,372$0
Payments to Affiliates----$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.071.031.19
Program Expense/Total Expenses81%80%85%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue------
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201820172016
Total Assets$318,414$271,596$264,800
Current Assets$318,414$271,596$263,688
Long-Term Liabilities$2,643$2,876$0
Current Liabilities$77,906$47,180$50,758
Total Net Assets$237,865$221,540$214,042
Short-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201820172016
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities4.095.765.20
Long-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201820172016
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets1%1%0%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201820172016
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountMR and Evelyn Hudson Foundation $25,000MR and Evelyn Hudson Foundation $25,000MR and Evelyn Hudson Foundation $25,000
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountShumaker Family Foundation $25,000The Shumaker Family Foundation $25,000Shumaker Family Foundation $25,000
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountUnited Way of Greater Kansas City $20,000United Way of Greater Kansas City $20,000United Way of Greater Kansas City $20,000
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years No
Organization Comments
We have had financial reviews conducted by a CPA for YE 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 all with no findings. This is a requirement for United Way affiliation. 
Other Documents
Annual Report YE 20162016View
Green Works Brochure2015View
Annual Report YE 20152015View
Annual Report YE 20142014View
Organization Name Green Works in Kansas City
Address 607 East 31st Street
Kansas City, MO 64109
Primary Phone (816) 3048400
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Kate Corwin
Board Chair Mr. Ryan Bresette
Board Chair Company Affiliation Live Like Luke Foundation
Year of Incorporation 2007