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Mission Statement
The Barn Players create theatre for the community by the community which nurtures theatre artists in practicing their craft.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Vida Bikales
Board Chair Ms. Vida Bikales
Board Chair Company Affiliation retired from Pfizer
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1974
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The Barn Players continues to thrive not only through attendance and ticket sales, but also from corporate grants and donations and, most especially, generous (tax-deductible) donations from individuals. Every little bit helps and we appreciate every contribution we receive, allowing us to continue doing what we do best - producing quality community theatre for the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.  Donations can be made either online at or by check mailed to 6219 Martway, Mission, KS 66202.  We also have numerous opportunities for volunteers to help make our productions and organization successful.  Please see our website for detailed information on how to volunteer.

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Mission Statement The Barn Players create theatre for the community by the community which nurtures theatre artists in practicing their craft.
Background Statement

The Barn Players Theatre was founded in 1955 and was originally located in a renovated barn at the Woolf Farm near 83rd in Mission Road in Prairie Village. In 1971 the theater’s building was sold to make way for commercial development and a new home was found at The Manor Barn at Metcalf and 91st. However, this location turned out to be only an interim home and in 1972 Johnson County Community College became our home for the next 18 years. As the community college grew, in 1990 we were again without a home. For the next 12 years, our performances were staged at various venues, including Shawnee Mission High Schools, the Old Shawnee Town Hall, the Shawnee Civic Center, and the Roeland Park Community Center. In 2004, thanks to the help of the NE Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, we moved to 6219 Martway in Mission, Kansas. The Chamber believed that the presence of a theatre in Mission and the North East Johnson County area would improve the quality of life for the residents and bring additional patrons to the area. In 2006, the Credit Union of Johnson County (now Mainstreet Credit Union) purchased the land and building where we are located. The credit union also recognized the value of the arts to a community and agreed to partner with us for continued use of the building.  In 2008, we signed a long-term lease agreement with the credit union. In 2017, a new home was needing to be found again. For the first time in 62 years, The Barn Players moved from Johnson County to downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This move will expose The Barn Players to broader expanse of the metropolitan area.

Five years ago The Barn has re-branded itself, become more strategic in choosing board members, play selection and in setting goals for performance quality and audience numbers.  Since 2010, audition numbers have increased 25%, season tickets patrons have tripled and the average audience per performance has gone from 82 to 102.  With only one production under the belt in the The Barn's new location, the average audience increased to 150, selling out six of eight performances. All of these metrics relate to the consistent quality seen on The Barn stage as well as the patrons' theater-going experience and their willingness to support The Barn regardless of it's location. The Barn was recognized by being voted as the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year in 2015. It is their hope to receive similar accolades through out the entire metropolitan area.

The Barn's youth programing has remained in Johnson County.
The Barn's Six By Ten Original Play Festival, in its 10th season, continues to improve in number of applicants as well as quality. Since its inception, many other theaters have begun similar opportunities for playwrights
Despite The Barn's many moves and inevitable changes in personnel, we continue to offer quality community theatre for the entire metropolitan area. The Barn Players, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Impact Statement

 Top Accomplishments for 2018: 

  1. Surviving our move from Johnson County to The Arts Asylum in downtown KC,MO. This move has increased our visibility through the entire metropolitan area. The Barn has brought in many new performers who have melded beautifully with our stable of regulars creating an even bigger, better and diverse theater-going experience.
  2. Approved for a grant to update our sound system.
  3. Established our Best Seats Award given to five people each season who have given their time, talent and/or treasure to help make the arts community in Kansas City thrive. A different person is recognized at each opening night, they sit in "the best seats" and also receive a $50 gift certificate from our Community Partner, The Jacobson in the Crossroads.
Top Goals for 2019: 
  1. Continuing to build our patron base and audience numbers to improve our bottom line after our move.
  2. Re-imagining our Barn Junior program.
  3. Continue to develop new Community Partners and raise awareness in a new part of the city.
  4. Raise enough funds to be able to increase stipends.
Needs Statement
  1. Funding remains the single biggest issue as The Barn is paying rent for the first time in it's 64 year history.
  2. Implementing our plan for reach into the community to develop awareness and increase audiences.
  3. Increasing show production budgets enough to allow directors to create their vision.
  4. Maintaining The Musicians Fund to supplement musicians stipends enabling The Barn to attract quality musicians. 
    Service Categories
    Arts Education
    Areas of Service
    MO - Jackson County
    MO - Clay County
    MO - Platte County
    KS - Wyandotte County
    KS - Johnson County
    MO - Eastern Jackson Co
    MO - Jackson County Urban Core
    KS - Wyandotte County Urban Core
    CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement

    The Barn, in its 64th season, is a different animal than it was in its humble beginning in an un-air-conditioned barn at 83rd and Mission Road.  The Barn has established itself as both a proving ground for young actors where experience, confidence and connections can be made as well as a place where talented individuals can share their passion with the performing arts with their community.   Our reputation for choosing gutsy and ambitious productions could only be possible through our commitment to diversity (race, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) and making the challenging productions of the 21st century possible. Many of our board members have been involved with theater their entire lives and are passionate about theater at all levels. My family in particular has found fulfillment through theater.  We were instrumental in the founding Camellot Academy in 1967 where I was a teacher and then president for ten years.  The Barn board consists of actors, directors and drama teachers on our board, a lawyer, business people, a city councilman, tech people and accountants.  Despite our diverse backgrounds, we come to the board with the love of all things theater related, especially Kansas City theater and The Barn in particular.

    One of our biggest challenges is always to continue the momentum from the previous year by increasing audience numbers, season-ticket patrons, director applicants, audition numbers and donations. We believe that recent re-branding efforts undertaken were instrumental in improving our metrics and will continue to be so in the future.  We also believe that our continued effort towards increased diversity has been and will continue to be important in our success and a measure of our accomplishments.  Our move to Kansas City, Missouri has helped us reach a more diverse audience. We make it clear to all directors that we expect them to cast a wide net and invite actors of all different races and ethnic backgrounds to audition and colorblind casting is the rule.  Offering a season that will appeal to all races and ethnic backgrounds, can only assure our continued success.   Striving for ambitious and challenging productions that reflect the 21st century, does place an added challenge to our fundraising.  In 2008, when the financial crisis hit hard, we contemplated cutting back on the number of shows we did.  It was a board decision not to scale back on anything our patrons could see.  Maintaining the quality of our productions was our main goal.  Now that the worst of the financial crisis is over, we want to keep being relevant to and important for our community.  So, as we are doing all we can to maintain the high quality of our productions, our focus will be to increase private donations and grant funding.  We recognize that this is the way of life for all nonprofits and we do appreciate the opportunity to tell our story to potential donors. The biggest challenge over the past two years was finding a new home for The Barn after December 2017.  This proved to be a Herculean task as The Barn has grown so much, it was extremely difficult to find a place within our budget that could accommodate all The Barn has to offer our actors and patrons.  In December, The Barn moved to our current location at The Arts Asylum on the Eastern edge of the downtown loop in Kansas City, Missouri.  We look forward to including new actors, volunteers and community partners to our current Barn family in this, a more collaborative, welcoming space.
    Description Our Mission Statement, "to create theatre for the community by the community which nurtures theatre artists in practicing their craft" comes to its most prominent fulfillment through our five Season Productions and annual fundraiser. This year, our Season consists of one adult play and four adult musicals, which can be classics, modern plays and new musicals, and “alternative” offerings.  For our fundraiser, these productions have ranged from theme-based musical revues of our own invention (e.g. "Women of Rock") to current musical productions. The Barn's Youth programming consists of a Barn Jr production for actors in middle school through high school and Barn Kids three week summer session for campers going into third through seventh grades. The Barn finishes every calendar year with it's 6x10 Original Play Festival featuring the works of local playwrights. In 2018 The Barn is also helping to produce a new musical, "Overture" written by Krista Eyler based on the history of of the Kansas City Philharmonic.
    Program Budget $91,619.00
    Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Theater
    Population Served Adults
    Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
    Program Frequently Assessed Yes
    Short-Term Success Since 2015, The Barn increased the average audience size by 20 people per performance and have tripled the number of season ticket holders in three years.  Audition numbers have also increased by 25% since 2010 once again, demonstrating the choosing of shows that entice actors, directors and audience members alike.  2016 ranked as the second highest attended season and the third highest number of actors auditioning since moving to the current location in Mission. During the Martway years, The Barn had 141 productions, over 900 performances and nearly 70,000 patrons. The first production in our new home was wildly successful, breaking all attendance records with an average of 150 patrons per performance and selling out six out of eight performances. Our entire 2018 season, while certainly meeting our post-move goals of introducing the organization and our critically acclaimed work to many more people, bringing a more diverse group of actors into our productions and meeting our average of attendees per performance, we need to continue to increase our donor base and attendance to compensate from having to pay rental fees after 63 years of not having to.
    Long-Term Success Our ultimate long-term success is gauged by continuing to fulfill our mission by providing affordable community theater which gives the theater community a wide range of opportunities to be volunteers, technicians, artistic staff and to perform as musicians and actors. Each year we have improved some key metrics of increasing audience size, season ticket holders and number of actors and directors auditioning and performing. Since 2010 The Barn has increased audition numbers by 25%, Season Ticket patrons have tripled as well as director applicants. The Barn looks forward to continuing these trends as we move to a new home in 2018.
    Program Success Monitored By The Barn tracks audience, donations and audition numbers routinely and every few years surveys our patrons looking at our demographics including age, ethnicity and many other metrics to help us better understand our actors and audiences and how to better reach them.  We hope to do this again in 2020. This year, before the start of our season, we held a focus group consisting of some of our most reliable actors, directors, crew, musicians and volunteers. Each of the people have also been patrons. The purpose was to give us feedback on how it went for them in the new space both as part of a production as well as a patron. We received some valuable feedback that we have incorporated in the way we do business as well as shared appropriate comments with our landlords.
    Examples of Program Success In 2016, The Barn had 352 people audition for nine productions.  That number increased to 415 in 2017. There are over 150 active volunteers, not including our board, who work front of house for each performance. Our actors, musicians, board members and audiences come from across the five county Metropolitan area.   This spring, The Barn supplied the entertainment for the City of Leawood's Shakespeare Tea for the seventh year. During the years in Mission, KS (2004-2017), The Barn Players produced 141 different shows totaling over 900 performances and served nearly 70,000 patrons.
    Description The Barn Kids program offers a three-week session for grades 3-6 where the students learn theater all aspects of a theatrical production from costuming, props, choreography, singing, and acting, culminating in public performances of an age-appropriate musical.  The Barn Junior program is designed for students in grades 7-12.  This program allows the students to work outside of academia with seasoned theater professionals and learn all aspects of producing and performing in a musical.  This program culminates in four public performances of an age-appropriate musical.
    Program Budget $10,000.00
    Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Theater Arts Instruction
    Population Served K-12 (5-19 years)
    Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
    Short-Term Success Our goals for the Barn Jr./Kids program is to foster a lif-long relationship with the performing arts. We find that students love our program that they come back year after year, "graduating" from Barn Kids to Barn Jr. to our Season productions.  Every year several of our Barn Juniors act as techs and mentors to the the Barn Kids during the summer session. The Barn is a training ground for students to build their resumes and experiences and have gone on to perform at Starlight Theatre and other professional venues. Many have chosen to pursue careers in the performing arts or arts education. In 2018 we had three ex-Barn Kids, all grown up, get cast in our adult season. One, who happen to win our internal Barney Award for Best Supporting Actor, go on to get accepted into the Theater Program at The Boston Conservatory. One of the others was just put in charge of her school's theater program. These are testaments to their start on The Barn stage.
    Long-Term Success Increase in interest by the student population to take part in our musical theater productions. Students will have the opportunity to work with seasoned technicians, directors, etc. outside of their academic programs that are shrinking as school districts make cuts for lack of funding.  The directors casts each show with as many students as possible yet still provide the individual attention needed to foster self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness.  We build audiences with families coming together to the theater and initiate children to the joy of live theater. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to the arts at an early age do better on standardized testing and communicative skills than do their counterparts who were not exposed. As adults they are more involved in their communities. The Barn is developing performers and patrons of the arts for the future.
    Program Success Monitored By All participants are asked to fill out evaluation forms addressing all aspects of the programs.  We also monitor the success of both the Junior and Kids programs by the number of students who audition for the Junior program and the children who are enrolled in the Kids program.  Lastly, we monitor audience attendance and ad revenue.
    Examples of Program Success The success of this program is borne out by the "sell out" we experience for the Barn Kids and Barn Junior programs and the students who return year after year. And, of course, the quality of their work on stage as well as how many stay involved in the performing arts.

    This program fosters the growth and development of local playwrights, new directors and actors looking to stretch their abilities. Submissions are judged blindly by a committee consisting of board members and possibly local directors and actors. The 6X10 Festival runs for one weekend (3 performances) in December.

    Program Budget $750.00
    Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Theater
    Population Served Adults
    Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
    Short-Term Success Actors, Directors and staff are energized to be able to work on brand-new productions that many times explore hot topics and break the mold of traditional expectations of what you will see in a Barn Players production.  This event also gives some actors and directors the opportunity to be involved without the usual long-term commitment of a full length production.
    Long-Term Success The Barn's “6X10 Original Play Festival” features new ten-minute plays authored by local playwrights and directed by first-time directors. The Barn’s artistic staff and sometimes community directors and/or actors will select the six winning plays from an increasing number of submissions.  In 2018 there were around 50 submissions from within a 300 mile radius of Kansas City.  The long-term success of this event is demonstrated by the ever-growing number of submissions, increasing audience numbers and the fact that several other theaters have copied our model.  This event's goal is the development of the playwright-participants and directors. Over the years a couple of our playwrights have gone on to national recognition for their work such as Michelle Tyrene Johnson and Rick Pauli. One of our ten minute playwrights was asked to expand his work to a full length production for the city of Leawood.
    Program Success Monitored By The success of this program is partly shown by how popular it has become.  In 2018, 50 original scripts by local novice playwrights were submitted for the six slots. Also, by including directors who may have applied to direct a regular season show and didn't get the opportunity, The Barn gets acquainted with their work and vice versa. It also gives novice directors an opportunity to hone their craft.
    Examples of Program Success Increased play submissions, increased revenues and larger audiences bear out the increasing importance of this program.  Furthermore, the success of this program has attracted new directors and staff, new auditioners and allows us to present a wider range of theater to the metro area. One further example of the success of this program is the fact that one of the 10-Minute plays produced at The Barn has been developed into a full-length production and had its first dramatic reading at another community theatre. Several of our playwrights have become recognized nationally for their work. The success of our festival has spawned other similar festivals in other theatres in the KC metro. In 2019 we also plan on incorporating some of our past 10 Minute plays in a quarterly recording session The Barn does for Audio Reader, an on air program for the blind through the state of Kansas.
    The internship program targets interested high school or college students who plan a career in theater.  This program has proved to be successful in the training future theater artists.  Interns are paid a small stipend for their work during the summer months.  Interns have gone on to other paying positions in theater, starring roles in community and non-equity productions and can request letters of recommendation after completing their internship. In 2017, The Barn had two summer interns helping with Barn Kids and the summer play.
    Program Budget $0.00
    Category Education, General/Other Extracurricular Arts & Culture
    Population Served Adolescents Only (13-19 years)
    Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
    Short-Term Success The Barn receives applications from dedicated students who are interested in pursuing careers in the performing arts and wish to gain experience outside of academic training. We give them hands on training, teach them to work within a budget and give them opportunities to succeed. Interns will help to round out our production staffs, especially during the summer months when vacations create conflicts. They will build resumes and receive letters of recommendation if requested and earn a small stipend for their continuing education. In 2018 there were two summer interns who were invaluable help with our session of Barn kids as well as working with our Artistic Director as his assistant for The Bridges of Madison County.
    Long-Term Success This was previously a scholarship program for graduating high school seniors, but due to its success, was expanded to include current college students. It is gratifying that now we have applicants who have gone through the Barn Kids and Barn Junior programs and have been inspired to pursue careers in the performing arts. 
    Program Success Monitored By Barn Interns work closely with the designers, directors and technicians and gain experience for their resumes. The Barn is able to help the entire local theatre community by helping to develop more experienced people to work on their productions. Our Interns gain valuable training, experience and connections. Being an Intern for The Barn also gives the individual a chance to explore a different part of the production process that they might not have had the opportunity, desire or time to before. This gives them a much broader understanding and appreciation of the total production process.
    Examples of Program Success The intern program was integral to the education of Patrick Lweallen, a 2004 Intern, who went on to star in the National tour of "Rock of Ages."  Another intern, from 2010 graduated from KU in 2015, and has been involved in many shows in the metro area during both his high school and college years. One of our Interns from 2018 is now a freshman at The Boston Conservatory majoring in theater.
    Description This program allows us to accomplish our mission of offering a broad base of volunteers the opportunity to become involved and support the promotion of the performing arts in the community. Volunteers may work on individual shows by working on sets or costuming, crew a show or work front of house jobs like concessions, box office or handing out programs and taking tickets.
    Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Theater
    Population Served Adults
    Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
    Short-Term Success We offer opportunities to volunteer in every capacity at The Barn. You can run box office, usher, paint or build sets, sell concessions, build costumes, act, help with marketing, advertising or be a partner in the community. For those who might not be able to afford our ticket prices, they can volunteer in several capacities and see the show for free when they work. This increases the awareness of our theater in the community and offers the open door policy to our volunteers.
    Long-Term Success To bring in members from the community who are interested in helping to make The Barn Players a successful community theater program. We have partnered with the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, The Arts Asylum, The Jacobson Restaurant, the Mission Project for developmentally delayed young adults, the Shawnee Mission Rotary, Fire District #2 and other community theater organizations. Our partnerships bring us closer to the community that ultimately we can call on for assistance, as potential donors, or for people who would like to donate in-kind services.The Barn also takes pride in offering ad exchanges to other theaters and will lend our props, costumes and equipment when needed.
    Program Success Monitored By The Barn is an all volunteer organization.  It is the mission to be inclusive and have an open door policy. We often times ask for two volunteers for one position. One that has been trained to do that job and the other to shadow so they will know how to complete the job in the future. It also allows us a backup system in case one of our volunteers does not show up.  Volunteers have the opportunity to see our productions for free.  They may sign up to work every show or only those that are convenient. The Barn's volunteer program enables some of our theater community as well as those who might not be able to afford it to have the opportunity to experience the magic of live theater and play an integral part of the success of the show and the organization.
    Examples of Program Success The Barn is completely run by volunteers and currently, we rely on 150 volunteers (this does NOT include those directly involved in the productions or our all-volunteer board). We have seven productions per year for which we need volunteers.  The Barn Jr./Kids programs typically use parent volunteers, along with Board members and our regular volunteers. Our volunteers have also represented us in festivals, booths, open houses, conferences, chamber events, etc. We thank our volunteers by including them in our Barney Awards & Volunteer Appreciation Celebration each year. At that night, we hand out our Barney Awards to recognize our actors, directors, and others involved in our Season productions.  This night consists of performances from our past season's shows, hosted by our president and one of the professional actors who  make up our Barney judges.  We also have an award to honor our Volunteer of the Year. 
    CEO Comments

    One of the challenges a community theater like The Barn faces is the sad fact that the phrase “community theater” is used as a punchline, or worse, a punching bag.  Even those who support drama programs in schools, sometimes don’t recognize the importance of supporting their local community theaters.  The American Association of Community Theaters, of which The Barn is a member, represents the interests of more than 7000 theaters across the US and reports that there are more than 1.5 million volunteers involved in more than 46,000 annual productions reaching an audience of 86 million.  These numbers alone show the significance of community theater throughout the United States.  While the majority of the participants in community theater never seek a professional theater career, even for them, theater is not just a hobby but a passion.   The Barn’s mission statement directly addresses this passion and our role in the community: “The Barn Players create theatre for the community by the community which nurtures theatre artists in practicing their craft.”   The impact of being involved in community theater goes well beyond our own productions.  I’ve yet to meet one of our actors, directors, musicians, volunteers, or one of our patrons who doesn’t also buy tickets at local professional theaters, go to see Broadway shows, and/or see national tours.  They bring their spouses, children, friends and others of significance to our shows and these others in support of the theater community as a whole.  Another significant factor in favor of funding community theater,  is the fact that most professional actors got their start on a community stage somewhere. Indeed, The Barn has its share of well-known alumni.  Many people who have appeared in productions throughout our history have gone on to greater fame on stage, screen and television.  Among these are: Academy Award-winner Chris Cooper, Kansas City actors Jim Birdsall, Dodie Brown, Melinda McCrary and Cathy Barnett, Phillip Fiorini, John Rensenhouse (“The Lion King” national tour), documentary producer Susan Gandy, Broadway actor Henry Stram, film and television actor Arliss Howard, Broadway, film and TV art director Harry Silverglat Darrow, local film and theatre critic Russ Simmons, Patrick Lewallen (national tour of “Rock of Ages”) and Lynn Cohen (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”). 

    Executive Director/CEO
    Executive Director Ms. Vida Bikales
    Term Start Jan 2009
    Experience My family helped to found and run Camellot Academy, a summer-long day camp for children, focusing on the arts, including drama, dance, art, guitar and voice.  I was the art teacher with Camellot for six years and then president of the board of directors for approximately ten years.  I retired from a 31 year sales career with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in 2008.  I also volunteered at the Jackson County Free Health Clinic for 15 years.  I Retired from Camellot in 2010 and have devoted my volunteer time to The Barn Players.
    Former CEOs
    Ms Beate PettigrewJan 2007 - Dec
    Paid Full-Time Staff 0
    Paid Contractors 4
    Volunteers 150
    Retention Rate 100%
    Formal Evaluations
    Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
    Non-Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
    Plans & Policies
    Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Yes
    Organization Has a Strategic Plan Yes
    Management Succession Plan No
    Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
    Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
    Whistleblower Policy Yes
    Document Destruction Policy No
    The Barn collaborates with the NE Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, The Arts Asylum,  Audio Reader, The Jacobson Restaurant and other local theater groups and businesses. 
    Top Theatre Production - Women of RockKC Stage Magazine2010
    2 of the Top Ten Rated Shows - Women of Rock and Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsKC Stage Magazine2010
    Top Community Show - Women of RockKC Stage Magazine2010
    Three of the Top Community Shows - Women of Rock, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and RentKC Stage Magazine2010
    Three of the Top Community Shows - Women of Rock, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and RentKC Stage Magazine2010
    Outstanding Theater of the Year in the Kansas City RegionBroadwayWorld.com2013
    Outstanding Ensemble Cast of a Play of Musical in the Kansas City RegionBroadwayWorld.com2013
    Best Direction of a Musical in the Kansas City RegionBroadwayWorld.com2013
    Best Lighting Design of a Play Musical in the Kansas City RegionBroadwayWorld.com2013
    Best Costume Design of a Play Musical in the Kansas City RegionBroadwayWorld.com2013
    Best Actress in a Musical in the Kansas City RegionBroadwayWorld.com2013
    Best Actor in a Musical in the Kansas City RegionBroadwayWorld.com2013
    Small Business of the YearNortheast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce2015
    Government Licenses
    Is your organization licensed by the government? No
    CEO Comments

    The greatest management challenge is to assure that all Barn productions are of a consistent high quality. Last year, The Barn had 313 people audition for five different productions. Each show is unique in its cast, crew, staff, script, props, sets, lighting, sound, etc. Managing all of this is a challenge, yet great opportunity for our Artistic Director, Assistant Artistic Director and the board as a whole. The Barn's Artistic Director, a drama teacher during the day, is one of the most well organized persons you will ever meet and juggles all of these people, productions, and elements very efficiently. The board and the over 150 active volunteers help with front of house duties and other behind-the-scenes support. This job of managing these productions is even more difficult in some respects because we do not want to retain the same directors year after year. In 2018 The Barn had 15 applicants for five directorial positions. When we select our directors we are looking for imagination, vision, and excellence. Because of our dedication to ambitious and gutsy productions, we have been able to attract many new directors and actors. While this is precisely our goal, it does add challenges to our management. Our Production Manual to which every director, cast and crew must adhere helps to keep our productions organized, on budget, and has brought consistency to each production without sacrificing originality and creativity. Our move to The Arts Asylum caused us to rewrite our manual to incorporate information specific to the their facility and for a shared space. While management issues never go away and every theater has these challenges, we believe that the success of our productions show that we are addressing this challenge in imaginative and successful ways. Our success in addressing these complex issues is borne out by the awards we received from, including Outstanding Theater of the Year in the Kansas City Region, and The Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award as well as numerous other individual awards for our actors and directors.

    Board Chair
    Board Chair Ms. Vida Bikales
    Company Affiliation retired from Pfizer
    Board Members
    Ms. Nancy BerardoBudget Office of Medicare Hearings & Appeals - Dept of Health & Human Services
    Ms. Vida Bikalesretired from Pfizer
    Ms Pamela CravenApple Computers
    Mr. Eric MagnusShawnee Mission West High School
    Mr. Devin MirfasihiMirfasihi Law Firm
    Ms. Kay NoonanNational Association of Insurance Commissioners
    Mr. Michael PoppaNE Johnson County Chamber of Commerce & Roeland Park City Council
    Mr. Lynn ReddickH & R Bloch
    Mr Steve SearsMarketing Professional
    Board Demographics - Ethnicity
    African American/Black 0
    Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
    Caucasian 8
    Hispanic/Latino 0
    Native American/American Indian 0
    Board Demographics - Gender
    Male 5
    Female 4
    Unspecified 0
    Board Term Lengths 2
    Board Term Limits 0
    Board Meeting Attendance % 90%
    Written Board Selection Criteria? No
    Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
    Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
    Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
    Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
    Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 12
    Standing Committees
    Community Outreach / Community Relations
    Program / Program Planning
    Communications / Promotion / Publicity / Public Relations
    Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
    Advisory Board Members
    Mr. Damron Russel ArmstrongProfessional Actor
    Ms. Michelle T. JohnsonDiversity Trainer & Playwright
    Ms Beate PettigrewJohnson County Community College
    Ms Martha RisserCommunity Volunteer
    Mr. Frank RobertsonCommunity Volunteer
    Ms. Nancy WallersteinCommunity Volunteer
    CEO Comments

    Moving to our new location in 2018 was The Barn board's main challenge while learning to work in a collaborative work space. The focus was on streamlining changes in the new location to make the process welcoming to our current patrons, volunteers and actors while extending our reach into a wider swath of the metropolitan area.

    Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2018
    Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2018
    Projected Revenue $79,282
    Projected Expenses $91,619
    IRS Letter of Exemption
    Foundation Comments
    • FY 2017, 2016, 2015: Financial data reported using IRS Form 990-EZ.
    • Foundation/corporate revenue line item may include contributions from individuals.
    Detailed Financials
    Expense Allocation
    Fiscal Year201720162015
    Program Expense$150,604$128,619$122,576
    Administration Expense$0$0$0
    Fundraising Expense$0$0$0
    Payments to Affiliates--$0$0
    Total Revenue/Total Expenses0.741.021.23
    Program Expense/Total Expenses100%100%100%
    Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue------
    Assets and Liabilities
    Fiscal Year201720162015
    Total Assets$68,779$119,046$116,246
    Current Assets$68,779$66,611$63,811
    Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
    Current Liabilities$285$0$0
    Total Net Assets$68,494$119,046$116,246
    Short-Term Solvency
    Fiscal Year201720162015
    Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities241.33----
    Long-Term Solvency
    Fiscal Year201720162015
    Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
    Top Funding Sources
    Fiscal Year201720162015
    Top Funding Source & Dollar Amount -- -- --
    Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount -- -- --
    Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount -- -- --
    Capital Campaign
    Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
    Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years No
    Organization Comments

    There are two primary financial challenges facing The Barn: determining our future location and the financial obligation we will need for our move and our future and increasing donations and grant funding.   We are making good strides in increasing our audience size and believe our path to a larger audience lies in maintaining our great quality, increasing diversity, and smart show selection. When selecting our shows for the season, we begin by focusing on what actors want to act in and directors want to direct, and, most importantly, what audiences want to see.  This means that we must select a wide diversity of theatrical productions: comedies and dramas, new and classics, cutting edge and familiar.   Some of the questions we ask ourselves are: Is the play good (really good)? Does it have a track record of success?  Will our audience love it? Does it meet our need for diversity? In addition to answering these and other questions, we consider the numbers of men and women in each production, the subject matter and the vibrancy of the material.  That way we can balance our season with exciting productions that will attract a large diverse audience.  Our other challenge to increase donations and grant funding, dovetails with our show selection.  Our recent successes with our shows will help show the donor community that we are worth taking a chance on.  The Barn has been around for 62 years, so we have proven our place in the Kansas City theater community.  The fact that we can remain relevant in today’s society, shows that we are doing something right.  Everyone on the board is charged with keeping at least one eye on fund-raising opportunities.   We are always on the lookout for community partnerships and creative types of fundraising to bring in new supporters of community theater.  I am specifically charged with grant writing.  The couple of grants we received last year show  that we are a worthwhile cause and have bolstered our confidence that we can obtain the funding we need.   In addition to our more complex productions, we deal with the wear and tear on the equipment we use and upkeep on our building.  These areas do receive special attention in our budget. The reason for the difference in our 2016 Expenses and Income was due to projects to the building as part of our lease agreement including a $16,000 AC unit, fire egress, exterior work including paint and stain and the demolition of an outside storage unit.  The 2017 budget reflects the fixing of a $2,500 water leak under the parking lot and the need for a new $19,500 boiler.

    Other Documents
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    Organization Name Barn Players, Inc.
    Address 1000 E 9th St, Suite 225
    Kansas City, MO 64106
    Primary Phone (913) 4329100
    Contact Email
    CEO/Executive Director Ms. Vida Bikales
    Board Chair Ms. Vida Bikales
    Board Chair Company Affiliation retired from Pfizer
    Year of Incorporation 1974