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Mission Statement
The mission of Women’s Foundation is to promote equity and opportunity for women of all ages, using research, philanthropy, and policy solutions to make meaningful change.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Wendy D. Doyle
Board Chair Ms. Linda Hanson
Board Chair Company Affiliation Enterprise Bank
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1991
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Mission Statement The mission of Women’s Foundation is to promote equity and opportunity for women of all ages, using research, philanthropy, and policy solutions to make meaningful change.
Background Statement In 1991, Women's Foundation founders committed to making a change in the Kansas City community by investing in the success of women and girls through research, philanthropy and leadership development. The meaningful work we've accomplished since has prepared us for the next chapter of our organization's history as we embrace a new strategic direction: preserving our past and renewing our focus on research, solutions, and results. This current direction came after conversations in the community that identified significant gaps in research and public policy work on behalf of women, particularly in the area of economic development. A meaningful opportunity exists for Women's Foundation to lead this work.
Impact Statement
This past year, Women's Foundation completed the Status of Women in Kansas research study, which followed our Status of Women in Missouri study. Jointly, these two studies now provide us with data in five key areas, so we may do a parallel comparison and establish a baseline for measuring progress. The five key areas are listed below, with the Kansas results:
  1. Employment and Income - Women in Kansas who work full-time, year-round earn an average of only 79 cents for every dollar of male earnings.
  2. Education and Child Care - In Kansas, child care costs are 31% of female median earnings. Some counties have very few child care options.
  3. Health - 30.19% of working age women in Kansas living in households with income below 200% of poverty level have no health insurance.
  4. Poverty and Social Insurance - 39% of Kansas single-mother households are in poverty and child poverty has doubled there since 2000. Among people age 65 and over, women in Kansas are almost twice as likely to be in poverty as men.
  5. Leadership - Although women make up 50.7% of Kansas’s population they comprise only 24.8% of the legislature.
Other accomplishments stem from strategic action taken on these identified issues, such as establishing equal pay best practice guidelines; expanding the reach of Appointments Project; and data-driven education on economic development factors for women. This included testimony to educate Missouri legislators in support of Senate Bill 907 (pay equity), Senate Bill 695 (unpaid leave for domestic violence victims), and House Bill 2228 (parental leave).
Our top goals for the current year include:
  1. Addressing the issue of occupational licensing and entrepreneur barriers for women.
  2. Work place policies including paid family leave.
  3. Continued expansion of Appointments Project and all programming into Kansas.
Needs Statement
The most pressing needs for Women’s Foundation currently include: 
  1. Development of a Progressive Plan for the Women’s Foundation that will chart our direction and strategies for the next three to five years.
  2. Board development
  3. Programmatic funding – particularly in support of Appointments Project, Girls Leadership, Research and Policy
  4. Marketing and advertising to build our audience and expand our reach.
  5. Website upgrade
Service Categories
Women's Rights
Leadership Development
Citizen Participation
Areas of Service
MO - Jackson County
MO - Clay County
MO - Platte County
KS - Wyandotte County
KS - Johnson County
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement
Women’s Foundation has experienced great success in the past year, particularly in the area of research and meaningful change for women. We are focused on clearly understanding the critical issues that women and families face, so we may seek solutions and meaningful change.
Our primary challenge is the inaugural nature of our work. No other entity is focused on this work, especially from the economic development perspective. We remain committed to championing this cause on behalf of women in the region.
Girls Leadership invests leadership training and philanthropic education in 60 high-school age women annually from across Kansas City through:

  • Specific leadership curriculum, developed in collaboration with Cottey College, located in Nevada, Missouri.
  • An overnight retreat on the Cottey College campus that includes an opening activity on leadership assumptions to set the framework, interactive sessions on communication and visioning, online leadership assessments, an activity on Kouzes and Posner's Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders, and a team-building effort incorporating service learning.
  • An annual trip to Jefferson City visiting the Missouri House and Senate, and meetings with women leaders.
  • Connections and exposure to women leaders across a range of industries throughout Kansas City and the region through job shadowing, panel discussions, and educational experiences.
Category Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, General/Other Women's Rights
Population Served Females, ,
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success By adding leadership training to the existing philanthropic education, Girls Leadership participants learn about grant making while gaining confidence and skills needed to set an example for their peers and make a difference in the world. We have recently contracted with an outside consultant to standardize the leadership curriculum and assess what we are doing as compared to the national scale. One idea already identified is for each Girls Leadership participant to receive a Girls Leadership Program Guide that will serve them during and after their experience. Girls will participate in addressing civic issues facing their community, using their newly developed leadership skills, such as decision-making and community involvement.
Long-Term Success
Originally started in 1999 as Girls Grant Project, Women’s Foundation’s Girls Leadership program has invested leadership training and programming in more than 250 young women from across the Kansas City metropolitan area. In addition, this program has resulted in nearly $200,000 invested in area nonprofit organizations as a teaching tool for Girls Leadership participants. In the process of researching nonprofit organizations, reviewing applications, and making funding decisions, participants gain valuable leadership skills and a strong understanding of the importance of philanthropy in our community.
We believe that our work with young girls through Girls Leadership prepares them for a future in leadership, philanthropy, and civic engagement.
Program Success Monitored By
Women's Foundation has contracted with outside consulting for the intended purpose of building additional structure around the Girls Leadership program. This contract will first accomplish a detailed and thorough review of the program -- its history, opportunities, challenges, collaborators, environment, and potential for duplication throughout the city, region, and nation. Once this external review is complete, intentional curriculum will be created -- centered around civic involvement and leadership development. Once this curriculum is established, measurable outcomes will be identified to assess the program's success and the impact it has on girls and young women in the Kansas City region.
We look forward to implementing a model that will track participants and their contributions to industry and society in the long-term, as we have no doubt that many of our graduates have gone on to make enormous impacts.
Examples of Program Success
Our Girls Leadership project in Kansas and Missouri has resulted in:
  1. Seventeen years of experience empowering high school age women to become civic leaders and philanthropists.
  2. Connecting participants with women’s legislative caucuses.
  3. Each participant can receive up to $12,000 to attend Cottey College if they complete the Girls Leadership two-year program. Total dollar value is $600,000.
Description Women’s Foundation continues to seek ways in which we can influence public policy and advocate in the economic development arena on behalf of women. When we completed focus groups across the state for the Status of Women in Missouri research study, both women and men respondents expressed concern about flexible work time for parental leave and caring for aging parents. In response to this identified concern, Women’s Foundation formed a collaboration with Families and Work Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management to rollout the When Work Works (WWW) Award in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The WWW Award recognizes exemplary employers for creating effective and flexible workplaces to increase business, employee and family success.
Category Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, General/Other Women's Rights
Population Served Females, ,
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success Short-term success will be achieved when the community is engaged in conversation regarding effective workplaces.
Long-Term Success We believe this award is important as it highlights the need for workplace flex. Different types of workplace flex include flex time and place, choices in managing time, reduced time, caregiving leave, time off, flex careers, task flexibility, and culture of flexibility. Components of effective workplaces include opportunities for learning, a culture of trust, work-life fit, supervisor support for work success, satisfaction with earning, benefits, and advancement opportunities, and autonomy. Workplaces with these components lead to employee engagement, job satisfaction, decreased turnover, improved health, decreased depression and stress level, and improved sleep.
Program Success Monitored By
Program success is monitored by the number of companies who apply for and receive the When Work Works award.
Examples of Program Success
Results gathered from When Work Works 2014 study, conclude with the following:
“Millennial employees have made it known they want more flexible and innovative workplaces that are willing to adjust work processes to get work done in new ways that support their unique work styles as well as their personal and professional lives. Generation X employees have become middle management sandwiched between Boomer leaders, Millennial staff, aging parents, and their young families. Older employees—many of whom are exploring post-retirement careers, caring for elderly parents, and/or managing their own health—are also looking for workplaces where they can contribute in ways that also allow them to pursue other interests and meet other responsibilities.”
This collaboration is squarely within the wheelhouse of Women’s Foundation, as we focus on improving life and opportunities for girls, women, and families in our city and region.
Description Our connection to research started in 1991, when a study found that only 4% of charitable giving in Kansas City was directed exclusively to programs for women and girls. Women’s Foundation was created to fill that gap. We’ve re-committed our agency to the work of research – identifying and documenting the issues, then working with community partners to articulate and implement solutions.
Category Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, General/Other Women's Rights
Population Served Females, ,
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success Recently, Women’s Foundation has commissioned studies in collaboration with local research universities to study women’s issues, such as economic and health status, barriers and benefits in the workplace, and opportunities for civic engagement. Each study highlights barriers and opportunities, and leads to strategic action.
Long-Term Success Long-term success for our Research program will be achieved when we’re able to arrive at data-driven decisions and solutions; programmatic solutions and policies changes for the betterment of women. This is the framework for our Foundation.
Program Success Monitored By Program success will be monitored by the release of research findings to the public, and by the use of that information by other entities, companies, and nonprofit organizations.
Examples of Program Success
Examples of success in our Research program include:
  1. Two pieces of legislation introduced in the 98th General Assembly in Missouri related to gender pay equity.
  2. Women’s Foundation President and CEO, Wendy Doyle, testified on Women’s Foundation’s research that was utilized in consideration of both bills.
  3. The House bill passed out of the House Workforce Standards and Development committee by an 8-0 vote.
  4. The Senate bill passed out of the Senate Small Business Committee with strong bipartisan backing.
  5. Women’s Foundation raised the awareness of the pay gap through a strategic, state-wide media relations effort. Mediums included social, print, television, and radio.
  6. Women’s Foundation has received interest in our work that resulted in meetings with Executive Branch officer holders and use of our research findings in gubernatorial and legislative campaigns.
Description Women’s Foundation developed a solution with Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Sly James in response to our Civic Engagement research study. The Appointments Project serves as a talent bank, resource, and advocate for women seeking opportunities to lead in their communities – and is directly related to our work in education and public policy. More women, including youth (some of whom are Girls Leadership participants) in public positions of leadership will increase the voice for women in establishing public policy.
Category Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, General/Other Women's Rights
Population Served Females, ,
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success There are opportunities for leadership through service on boards, commissions, task forces, and committees. The work of these bodies can lead to recommendations and decisions that impact the operations of local government and ultimately make it work better, smarter, and more effectively. Our goal is to guide women through the process of applying for these positions to further improve their chances of being appointed.
Long-Term Success The ultimate goal for Appointments Project is an increased number of women who run for elected office.
Program Success Monitored By Program success is monitored by the number of women who attend Appointments Project training, who apply for civic appointments, and who secure those appointments.
Examples of Program Success
The Appointments Project in Kansas and Missouri resulted in:
  1. Collaboration between Women's Foundation and Mayors of Kansas City, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri; Topeka, Kansas, and Olathe, Kansas to increase board and commission participation among women.
  2. Expansion to State of Missouri and State of Kansas Boards and Commissions.
  3. Training conducted in collaboration with The Links of Jackson County, Missouri and in corporate settings which have included lunch and learns.
  4. A contract with the United Way of Greater St. Louis to provide Appointments Project trainings statewide.
CEO Comments

The Women's Foundation has progressed significantly, focused on research, solutions, and results.  It is one intent of the Women's Foundation to invest in quality research that can be used to inform corporate decision-makers and civic leaders to impact change.

Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Ms. Wendy D. Doyle
Term Start Aug 2013
Experience Wendy has been with Women's Foundation since August 2013. Previous positions include nonprofit consultant, and Executive Vice President of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Wendy has served on the boards of Nonprofit Connect and Civic Opera Theater. Wendy earned a B.A. from Rockhurst University and is a graduate of Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Centurions Leadership Program.
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Experience/Biography Jessica joined Women’s Foundation in November 2014. She oversees all aspects of the foundation's finances, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements, and reporting to Women’s Foundation board. Before joining Women’s Foundation, Jessica held the position of finance director for Metro Lutheran Ministry, a social services agency in Kansas City, Missouri. There Jessica managed the finances, human resources, and information technology. Jessica gained experience with grant management and reporting, including management of federal grants. From 2009 to 2014 Jessica worked at a public accounting firm whose focus was nonprofit accounting. During that time, Jessica gained experience performing annual financial audits for a range of nonprofit entities, but focused mostly on preparation of nonprofit tax and other nonprofit state and federal filings. Jessica holds a Masters of Accountancy from the University of Kansas.
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Cottey College (Nevada, MO) is a Women's Foundation partner in our Girls Leadership program.  Cottey assists with leadership curriculum development, event hosting, and they provide scholarships to Girls Leadership graduates who enroll at Cottey.  Women's Foundation partners with a number of municipalities and states in Appointments Project - Kansas City, MO; St. Louis, MO; Topeka, KS, Olathe, KS; and the states of Missouri and Kansas.  We partner with United Way of Greater St. Louis to conduct Appointments Project training sessions, and we've established a new partnership with Missouri Boys State to support our He's for Change initiative.
Public Service AwardAssociation of Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City2016
Going Places AwardCottey College2014
Division of Diversity and Inclusion HonoreeUniversity of Missouri - Kansas City2015
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Board Chair Ms. Linda Hanson
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Organization Name Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City
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CEO/Executive Director Ms. Wendy D. Doyle
Board Chair Ms. Linda Hanson
Board Chair Company Affiliation Enterprise Bank
Year of Incorporation 1991