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Mission Statement
The mission of GUCM is to work hand in hand with families and individuals in our Northeast KC, MO, community to address their physical, educational, and spiritual needs so as to empower them to break the cycle of poverty and live purposeful lives.
GUCM will remain an excellent steward of our resources.  Over the years, in-kind donations and the value of volunteers' time have each nearly equaled revenues from cash donations! 
CEO/Executive Director Mr. Michael Mayberry
Board Chair Mr. Max Sherman
Board Chair Company Affiliation Sega Inc. (Power Plant Consulting, Project Manager)
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2004
Financial Summary
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Mission Statement
The mission of GUCM is to work hand in hand with families and individuals in our Northeast KC, MO, community to address their physical, educational, and spiritual needs so as to empower them to break the cycle of poverty and live purposeful lives.
GUCM will remain an excellent steward of our resources.  Over the years, in-kind donations and the value of volunteers' time have each nearly equaled revenues from cash donations! 
Background Statement
A 501(c)(3), GUCM incorporated in August, 2004.  It replaced the outreach arm of Grace United Church and its predecessors which had served Northeast KCMO for 100 years.  GUCM is an inter-denominational, faith-based ministry with a holistic approach to the community's problems. 
We use four approaches to break the cycle of poverty and give lives hope and purpose.  These are 1) Children's Education through the After-School Tutoring Program and Summer School; 2) beginning in 2015, education for teens and adults; 3) entry-point, wrap-around services, e.g.., Food Pantry, Clothes Closet, Community Meals, Holiday Sharing events, referrals to other agencies; and 4) Spiritual Development--Worship (not funded by GUCM) and a Caring Community that demonstrates God's love and grace.
GUCM built on the heritage and experience of the church and its pastor, Rev. Sharon Garfield, GUCM's founding ED.  They had responded to needs of NE KCMO with the first shelter for battered women, New House; one of the first soup kitchens in the metropolitan area, later moved to Salvation Army; working with HUD to build a low-income housing development, Chip Village, now known as Olive Green Apartments; and in the early 1990s, the first Protestant Spanish-speaking ministry in NE KCMO.
The 100-year-old church facility used for programming was in total disrepair.  Only four rooms were usable; the second floor was not even suitable for storage.  Just two weeks after incorporation, a lightning fire closed the building for a year.  However, all programs were temporarily relocated, and GUCM survived!
Despite the lack of a decent facility, Sharon won approval for the first multicultural Freedom School in the KC metro, funded by the Kauffman Foundation.  In time to open for 100 students in June 2006, GUCM had to have a restored dining hall, new kitchen,  new bathrooms, and six more classrooms in the basement and first floor.  That spring, volunteers from metro churches made it happen!  The rooms were also used for After-School Tutoring that fall.  The Food Pantry/Clothes Closets were added.
In 2008, second-floor plans were drawn up, approved by the City.  Three renovation crews began working every week to construct eight new classrooms, a computer lab,  restrooms, another stairway.  The Occupancy Permit was granted just in time for Freedom School in 2010, and After-School Tutoring that fall.  Renovation continues--a total of over 40,000 volunteer hours.  Some of the Miracles of Grace!
Impact Statement
Accomplishments in 2016-17:   
  1. After-School Tutoring (age 5-13) showed further growth in 2015-16 and 2016-17, and excellent test outcomes.  GUCM's own 7-week summer camp, Education Before Recreation, is also a great success and continues to grow.  We now measure more outcomes in both programs, and are meeting all goals.  We had 58 volunteer 1-on-1 Tutors in 2016-17!
  2. We adapted to the challenge of non-English speaking immigrant children, not only from Mexico but Thai in 2014-16 and Africa in 2016-17!
  3. In 2015-17, to assist the whole family, we included teens in our programs and launched Adult Education classes.
  4. Our two major public funders, United Way and Kauffman, contributed $175K in Aug. '16-July '17.  United Way is increasing its annual support from $75K to $88K for the next three years.
  5. GUCM has improved the community in safety, appearance, and function.  In 2014 GUCM obtained the large lot next door, an abandoned car wash, site of illegal activity.  It was razed, replaced by a high-quality fenced playground in 2017.  A boarded-up apt. building on our corner was bought in May 2016; it too was razed.
  6. The playground and purchase/razing of the apt. building were made possible by our first-ever capital campaign.
  7. The Board led a successful $22,500 Matching Challenge Christmas Appeal in 2015, a 50% increase! GUCM entered 2016 in a far better cash position ($100K) than ever before--better still 12/31/16!
Goals for 2017-18:  
  1. Completing our capital campaign is a key goal for 2017. Installing the playground was completed this summer! Still need: Funds to buy newer vans for driving kids to/from Tutoring.
  2. Implementing a Fund Development Plan began in 2015, but GUCM still needs to build capacity and continue to improve fundraising, reaching more funders of all types.
  3. Senior staff remains very thin, so funding additional key staff for programming and fund development remains an important goal.
  4. Board additions/development.
  5. Growing Adult Education and making GUCM a community hub.
Needs Statement
  • Increased funding from foundations, individuals, and churches, as well as businesses, civic groups. Funding for capital projects (now focused on newer vans) plus capacity building are special 2017-18 needs.
  • We need prospective supporters to visit GUCM's renovated facility and see our excellent programs and meet our ED, program staff and volunteers -- to see how much has been accomplished using highly dedicated Board members, a great number of volunteers, in-kind donations that are nearly equal to cash donations, and very good stewardship of GUCM's funds. Opportunities to expand to serve far more in need and break the cycle of poverty in Northeast KCMO are huge, but more funding is required.
  • Volunteer 1-on-1 Tutors (just 2 hours one day/week) to help change the life of young students.  Tutoring program is professionally organized, runs very smoothly, no preparation required, and no time wasted!
  • Individuals/groups to "Sponsor a Child" in Aim For Success Children's Education -- $1,000/year or $250/quarter.
  • Volunteers to assist with continued facility renovation on Saturdays.  
  • Skilled volunteers for GUCM's marketing, fundraising, grant writing.
  • Qualified, active new Board members from the community, adding diversity of perspectives/skills, fully committed to GUCM's mission and growth.
Service Categories
Remedial Reading & Encouragement
Emergency Assistance (Food, Clothing, Cash)
Adult Education
Areas of Service
MO - Jackson County Urban Core
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement

Just two weeks after its founding, a fire closed the 100-year-old church facility for a year. But already, the building was  in total disrepair. The United Methodists approved giving the church property to GUCM. The lightning fire was a true "Act of God," for good things resulted! The building has been totally transformed, and programming expanded and strengthened in amazing ways.

After the initial facility renovation in early 2006, GUCM launched its six-week summer Freedom School as the first multicultural F.S. in the KC metro. With the poorest kids, it became the biggest and best in KC.  After-School Tutoring became a highly structured system, with great outcomes, a model for others. GUCM’s Emergency Assistance program, with the Food Pantry known for years in the community, is tied into the MAAC system and open four days/week; well organized Clothes Closets were added. Saturday community lunches/month were expanded to every Sat.  GUCM helps 300-350 families with food items to prepare special Thanksgiving/Christmas meals at home, plus offers a large selection of Christmas toys, blankets, hats, scarves, underwear, socks, and coats, plus supplies for the homeless.   

GUCM’s funding base has long been support by Board members/individuals, and some churches.  To grow, GUCM obtained critically needed foundation support and government program funding.  Now, foundation funding is key, government funding is minimal.  Due to Kauffman's support of KC's Freedom Schools, outside funding of the direct costs of GUCM's Freedom School was a constant from 2006 through 2012, when Kauffman's contract with KCFSI expired. KCFSI obtained State funding for KC Freedom Schools in 2013, failed to do so in May 2014.  GUCM quickly designed and successfully funded its own 6-week Education Before Recreation program (now 7 weeks).  Kauffman is now again a major supporter of GUCM.

A major milestone for GUCM was United Way certified GUCM in early 2011 as a partner agency, committing $25K/year to  fund After-School Tutoring.  In May '14 United Way tripled its support for Tutoring to $75K/year for 2014-16.  In 2017, UW committed to $88K/year for the next three years.
Volunteers in huge numbers have been critical to GUCM’s success and keeping costs low.  Many tutor every week of the school year or serve on Saturday meal teams. Food Pantry/Clothes Closets are staffed by nearby volunteers.  Some volunteers on the Saturday renovation crew, including highly skilled professionals and trades people, have been helping for nine years. 
In-kind donations to GUCM (about $300K) have generally been nearly as great as monetary donations. This has permitted GUCM to use its funds mainly on payroll, utilities, and insurance.
Written Board and financial policies were all put in place in late 2010, but GUCM has always been a very good steward of the resources it receives. Our current Board is very active and contributes substantially, but lacks a network of large local donors. Hiring Michael Mayberry as ED in Sept. '13, with his abilities, filled a major void and fueled more growth.
GUCM's After-School Tutoring is a highly structured, model system, Mon.- Thurs. 3:30-6:00 PM.  In 2016-17, we served 110 K-6 students, all on free lunch. Of those attending, 32% were Hispanic, 24% A-A, 22% Thai (began in Sept.'14), 18% from Africa (NEW Sept. '16!), 3% White. Swahili speaker helped with parents/students. GUCM provides transportation and a nutritious meal. 11 Group Tutors (10 minority) help with homework and math/reading. In 2016-17 GUCM had a record 58 Volunteer 1-on-1 Tutors (many med students from KCUMB and retired teachers) working 1 day/week with "their" 3 kids (30 minutes each).
Retired Reading Specialist from Blue Valley SD set up graduated learning packets/books appropriate to each student's reading ability. She tests students pre-/post- and throughout the year, even has a way to evaluate those who spoke no English.
In 2008-12, when KCMO's SD was required to use outside tutoring services, GUCM was certified/reimbursed by MO as a Supplemental Education Service provider.   
Program Budget $230,000.00
Category Education, General/Other Tutorial Programs
Population Served Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent, ,
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success
In 2016-17, only 30% of our 89 available pre-/post-tested students were independently reading at grade level in the fall, but by the spring 57% had achieved RGL!  (Many are still behind-- but 84% achieved 1+ RGL growth, catching up!  And the range within K-6 achieving 1+ gains was a low of 61% in 2nd up to 92% in K and 100% in 5th!)  Of the 89 kids post-tested, 17 knew no English in the fall, but were still assessed/included.
Grade-level testing includes comprehension, fluency (correct words/minute read out loud) and oral accuracy (% correct words/minute).  
Grade-level math test scores also jumped, from 39% correct to 86%.  Including English learners, Grades K-6 all averaged 82%-95%! 
Language barriers with new immigrants influence reading outcomes, and are a a real program challenge, but all our kids are beating the odds!
Improved daily attendance and reading/math skills.  Homework is completed successfully, turned in.  Report cards improved. Much better behavior/attitude in program/school. 
Long-Term Success

Early childhood education is widely recognized as being a fundamental key to changing the future prospects for a person born into poverty, in a community where substance abuse and violence are prevalent.  Being able to read well is critical to long-term success, and GUCM's well-designed After-School Tutoring program helps raise struggling students to reading at grade level. 

Structure, stability, a nutritious meal, plus GUCM's staff, hired Group Leaders and army of volunteer 1-on-1 Tutors who are dedicated and truly care for the students, these all serve to motivate the students to continue to make progress in school.  Many of our 1-on-1 tutors are teachers, plus we always have many med students volunteer from KCUMB.  Self esteem, ESL, and expanding the horizons for young children/teens from very poor families that are Latino, Black, Asian, or African are greatly aided by the fact our Group Leaders are excellent peer models, responsible ethnic-minority college students and adults.
Program Success Monitored By
Attendance, pre-/post- (& interim) testing in reading and math, report cards, Group Tutor and 1-on-1 Volunteer Tutor evaluations, parent feedback, parent-teacher conferences (staff often attends, especially to help non-English speaking parents), satisfaction surveys.  Students gain confidence, feel accepted.
Tutoring's main goal is to get students up to Reading Grade Level. Our outstanding Reading Specialist tests using Burns & Roe Reading Inventory -- measuring grade-level fluency, oral reading accuracy, and comprehension.  Comprehension is aided by using Steck & Vaughn's "Main Idea" in grades 2-6 and in grades 4-6 writing brief reports on assigned books. Fry Words (most common words/grade) really help.  Non-English speakers are assessed using Krashen & Terrell's work.
In math, all students work on adding/subtracting; multiplication above 2nd grade (64 problems in 5 minutes); division above 3rd; fractions, decimals, word problems above 4th.
Parent & Student Surveys:100% positive!
Examples of Program Success
Positive feedback from teachers/principals. They are increasingly recommending GUCM's excellent After-School Tutoring program to parents of struggling and non-English-speaking students. Attendance at school is improved.  Students are motivated and helped to succeed with their homework.  Hispanic, Thai, and now Swahili-speaking students, where families speak no English, are a special challenge, but with help, assimilate into regular school classes faster.  As they succeed, behavior and attitudes improve. Many of our highest achievers in 2016-17 were Asian, Latino, African!
To combat some behavior problems (mainly older students), our Program Manager devised a positive approach this past year.  She discussed with these kids opportunities cooperative students can have.  One example: We now have a group of "6th grade helpers" who wear special sashes; they help younger children get on/off our vans, maintain order there, and help them sign in daily. This has proven to be a major incentive!
Description In 2006-13, GUCM was a 6-week summer Freedom School site. The Freedom School model was designed by the national Children's Defense Fund, with a primary goal of getting Black inner-city children to love to read.  It also instilled cultural awareness, responsibility for self/community, structure, and conflict resolution. With so many Hispanic kids, we had the first multi-cultural site, served the poorest families of all KC sites, and became the best and largest in KC.  Nearly all funding was provided by KC Freedom School Initiative, supported by Kauffman Fdtn. in 2006-12 and then the State in 2013.

When KCFSI failed to obtain funding in May 2014, after we already had 80 children enrolled, we quickly designed and funded our own Education Before Recreation Program for that summer!  It has elements of Freedom School in the morning and fun enrichment activities in the afternoon -- a good, uplifting, safe place. In 2015, our Summer Camp was extended to seven weeks--continued strong in 2017, with 110 K-8.

Program Budget $125,000.00
Category Education, General/Other Summer School
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years), ,
Short-Term Success

In our 2017 EBR Summer Camp, we enrolled 110 K-8 students.  Average daily attendance over the 7 weeks was 85.  It would have been even higher but families from Mexico often go home for 3-4 weeks in June or July.  Besides our excellent Group Leaders, we had an average of 18 volunteers each week.  These included med students, teens, a Board member again teaching photography, teachers and others.

Our goal on time spent reading was more than met--with 100% of students attaining at least 80% of the goal of reading 400 minutes in age/skill-appropriate books!  The goal of having at least 80% of kids maintain an average of 75+% correct on daily math worksheets was also met.  Our goal was to have 80% of parents and 80% of students indicate positively in a Satisfaction Survey --it was 100% for both!
Students comprehended what they read. They learned life skills, gained confidence. In Harambee (daily opening exercise) and group activities, they learned to lead. Weekly field trips provide stimulus/fun activities not otherwise available. Older age groups engaged in KC-area service projects, visited a college. 
Long-Term Success

Children/teens are stimulated intellectually during the summer, something often missing in the inner-city, which contributes to struggling students getting further and further behind in school.  It is important that we help decrease the amount lost over the summer of hard-won progress made in reading and math in the previous year of school.  In our summer school, reading skills are enhanced (math skills as well), and these young students will develop a love for learning, an advantage throughout life.  They are stimulated to be academically sharp, and retain and enhance their skills. 

 Horizons are greatly broadened.  Weekly field trips can be amazing, as well as fun.  Self-confidence is increased.  They learn valuable life skills, how to deal with difficult situations, and how to avoid trouble, including peaceful conflict resolution.  They take responsibility for self, others, and community.  Goal is to help children/young teens to overcome, to grow up to become good productive adults.
Program Success Monitored By

Group Leaders and Program Director evaluate students daily, looking at their attitude, behavior, understanding of expectations, and involvement.  Daily attendance sheets.  Children engaged in activities.  Minimal disruption.  Lots of positive interaction between adults and children, and children with their peers.  Parental feedback and involvement in weekly Parent Advisory Council.  Group Leaders role-model positive interaction, values, and self expression.  Stimulating interaction in small groups that encourage creating an inquisitive behavior within the participants. 

For 2016, GUCM quantified many more aspects of the program.  The goal for reading was to have 80% of the children reach 80% of the stated goal, to read 400 minutes in age/ability-appropriate books as measured by reading logs.  The outcome: 100% achieved that measure -- despite planned absences (families traveling back to Mexico)!  Participant and parent surveys were both extremely positive, "100%."
Examples of Program Success

One longtime problem child, with a difficult home life and inadequate parent support, like many of our children, was told he would be eligible to be a Teen Helper for Tutoring next school year if he behaved well throughout Camp.  The results were amazing.  He actively participated in Harambee each day, conducted himself well in Small Group class sessions, and was an exemplary camper.  He will likely return and become a "Teen Helper."  This kind of connection and "turnaround" are what our K-8 Education Programs excel in doing.

GUCM (and the church that GUCM evolved from) has always provided a lot of E.A.!  GUCM's Food Pantry serves hundreds of families every month.  It is open 4 hours a day, 4 days a week -- 10:00-2:00 on Monday-Thursday.  The nicely-stocked Clothing Closets are open those same hours.  Community Meals serve 250 people weekly -- Thursday at 6:00 PM, Saturday at 11:30 AM.  While not able to provide direct funding, GUCM is also a referral resource to other agencies for assistance with emergency funding for rent, utilities, medicine, etc. 
GUCM provides turkeys and other food items to be prepared at home for special Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.  Also at Christmas, toys, blankets, throws, clean used coats, and nice new warm clothing (always underwear, stocking caps, scarves, gloves, and socks, but often also adult sweaters and fleece plus kids' and teen clothing) are provided each year for 300-350 families/singles!  

GUCM is also a placement site for persons required to do community service.

Program Budget $250,000.00
Category Human Services, General/Other Emergency Assistance
Population Served Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent, ,
Short-Term Success

Providing supplementary food and seasonal clothing.  Referring those in crisis situations to other agencies with funds for rent, utilities, prescription drugs, required forms of ID, substance abuse recovery, psychological counseling, etc.  Increasing the capacity for individuals to move beyond basic survival needs and into long-term solutions such as adult and children’s education programs at GUCM, substance abuse recovery, adequate housing, spiritual growth, training for and retaining jobs, becoming self-reliant.

Long-Term Success

Grace United has been known for many decades as a place that provides Emergency Assistance of various types to people in need in Northeast KCMO.  Long before GUCM was formed, the church at 811 Benton had a soup kitchen and one of the larger food pantries in Kansas City.

GUCM tracks the number of clients served but has not tracked positive long-term changes.  Ideally, the number served would decline as more people we serve become stable financially and more independent.  We are now trying to track the number of clients receiving basic survival needs who move into jobs, and those successfully attending adult education and job readiness classes such as Adult Literacy, Computer Training, and Lunch & Learn Healthy Living, all currently offered on-site.   GUCM also recently began opening our Adult Computer Lab certain hours each week for those searching for jobs and writing resumes.  Also, in the planning stage are ESL, GED, and various job readiness/training programs.  We serve our area.

Program Success Monitored By

We closely monitor use of our Food Pantry and Clothes Closets through the excellent area-wide computerized system of Mid-America Assistance Coalition (MAAC).  We also attempt to track involvement of clients in programs which help them become self-sufficient instead of continuing to be dependent.  

We always want to be an asset to our community, a stable fixture in an ever-changing neighborhood.  New immigrants often settle in NE KCMO, and they certainly need a lot of help -- as do long-time indigent residents of all races in our community!
Examples of Program Success

Breaking down the isolation of persons.  Building trust and relationships that encourage people to move towards addressing their longer term problems and needs.  A significant number of persons have moved from receiving help from GUCM to now volunteering their services.  For many, this starts by helping in our Food Pantry and Clothing Closets.  Some have chosen to participate, and provide leadership, in the Sunday worshiping congregation.  One person who received food and help at Grace with his substance abuse recovery now operates a recovery house of his own, led Grace's church congregation, and serves on GUCM's Board of Directors.

CEO Comments
GUCM believes we are steadily building programs that will give people from our community the skills, desire, support, education, and confidence to break the cycle of poverty.  Through our Emergency Assistance services we meet basic physical survival needs, and at the same time we build trust and relationships so we can move individuals and families toward change.  As we succeed, the chances increase of making our community a safe, stable and healthy place to live.  By providing a holistic approach for children, youth, parents, and single adults, we are attempting to approach solving issues of poverty in a variety of ways. 
GUCM's existing Children's Education programs are excellent, and in 2015 we have added an innovative year-around Teen Leadership & Enrichment program and also Adult Education classes, including in Healthy Living, as well as with basic job readiness courses.  We have already had excellent early success in getting other organizations to partner with us in 2015, providing facilitators for new programs offered at Grace United.  Included are Guadalupe Center, Literacy KC, Kansas City Public Library, and the Samuel Rodgers Health Clinic.
As we broaden services, we will build from GUCM's current base in a systematic way.  We must make sure that all programs are excellent, outcomes are well documented, and both administration and programs are adequately funded, so GUCM has the needed capacity and abilities required.  This is going to require a great deal of hard work and careful planning on the part of the Board and senior leadership, as well as adequate funding by foundations and the general public, and continued generosity on the part of Board members and other volunteers involved in GUCM's programs.
Michael Mayberry, a highly talented and experienced Executive Director, started as GUCM's ED in September of 2013.  He got off to a very fast start -- holding one-on-one meetings with many stakeholders, assessing community needs as well as GUCM's strengths and weaknesses, planning ways to improve and expand program areas, and  beginning to increase GUCM's financial strength and program sustainability.  Grace United's future appears very bright.  We anticipate serving more children, teens, parents, and other adults, entire families struggling in Northeast KCMO.
Areas that the Board wants to address in our planning are ways for families and single adults to become self sufficient, for example through ESL, GED, job readiness, and on a grander scope, even ways to improve the economic development of the Northeast in Kansas City, MO.
Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Mr. Michael Mayberry
Term Start Sept 2013
Compensation $50,001 - $75,000
Michael Mayberry, GUCM's highly talented, experienced Executive Director, joined us in September, 2013.  He hit the ground running!  One week later he presented an action plan to the Board explaining his goals for the first 30/60/100 days.  In two months, he held 1-on-1 meetings with 35 community leaders, assessing community needs as well as GUCM's strengths/weaknesses, planning ways to build and sustain excellent programs, strengthen relationships with all stakeholders, and improve GUCM's financial strength. 
Michael grew up in Chicago without a father, in a family of six children, and in a building with lots of cousins.  He has a heart for helping children/families, and in KC worked for the new Kauffman charter school and continues his association with Marillac, which provides mental health care and a residence for troubled children and youth. 
Michael earned a BA in Behavioral Psych from Chicago State U. and two Masters degrees from UMKC, a Masters in (Nonprofit) Public Administration and an MBA.  He worked with Boys & Girls Clubs in Chicago for 10 years, setting up three new clubs; he transferred to KC to take on a managerial role here.  His experience in KC later included serving as Deputy Dir. of the American Lung Assn., ED of the Epilepsy Fdtn. of KS & Western MO, and six years as ED of the Community Health Fdtn. of Wyandotte County.  Among his accomplishments are leading an 18-month turnaround for the Epilepsy Fdtn., regaining both state and United Way certification.  While ED of the Community Health Fdtn., it raised $120K for planning expansion of Federally Qualified Health Clinics and then $1.6MM to support the first two years of that project.
The Board's vision shifted a bit under Michael's leadership as we assessed the needs of NE KCMO, our strengths, and decided where we could have the greatest impact, especially in education.  With Michael as our new leader, the Board and staff look forward to a very bright future serving those in desperate need in our community.
Co-CEO/Executive Director
Term Start 0
Compensation Last Year
Former CEOs
Rev. Sharon Garfield Aug 2004 - Sept 2012
Ms. Marilyn (Rhea) Rudell Oct 2012 - Sept 2013
Senior Staff
Title Executive Director
Title Director of Children's Education & Director of Emergency Assistance
Experience/Biography Lori has been a long-time member of the community and of Grace United Church.  (Prior to her death in 2009, Lori's mother served for many years as the volunteer head of the major Food Pantry at Grace.)  With prior office experience, Lori began as a secretary at Grace, then became Administrative Assistant to Executive Director Sharon Garfield, responsible for bookkeeping and payroll as well as working with volunteers.   In 2004, Lori also became coordinator of the Youth Group/Peer Mentoring Program.  In 2006, she became the Project Director of the new Freedom School as well as Program Director of After-School Tutoring.  Lori has natural leadership abilities, is an amazing "multi-tasker" with a number of important program responsibilities, can handle any crisis, is friendly to everyone, always cheery.  She works very well not only with the staff she hires and oversees but also with the many volunteers and supporters of GUCM.  Besides all our educational programs, which now include Adult Education as well, she also oversees the major Holiday Sharing events and the Food Pantry.  Lori has played an invaluable role in GUCM's growth, especially in our outstanding Children's Education programs, and in fulfilling GUCM's overall mission. 
Title Grant Writer
Experience/Biography Rhea Rudell was Executive Director of Cross-Lines in Kansas City, KS, for many years.  She had also worked with Rev. Sharon Garfield (GUCM's founding ED) at Newhouse, a safe house for women who had suffered from physical abuse.  She has been a grant writer for GUCM since shortly after GUCM's founding.  After Sharon Garfield had to retire as ED for health reasons, the Board asked Rhea to serve as temporary Acting Executive Director of GUCM until the Board could hire a highly qualified permanent ED, which it found in Michael Mayberry.
Title Education Program Coordinator
Experience/Biography  A UMKC college graduate, Lizzy was hired for this new position in September '14. She assists Lori with After-School Tutoring, Education Before Recreation Summer Camp, and leads the new Teen Leadership & Enrichment program.  While in college, she was both a Group Tutor and a summer Freedom School Group Leader.  Like Lori Theus, she is outgoing, personable, capable, highly responsible.  In 2017, she is currently on maternity leave, though still helping Lori out when most needed.  We look forward to Lizzy returning on a full-time basis soon.
Title Office Manager
Experience/Biography Hired in early January '16 as Office Manager, Carolyn has excellent educational and work experience credentials.  She has managed offices before.  She was also already familiar with GUCM, having previously served several years as a Group Leader in After-School Tutoring.
Paid Full-Time Staff 3
Paid Part-Time Staff 30
Volunteers 500
Paid Contractors 0
Retention Rate 100%
Staff Diversity (Ethnicity)
African American/Black 3
Caucasian 2
Staff Diversity (Gender)
Female 4
Male 1
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Plans & Policies
Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Yes
Organization Has a Strategic Plan Yes
Management Succession Plan Yes
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
  • One of five sites partnering with the KC cdf Freedom School Initiative, originally funded by the Kauffman Foundation (1995-2012) and now funded largely by the State.
  • Northeast Food Pantry Alliance and Mid-America Assistance Coalition (MAAC).
  • Access to Recovery III (ATR) Prevention and Treatment Centers.
  • Kansas City Substance Abuse and Treatment Recovery Coalition.
Alliance of Greater Kansas City United Ways Agency Certification2011
United Way Member Agency2011
First Multi-Cultural Freedom School in KCKC cdf Freedom School Initiative2006
Quality Matters (Training to Improve Program)United Way of Kansas City0
Government Licenses
Is your organization licensed by the government? Yes
CEO Comments
With a very thin administrative staff due to limited financial resources, the functions of excellent marketing, networking, fundraising and data collection have been GUCM's principal weaknesses.  With Michael Mayberry as GUCM's new permanent Executive Director, the Board sees these shortcomings being addressed.  Gains have been made.  Continued focus on fundraising will allow hiring added staff for existing programs and will permit expanding programs beyond the current base in a logical fashion. Capacity building is needed, with the addition of a Manager of Fundraising/second grantwriter.
The number of volunteers who have worked at GUCM since 2005 probably far exceeds 1,000, but few donate financially, a great resource we are trying to tap with our e-Newsletter.  Just the number of hours worked by facility renovation volunteers, including many who are very highly skilled (our Building Project Director and Board Chairman Max Sherman has two Masters degrees in Engineering), since 2008 is now about 40,000 hours! Also, many of our highly dedicated 1-on-1 volunteer tutors are either professional educators or medical students from nearby Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences (KCUMB).
Miraculous progress between 2005 and now has been made in transforming GUCM's facility, a church built in 1907 used in all programming. The Saturday crew continues to make much-needed improvements and repairs. Even prior to the lightning fire in August, 2004, the facility was in total disrepair.
In-kind donations each year have typically been nearly as large as monetary donations.  Food donations to the Food Pantry, including special holiday food for in-home holiday meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas, account for nearly all the food given out.  Also, Community Meals, Christmas toys, new and used clothing are all substantial, each category measuring in the thousands of donated items. Nearly all building supplies used in renovation over the years have been in-kind donations, including much of the playground equipment installed in 2017.
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Max Sherman
Company Affiliation Sega Inc. (Power Plant Consulting, Project Manager)
Term Jan 2016 to Jan 2018
Board Members
Mr. Jeffrey Algie Construction Services Integration KC (Business Owner)
Mr. Roger Beard Design Machine (Owner, Graphic Artist)
Mr. Scott Bublin PhDMobile Reasoning, Inc. (CEO--Sophisticated Military and Business Software Drevelopment))
Mr. Greg Edwards Maintenance Mgr. of Apartment Buildings; Owner of Two Recovery Houses
Mr. John Goodwin Goodwin Group, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network (Owner of Agency)
Mr. Max Sherman Sega Inc. (Power Plant Consulting, Project Manager)
Mr. Howard Spencer Community Volunteer (Retired Sales/Marketing Exec., Procter & Gamble)
Mrs. Ann Wright Esq.Community Volunteer
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 1
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 7
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 7
Female 1
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 2
Board Meeting Attendance % 70%
Written Board Selection Criteria? No
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 12
Standing Committees
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Communications / Promotion / Publicity / Public Relations
CEO Comments
Significant progress is being made on many fronts. Remarkable progress has been made in 2005-17 toward the complete renovation of the church at 811 Benton, where all the programs are conducted, as well as the house used as offices, and recently, the surrounding tracts of land!
In 2014, the adjoining 1/2-acre lot (an abandoned car wash, site of illegal activity) was acquired for free, for use for outdoor programming as well as secure parking. Demolition occurred (pro bono) in December 2014.  Commercial playground equipment and fencing have been installed in 2017; all work was done by the unusually skilled Building Committee. Also a long-boarded-up apartment building, another horrible blight on the neighborhood and prominently located, on the corner adjoining GUCM's property, was acquired in May 2016; it was razed in late 2016. A vast boost to the neighborhood.
Strengthening fundraising and marketing is underway. With the assistance of Support KC, GUCM developed a comprehensive Fund Development Plan. Cultivating more funders is occurring, and major grant proposals are being submitted to support programming.  A capital campaign funded the expanded grounds for programming for all ages. 
Besides GUCM's annual Christmas Board Matching Appeal, with no longer a summer Freedom School whose funding was organized by an outside umbrella group (KCFSI), we have made Summer Camp Appeals beginning in 2014 to fund our new summer Education Before Recreation Summer School for kids/youth.  Led by the Board's generosity, this appeal continues to help fund EBR.
Marketing/Communications Committee completely redesigned GUCM's website.  Facebook was added in 2016.  E-newsletters are continuing.
Strategic planning recognized that a core strength of GUCM has been its two model Children's Education programs -- After-School Tutoring and GUCM's Summer School. We expanded education offerings to help the entire family.  In 2015, Teens were included in After-School and Summer Camp activities.  Also in 2015, a number of  Adult Education programs were initiated, to improve the lives of parents and other area adults.  New partners are providing facilitators for classes at GUCM. These classes include Basic Computer (KC Public Library) and Adult Literacy (Literacy KC).  We have also launched well-attended monthly Lunch & Learn Health Seminars at Grace, using outside speakers and the Samuel Rodgers Health Clinic.  More offerings are planned for the future to meet area needs, especially GED/ESL classes, job-readiness classes. Our Adult Computer Lab is now open for job searches/resume writing.
Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2017
Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2017
Projected Revenue $700,000
Projected Expenses $700,000
Form 990s
Audit Documents
IRS Letter of Exemption
Foundation Comments
  • FY 2015, 2014, 2013: Financial data reported using IRS Form 990. 
  • Foundation/Corporation revenue line item may include contributions from individuals.
Detailed Financials
Revenue SourcesHelpThe financial analysis involves a comparison of the IRS Form 990 and the audit report (when available) and revenue sources may not sum to total based on reconciliation differences. Revenue from foundations and corporations may include individual contributions when not itemized separately.
Fiscal Year201520142013
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$15,071$25,449$33,445
Individual Contributions----$122,608
Investment Income, Net of Losses$0$0$0
Membership Dues$0$0$0
Special Events$0$0$0
Revenue In-Kind$288,069$295,450$351,400
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$586,296$567,693$636,774
Administration Expense$34,154$26,161$27,518
Fundraising Expense$40,962$34,015$29,133
Payments to Affiliates----$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.101.060.99
Program Expense/Total Expenses89%90%92%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue9%9%9%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$532,607$471,508$440,104
Current Assets$112,583$53,105$34,410
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$2,935
Current Liabilities$0$2,909$5,445
Total Net Assets$532,607$468,599$431,724
Short-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities--18.266.32
Long-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%1%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountIndividual Donor $22,500USDA - Federal Government $104,625USDA $115,216
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountIndividual Donor $18,150Kauffman Foundation $85,000KC Freedom School Initiative $93,784
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountIndividual Donor $17,800United Way of Greater Kansas City $60,333State of Missouri $51,185
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? Yes
Campaign Purpose Main purpose was to transform an adjoining abandoned car wash, site of criminal activity, into a safe playground/outdoor programming area.  Installation by our volunteer crew of a very high quality fenced playground was completed last summer, in time for GUCM's summer camp, "Education Before Recreation"! Meanwhile, in April '16 the Board learned that it had a 1-month window of opportunity to buy the boarded-up apartment building on our corner.  It was unsafe and unsightly for the entire community.  It also blocked the nice view of the totally renovated church used for all our programming.  The capital campaign funded acquiring that building and then tearing it down in 2016.  Still needed in late '17 was funding to obtain 1-2 newer vans, to replace old, less reliable ones.  Our vans transport the children in After-School Tutoring from school to GUCM and afterwards take them home, as well as to transport kids in Summer Camp.  Board's yearend 2017 matching challenge funded a 2017 Ford Van!!
Goal $95,000.00
Dates Feb 2016 to Dec 2017
Amount Raised to Date $100,000.00 as of Dec 2017
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years No
Organization Comments

Financials for 2015 and 2016 were far stronger than in prior years.  Cash revenues grew 18% in 2015; year-end 2015 cash increased 112% to $113K, by far our highest ever!   Both showed further gains in 2016, aided by our capital campaign.  Board Matching-Challenge ($20+K each year) Christmas Appeals also helped! 

Our annual audits occur very late in the year.
GUCM's operating cash revenues (from foundations and others) are always critical, as are in-kind donations, nearly $300K!  Skilled volunteers also greatly save on our operating expenses!  In addition, our 2016-17 capital campaign allowed GUCM to install a quality playground in 2017, greatly enhancing our children's outdoor programming.  Buying and razing in 2016 a long-abandoned apartment building also improved the safety/appearance for not only GUCM but the entire neighborhood.
The old car wash next door was the site of drugs, prostitution, and trash.  KC Land Bank gave it to GUCM in 2014--on the condition that it become a community asset.  Industrial Wrecking leveled the site, free.  Volunteers kept it clean and in 2015-16 planned for the acquisition and installation of a high-quality fenced-in playground.  This project was completed by our volunteer crew in the summer of 2017.  
Another neighborhood blight, an abandoned and long-boarded-up brick apartment building on GUCM's corner (9th & Benton) was snapped up by GUCM for just $15K in May '16, mainly with gifts from the Board.  By year-end, the building was razed and the site graded, at a cost of only $13K.
Since 2004, GUCM has grown despite huge revenue shifts and setbacks, including the lightning fire just two weeks after GUCM was incorporated!  Extensive facility renovation began.  Funding was found, not only to survive but to strengthen and expand programs.  Gifts from foundations, board members and other sources have been critical.  Key revenue sources recently have been United Way ($25K/year in 2011-13, tripled in 2014-16, and raised again for 2017-20) and Kauffman Foundation (for GUCM's Turoring/Summer Camp in 2014-17, after funding all KC's summer Freedom Schools in 2006-12). 
Tutoring received vital State (via School District) funding in the early years ($93K in 2010) prior to the State's policy change in mid-2012.  Since then, private support has allowed GUCM's After-School Tutoring to grow rapidly; it is better than ever! Similarly, State funding for all KCFSI's summer schools ($102K for GUCM in 2013) was lost in May, 2014, but within a month GUCM had designed and gained funding for our own "Education Before Recreation" Summer Camp!
Organization Name Grace United Community Ministries
Address 801 Benton Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64124
Primary Phone (816) 2315745
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Mr. Michael Mayberry
Board Chair Mr. Max Sherman
Board Chair Company Affiliation Sega Inc. (Power Plant Consulting, Project Manager)
Year of Incorporation 2004