Shepherd's Center of Kansas City Central
5200 Oak Street
Kansas City MO 64112
Never too old to learn!
Web and Phone Contact
Telephone (816) 444-1121
Mission Statement
Shepherd’s Center Central empowers mid-life and older adults to live healthy, engaged and independent lives.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Pamela Seymour
Board Chair Mr. John Still
Board Chair Company Affiliation Community Volunteer
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1972
Former Names
Shepherd's Center Shawnee Mission
Westport Cooperative Services
Financial Summary
Projected Revenue $881,660
Projected Expenses $881,660
Mission Statement Shepherd’s Center Central empowers mid-life and older adults to live healthy, engaged and independent lives.
Background Statement
Shepherd's Center Central (SCC) was incorporated in 1972. Dr. Elbert Cole, then pastor at Central United Methodist Church, discovered a deep yearning for life long learning in the older members of his church and a hunger for ways to stay connected to their community. Dr. Cole founded Shepherd's Center as an interfaith organization in partnership with 25 congregations.  Although no longer affiliated with any religious organization, we empower volunteers to help enhance the lives of other 50+ adults through learning opportunities and services to the community.  
In January of 2013, Shepherd's Center of Kansas City Central and Westport Cooperative Services merged into one organization under the Shepherd's Center Central name since both organizations had similar missions and programs.  By merging the areas served have grown and resources combined to better serve the community. 
Most programs are provided at no or very low cost.
Impact Statement

Shepherd’s Center Central continues to grow and expand to meet the needs in the community.   

Accomplishments in 2016:

  1. In 2016, Shepherd’s Center Central’s Meals on Wheels program delivered over 200 meals a day. That is 45,191 hot nutritious meals to homebound seniors by 146 volunteers.
  2. Shepherd’s Center Central partnered with The Landon Center on Aging at Kansas University and provides support for the Link for Care website. Shepherd’s Center Central is the contact number for the website and assists caregivers who need more support than just the website.
  3. Adventures in Learning offered 521 classes to empower and educate 157 older adults.
  4. The Medicare Assistance Program served 1,816 individuals by answering Medicare questions and assisting with applications and appeals. Medicare Counselors saved participants $294,486 in 2016.


Goals for 2017:
  1. Enhance and expand the services offered in Johnson County, KS.
  2. Adapt and create programming to meet the needs to working, active and independent older adults.
  3. Explore consolidating our 3 offices spaces.
Needs Statement
  1. Shepherd’s Center Central is seeking affordable office space in the Westport/Plaza area. Ideally the space would have office space for 16 staff members, a commercial kitchen for Meals on Wheels and classroom space for Adventures in Learning.
  2. A redesigned website that is user friendly and accommodates all of our many programs.
  3. Program support: Funding for the following: More Senior Companions for those on the waiting list, Meals on Wheels for people on the waiting list and cannot afford to pay privately.
Service Categories
Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations
In-Home Assistance
Senior Centers/Services
Areas of Service
MO - Jackson County
KS - Johnson County
MO - Clay County
MO - Platte County
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement

As a volunteer for Meals on Wheels at Shepherd’s Center and in my own Brookside neighborhood, I see older adults in the community who:

  • stopped driving because of age, illness and other conditions,
  • have difficulty shopping for groceries,
  • struggle to keep appointments with medical professionals and filling prescriptions,
  • have a tough time understanding the maze of requirements for obtaining and maintaining insurance,
  • have trouble paying bills and keeping track of documents.

One 98 year old neighbor is living alone, but struggles with every day activities. The teapot whistles when he prepares his morning coffee, but he has a hard time getting his hot coffee to the breakfast table because he needs to use a walker. He sleeps in a recliner because back problems make it too painful getting in and out of his bed; for the same reason he has a hard time negotiating a shower. Even simply buttoning his shirt is a struggle. His family shops for groceries, but he prefers soup and Ensure as the mainstay of his diet because it’s troublesome to prepare meals. He’s lonely and feels isolated, so I check on him every day and take him meals during the week.

He’d benefit from social and physical activities, Meals on Wheels, even a Senior Companion to give a helping hand or an attentive ear. But that indicates a loss of valuable independence to him, and represents my greatest challenge and strongest motivation as Board Chair.

As an organization, we face funding uncertainty and a growing population of older adults increasingly isolated in a changing society with evermore-complex technologies and regulations. Additionally, the most fundamental requirements of food, shelter, medicine, and human contact are threatened. In response, we ask more of our volunteers, more from those who shepherd and accompany those in need of our services, and more from our altruistic donors.

We also actively seek out and apply evidence-based best practices. We collaborate with local academic institutions and research investigators to integrate current technologies that address both basic and higher-level needs. This population includes those over 50 years old, whose needs extend to new learning opportunities, sharing their expertise as part of Senior Corps, and integrating art, music and exercise into the ‘Aging Well’ equation.


There are 2 programs that assist with aging in the community: Senior Companion Program, Meals on Wheels and Wheels that Care.

  • The Senior Companion Program recruits, trains, supervises, and pays low-income seniors to serve as helping companions in the homes of frail, at-risk elderly individuals. This match means that the older adults can remain in their homes with an improved quality of life. 
  • The Meals on Wheels program mobilizes volunteers to deliver hot, nutritious meals to individuals, age 60+, who are homebound in the Kansas City service area.
Program Budget $35,331.00
Category Human Services, General/Other Senior Services
Population Served Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens, Elderly and/or Disabled, Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success
  • 85% of individuals served by Aging in the Community programs will report they have been able to remain in their home longer due to services provided. 
  • 90% of individuals served by Aging in Community programs will report an improved quality of life since receiving services.
Long-Term Success Aging in Community programs will allow older adults to remain safely in their own home.  Improving their quality of life and help stabilize older neighborhoods.
Program Success Monitored By All Aging in Community programs are monitored by staff who remain in contact with participants and volunteers.  Participants are asked to complete an evaluation 1-2 times a year.
Examples of Program Success
In 2016:
  • 45,191 hot nutritious meals were delivered to homebound seniors
  • 93 Senior Companions assisted 134 frail older adults in their own home.

Shepherd’s Center Central provides two programs to assist in this area: Medicare Assistance Program.

The Medicare Assistance Program provides information, assistance and encouragement to individuals and families in matters related to Medicare and related retirement living. This program also provides educational outreach by speaking to groups about Medicare as it relates to individuals, the disabled, and caregivers. We offer one on one Medicare Counseling by trained staff and volunteers at both the Oak and the Campbell Campus.

In 2015, this program expanded with a grant for the Shoebox Project.  The project provides assistance going through overwhelming paperwork and developing a filing system to make keeping it all organized and manageable.  

This year we established walk-in hours from 9am-Noon, Monday through Friday for both programs at our 5200 Oak Street location.  As the word spreads we have been seeing more people through the walk-in hours. 
Program Budget $131,136.00
Category Human Services, General/Other Financial Counseling
Population Served Adults, Elderly and/or Disabled, Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success
  • 90% of clients will feel empowered about managing their health insurance or Medicare and supplemental insurance.
  • 80 % of clients will experience a positive result from counseling.
Long-Term Success
Clients will receive insurance and/or Medicare benefits for which they qualify in a user friendly environment without challenges or delay at the best possible price.  
By having affordable medical insurance individuals will remain healthier and independent. 
Program Success Monitored By Clients complete an evaluation form about their experience and the service they received.
Examples of Program Success
In 2016:
  • 1,816 individuals received information and assistance from a trained Medicare Counselor.
  • 22 volunteers gave 1,774 hours volunteering as Medicare Counselors.
  • Medicare Counselors saved participants over $294,486.

The Care Connection at Shepherd’s Center Central promotes and supports the advancement of skills, good health, and resilience of caregivers for older adults.

We help caregivers cope with difficult matters that can complicate daily life—we also find solutions and relief for challenges of aging that involve respite, chronic illness, disability, and poverty.

Care Connection is a free, coordinated response to the special needs of caregivers for older adults through employee assistance, community partnerships, faith-community collaborations, and individualized caregiver education, planning, and support.

In 2016, Shepherd's Center Central partnered with The Landon Center on Aging at Kansas University to provide support for the Link for Care website.  Shepherd's Center Central is the contact number for the website to assist caregivers who need more support than just the website. 
Program Budget $73,161.00
Category Human Services, General/Other Information & Referral
Population Served Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens, Adults, General/Unspecified
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success
85% of participants will feel more confident in their caregiver role after receiving support through Care Connection.
Long-Term Success

Care Connection is a resource for family caregivers and community service organizations for information, support and education. Support to family caregivers provided through educational programs, support groups, etc. offered by the Care Connection should alleviate some of the isolation and caregiver stress experienced by family caregivers.  Faith communities with the support of the Care Connection will develop care teams that will assist caregivers in their congregation and the community.

Program Success Monitored By
All calls and conversations to the support line are tracked, monitored and reviewed.  Educational and support programs will be monitored with pre and post event surveys to quantify effectiveness of the presentations and opportunities for improvement. 
Examples of Program Success
In 2016:
  • 75 caregivers were given information and resources along with reassurance through the Caregiver Supportline.

Shepherd’s Center Central has several programs to keep older adults active and engaged.

Adventures in Learning participants meet 40 Fridays a year in four 10 week sessions. The curriculum changes every session and is determined and scheduled by participants who choose to serve on the leadership team.

The 50 FORWARD CLUB® strives to provide members with opportunities in the Kansas City Metropolitan area for lifelong learning, enrichment, and community service. Educational program; discounted day trips; discounts on local cultural events; and partnership with numerous local non-profits for volunteer opportunities, enable members to continue meaningful participation in and impact on their local community.

Program Budget $207,960.00
Category Education, General/Other Adult Education
Population Served Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens, Other Named Groups, Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success
  • 95% of participants will state that participation has improved the quality of their life.
  • 80% of participants will report making new friends.
  • 95% of participants will report learning new skills and/or gaining new knowledge. 
Long-Term Success

Adventures in Learning and The 50 FORWARD CLUB® provide opportunities for older adults to continue learning and growing.  By continuing to learn and have social interaction older adults avoid isolation and maintain mental and physical health.

Program Success Monitored By
Both programs are evaluated by participants and have participants that sit on a committee that gives input and makes plans for the program.
Examples of Program Success
In 2016:
  • Adventures in learning provided 521 different classes.
  • On average Adventures in Learning has 73+ participants each week.
  • The 50 FORWARD CLUB®  had 929 members and provided 15 education opportunities and multiple recreational activities.

RSVP Johnson County promotes civic involvement, lifelong learning and community leadership in the 55+ population in Johnson County, KS.

RSVP of Johnson County connects individuals 55+ with meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community.  Volunteers are placed with agencies meeting community needs like education and food insecurity.  

Program Budget $113,884.00
Category Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking, General/Other Senior Volunteer Programs
Population Served Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens, Elderly and/or Disabled, Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success
  • 90% of participants will feel like they are making a positive impact in their community.
Long-Term Success

As a civic engagement initiative RSVP of Johnson will increase community involvement among individuals 55+ and address community needs.

Program Success Monitored By

All program participants are surveyed and asked for feedback. There are also advisory councils which meet regularly and provide feedback and direction for the program.

Examples of Program Success

In 2016:

  • 258 RSVP volunteers gave 14,090 hours of service to 35 non-profits.
CEO Comments

We continue to look for ways to diversify our funding for the organization. Currently, we receive funding that supports our 8+ programs from State, Local & Federal Government sources; bequests; individual donations; congregations; foundation grants and fundraising. 

We continue to define our success as helping older adults remain independent in their own homes with assistance, as well as helping others stay engaged and empowered to live active lives through continued learning and community involvement.

Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Ms. Pamela Seymour
Term Start Jan 2013
Current Community Involvement: 
  • Older Adult Access Network (Chair)
  • Community for All Ages (member)
  • Economic Development Council (Non-Profit sector member)
  • Healthy Kansas City Initiative (Active Living Committee)
  •  Shepherd's Center of America 2016 Conference Planning Chair
  • University of Missouri - Institute for Development (Aging with I/DD Advisory Group)
Past Experience:
  • 10 years retail bank management
  • 15 years software sales and marketing
  • 8+ years as primary elder caregiver
  • 7 years as Meals on Wheels volunteer at WCS
  • 2 years as Executive Director of WCS then became ED of merged organization.
  • Certified Senior Advisor
Co-CEO/Executive Director
Term Start 0
Compensation Last Year
Former CEOs
Jan Rossi Rhodes Jan 2000 - Aug 2005
Ms. JoEllen Wurth MSWOct 2005 - Dec 2012
Paid Full-Time Staff 4
Paid Part-Time Staff 8
Volunteers 1296
Paid Contractors 0
Retention Rate 67%
Staff Diversity (Ethnicity)
African American/Black 2
Caucasian 10
Hispanic/Latino 1
Staff Diversity (Gender)
Female 9
Male 4
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Plans & Policies
Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Under Development
Organization Has a Strategic Plan Under Development
Management Succession Plan Under Development
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes


  • Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church – Office space 
  • Mid America Regional Council (MARC) - Meals on Wheels
  • Cristo Rey High School - Service Learning Students
  • UMKC & KU - speakers for Adventures in Learning and service learning opportunities for students
  • Metropolitan Community Colleges - Work Study Students
  • The Groves - Senior Companion Site
  • NORC/Palestine Center - Senior Companion Site
  • Good Samaritan Center - Senior Companion Site
  • Northland Shepherd's Center - Senior Companion Site
  • Spectrum Home Health - Senior Companion Site
  • Collaboration Works - Senior Companion Site
  • Jewish Family Services - Senior Companion Site 
  • Landon Center on Aging - Kansas University
United Way Member Agency2005
United Way Member Agency2006
United Way Member Agency2007
United Way Member Agency2008
United Way Member Agency2009
National Council on Aging - Affiliate Member2006
National Council on Aging - Affiliate Member2007
National Council on Aging - Affiliate Member2008
National Council on Aging - Affiliate Member2009
United Way Member Agency2010
National Council on Aging - Affiliate Member2010
United Way Member Agency2012
United Way Member Agency2011
National Council on Aging - Affiliate Member2011
National Council on Aging - Affiliate Member2012
United Way Member Agency2013
United Way Member Agency2014
United Way Member Agency2015
United Way Member Agency2016
National Council on Aging2013
National Council on Aging2014
National Council on Aging2015
National Council on Aging2016
Nonprofit Connect of Greater Kansas City2015
Nonprofit Connect of Greater Kansas City2016
United Way Member Agency2017
Nonprofit Connect of Greater Kansas City2017
15 Years of ServiceCLAIM2009
Regional Leadership AwardMid-America Regional Council2014
Government Licenses
Is your organization licensed by the government? Yes
CEO Comments

In a climate where there are few services for the independent living challenges of low income older adults along with a trend of sporadic volunteerism, we are preparing for a very different future. In years past, volunteers offered 10 to 30 hours of their week running and coordinating their programs. That has changed. Volunteerism is episodic. To stay in line with our mission we have paid coordination for volunteers in programs without volunteer leadership rather than ceasing a needed service in the community. Need for service continues to increase. To address this, we are channeling greater staff support to necessary, but challenged programs, rather than ceasing to provide a needed service in the community.

Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. John Still
Company Affiliation Community Volunteer
Term June 2017 to June 2018
Board Members
Dr. Martin Cunningham Community Volunteer
Ms. Lillian Davis Community Volunteer
Ms. Carla Grant Community Volunteer
Ms. Gwen Marshall Community Volunteer
Ms. Kris Nicholas U.S. Bank
Ms. Gayl Reinsch Community Volunteer
Mr. Steve Rinne Economic Development Corporation
Mr. John Still Community Volunteer
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 1
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 7
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 3
Female 5
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Meeting Attendance % 85%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 38%
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 10
Standing Committees
Board Development / Board Orientation
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Communications / Promotion / Publicity / Public Relations
Advisory Board Members
Mr. Steve Cutelli Community Volunteer
Mr. Bill Kalahurka Community Volunteer
Mr. Greg Lear Community Volunteer
Ms. Kathy Linder Community Volunteer
Mr. Gary Loar Community Volunteer
Ms. Sue McCord-Belzer Community Volunteer
Mr. Robert Russell Community Volunteer
Ms. Dale Walker Community Volunteer
Mr. Gary Warriner Community Volunteer
Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2017
Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2017
Projected Revenue $881,660
Projected Expenses $881,660
Endowment Value $113,743
Spending Policy Income Only
Form 990s
IRS Letter of Exemption
Foundation Comments
  • FY 2015, 2014: Financial data reported using the IRS Form 990.
  • FY 2013: Financial data reported using the organization's audited financial statements.  
  • Foundations/corporate revenue line item may include contributions from individuals.
Detailed Financials
Revenue SourcesHelpThe financial analysis involves a comparison of the IRS Form 990 and the audit report (when available) and revenue sources may not sum to total based on reconciliation differences. Revenue from foundations and corporations may include individual contributions when not itemized separately.
Fiscal Year201520142013
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$455,996$448,330$0
Individual Contributions----$0
Investment Income, Net of Losses$18,980$39,049$52,477
Membership Dues$0$19,423$0
Special Events$5,492$19,353$58,775
Revenue In-Kind$91,064$3,825$71,646
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$990,489$865,350$816,673
Administration Expense$98,800$115,125$149,999
Fundraising Expense$0$935$28,373
Payments to Affiliates----$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses0.970.971.13
Program Expense/Total Expenses91%88%82%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%3%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$659,413$721,530$770,549
Current Assets$155,309$200,540$255,368
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$0$0$8,381
Total Net Assets$659,413$721,530$762,168
Short-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities----30.47
Long-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountCorporation for National & Community $373,619 -- --
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountIndividual Donor $98,421 -- --
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountMid America Regional Council $54,153 -- --
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years No
Organization Comments
Shepherd's Center Central provides a unique and targeted set of services and programs to mid-life and older adults in our community. It is our goal to help people remain independent and living in their homes for as long as possible. We also help the 50+ population connect and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.
Several of our services respond to the basic needs of the older client. Most are provided without charge to the client, therefore we seek funding to support the overall operations and the programs of the organization.
We are committed to our mission and strive to educate the public and funders to the growing need for programs and services for an aging population.
Organization Name Shepherd's Center of Kansas City Central
Address 5200 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64112
Primary Phone (816) 444-1121
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Pamela Seymour
Board Chair Mr. John Still
Board Chair Company Affiliation Community Volunteer
Year of Incorporation 1972
Former Names
Shepherd's Center Shawnee Mission
Westport Cooperative Services