Caregivers on the Homefront
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Although their mission is complete, ours has just begun.
Mission Statement
The mission of Caregivers on the Homefront Inc. is to provide caregivers of our nation's veterans and first responders with hopefulness, a sense of togetherness, and a firm foundation of resiliency. Caregivers on the Homefront Inc. will also proudly advocate to promote awareness and increase education. Our vision is to create a vibrant future of dignity and well being for all veterans and first responder families. Redefining our countries perceptions that surround both the physical and invisible wounds of the brave men and women that serve our country and communities. The purpose of Caregivers on the Homefront Inc. is to serve those families who are caring for the wounded warriors of all military eras and first responders.
CEO/Executive Director Shawn Moore
Board Chair Susan Moore
Board Chair Company Affiliation Country Club Bank
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2018
Volunteer Opportunities
Ways to donate, support, or volunteer
We have numerous ways to donate which include; mailing a check, on our website, our google pay account which is, and Facebook. We have an Amazon Wish List which can be accessed here:
You can view our volunteer openings on our website. You can support our veteran family caregivers by holding fundraisers or care drives for items like the ones listed on our Amazon Wish List.  
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Mission Statement The mission of Caregivers on the Homefront Inc. is to provide caregivers of our nation's veterans and first responders with hopefulness, a sense of togetherness, and a firm foundation of resiliency. Caregivers on the Homefront Inc. will also proudly advocate to promote awareness and increase education. Our vision is to create a vibrant future of dignity and well being for all veterans and first responder families. Redefining our countries perceptions that surround both the physical and invisible wounds of the brave men and women that serve our country and communities. The purpose of Caregivers on the Homefront Inc. is to serve those families who are caring for the wounded warriors of all military eras and first responders.
Background Statement

It is no secret that the men and women who are veterans or currently serving in the nation's military, along with their brothers and sisters who serve as first responders in our communities, are heroes. Medals, ribbons, and national support are indicative of the many sacrifices these heroes make every day. Unfortunately, there is little to no equivalent support structure for the hidden heroes of our nation. These are the veteran, military, and first responder family caregivers who make incredible sacrifices to care for our nation's injured and ill service members, veteran's and first responders. 

Caregivers on the Homefront was created by Shawn Moore in 2017. Shawn serves as a caregiver for her husband, Bryan, a 23-year Army veteran, who suffers from mental and physical disabilities. Shawn felt isolated and without resources when trying to help her husband and after speaking with a variety of individuals she realized her story was not unique, that there was a gap in the resources and support structure for our nation's caregivers. We fill that gap by providing in-person and online support groups, educational workshops, and mental health and wellness restorative weekends. We also advocate for the caregiver at the local, state, and national level.

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation commissioned the Rand Corporation to conduct the first comprehensive, evidence-based national study of military caregivers and their needs in 2015. The study revealed a societal crisis:  an estimated 5.5 million Americans care for injured or ill service members and veterans. Military caregivers provide $14 billion of uncompensated care each year. Although first responders are engaged in different duties, they also suffer from many of the same post-traumatic stress and physical maladies that service members and veterans do. As such, their caregivers suffer from many of the same issues that those who care for the military do. 

According to the Rand study, "Military caregivers consistently experience worse health outcomes, greater strains in family relationships, and more workplace problems than non-caregivers, and post 9/11 military caregivers fare worst in these areas." The study goes on to say "We found that key aspects of caregiving contribute to depression, including time spent giving care and helping the care recipient cope with behavioral problems." Without a healthy caregiver, the veteran is going to continue to suffer. As a nation, we must make caring for the caregiver a priority. 

Impact Statement
In 2019, Caregivers on the Homefront had our first 5K Walk/Run to bring awareness to suicide prevention in veteran, first responders and there family members. We had over 250 people attend. We held two veteran family caregiver Mental Health and Wellness Restorative Weekends so that these hidden heroes can sustain their caregiving journey. Caregivers come to Kansas City for an all expense paid weekend to focus on their mental health and wellness so that they go home and better support their wounded veteran. In 2020 we have three RW's scheduled and with additional funding we will add more. 
 In partnership with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and their Hidden Heroes Cities Initiative, Councilwoman Heather Hall with Kansas City, MO held several caregiver focus group to find our what the needs are of our local caregivers in our community.  For 2020, EDF, AARP and COH are planning a one day summit for caregivers, veteran organizations, and businesses to collectively work on how we can better support these caregivers in our own community.
This year we hosted the Weight of Honor documentary which followed six veteran caregivers over five years. In November, we received a $10,000 grant to show the film throughout Missouri during 2020. We have dates scheduled in St. Louis in March and May. 
Our program director, Rachel Moyers, was named the Elizabeth Dole Caregiver Fellow for 2019. This will continue the work Shawn has done in the fellowship here in MO. 
Shawn has been invited to speak at several different events this year advocating for the military and veteran caregiver by telling her intimate story as a veteran caregiver. She spoke at the Kansas City Mental Health event in May which was held on the Cerner campus, she was named one of's Visionary winners and spoke on a panel at the VA's and Elizabeth Dole Foundation 4th Annual Convening and the Rosalynn Carter Institute of Caregiving.  
Needs Statement
Our restorative weekends cost us between $8-10,000. Our greatest need is continued funds to support this program. We limit our costs by getting our meals donated from local restaurants/caterers. Donation of airline miles would greatly bring our costs down. We have been very fortunate that local professionals donate their time and expertise in mental health and wellness.
When a caregiver registers with us, which is free, we send out a small care package. Donations of these items or funds to support this program is also needed.  
Service Categories
Mental Health Disorders
Areas of Service
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement Caregivers on the Homefront was born out of my own frustrations and feelings of being uneducated on how best to support my husband. In 2017 he had a suicide attempt, which, without, other veteran caregivers, would have been even more of a difficult event to get through. Over the last couple of years, our organization has grown and the awareness of the needs of our veteran caregivers are coming more to light. We are an all volunteer organization. One of the challenges that we have faced is that most of the general population doesn't see past the wounded veteran to the family. It doesn't occur to most that when a veteran is mentally or physically injured or both, that the family as a whole is struggling as well. We must stop being reactive which has resulted in the high veteran homelessness and suicides. We must be proactive to keep our veteran families together. This includes supporting the spouses and children of our Nation's wounded warriors. When I have the opportunity to speak with a funder, individual donor, or at an event the community has graciously supported our mission. Although we don't know what we don't know, which is why it is so instrumental to get in front of those like yourself. Our veteran families need us. Please reach out to us today. 
Description The restorative weekend is held over four days in Unity, Mo and consists of a series of workshops that are provided by professionals in their field using evidenced-based practices. The restorative weekend focuses on the caregiver’s mental health and wellness so that they have tools to use when they return home to sustain them through their caregiving journey. Our workshops consist of gaps that the Rand Study identified such as financial literacy, end of life planning, QPR suicide prevention training, recognizing the strengths of each caregiver, identifying caregiver burden, equus coaching, mindfulness practices, to name a few. The caregivers also find out that they are not alone on their journey and when they leave to return home after the weekend they will leave with a tribe of caregivers to lean on. 
Program Budget $15,000.00
Category Mental Health, Substance Abuse Programs, General/other Mental Health, Substance Abuse Programs, General/other
Population Served Veterans
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Long-Term Success The long term success of this program would mitigate divorce in the veteran family and a higher quality of life for the wounded warrior's family caregiver. 

The caregivers will utilize their strengths and talents identified at the program to sustain their caregiving journey. They will have an increased sense of empowerment over their caregiving abilities. 

 We utilize the Health Assessment of Loved Ones scale, which was designed specifically for veteran and military caregivers, to assess their well-being. The program will provide tools that will decrease caregiver burden and burn-out for the long term.

We also will see long term financial stability and planning and emergency preparedness.  Caregivers will have long term connections to other caregivers and resource availability. 

 Long term success will also see continued growth of the program which will enable us to host more throughout the year. 



Examples of Program Success

Oct. 2018-“I Attended a Mental Health and Wellness Restorative Weekend with Caregivers On The Homefront this past weekend. Little did I know what I got myself into. I am beyond impressed and so super proud of what Shawn and Rachel successfully organized and accomplished with this event. I have discovered things about myself that have been long lost in the rollercoaster of living with a Combat PTSD/TBI injured husband. I have laughed, cried, talked, listened, laughed some more, created, made a 🍉explode, tried to write/journal, saw a horse rolling in the dirt, had a horse nibble on my pony tail holder like my dog used to, learned some simple yoga techniques and bonded with 11 fellow members of this new tribe. A tribe of some extraordinary women who walk the very same path I do in this crazy post military/war life. Some I knew before the event, some I have never met before yet within a few hours, felt like I have known them all my life. Women that I don’t even have to say much about anything, and they understand in ways many others cannot.”


(October 2018 participant) March 2019-“Now here we are almost into spring, and I believe that “retreat” did more for me than I initially realized. One of the presenters gave me some insight into my husband’s cutting/self-harm issues that made me look at it with different eyes. Another presenter gave me so much with the equine exercise/life coach. She kept asking me if there would ever be a time I would not know that my husband needed me, which my answer was always no. But I always had this constant fear of himself harming with disassociating and or suicide attempts. She gave me such confidence that someone else saw this in me. I feel more empowered as a caregiver and as a woman. I was recently offered a second job outside taking care of my husband. This job is as an on-call, as-needed phone nurse. Something I can almost entirely do from my home and /or take my husband and kids with me if needed. I always wanted to find something I could do from home but knew it would be outside the career I was forced to give up due to my husband’s injuries. So that always got pushed to the side. I really think my mindset would have been different if this job came around before that weekend with COH. After my first couple weeks there, a huge piece of my identity has come roaring back. And what a lift to my mental health that it has provided! I feel better about me, more confident which equates into better capable of taking care of my husband’s needs. I will forever be thankful for that weekend.” Peggy B.

Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Shawn Moore
Term Start July 2017
Experience Shawn is a 14-year veteran with the Kansas City, Missouri Police department. She is the 2017-2018 Dole Caregiver Fellow of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation for the state of Missouri. Since May of 2013 Shawn has been the caregiver of a wounded warrior and has dedicated her life to the study of PTSD and the effects it has on the family. Shawn has earned her Bachelor degree in Social Psychology and is working on her Master’s degree in social work. Her internship is at the Center for Trauma Informed Innovation at Truman Behavioral Health were she was awarded with the Field Education Student of the Year for 2018-19 with Park University. She is a certified Peer Mentor and Facilitator with the Red Cross Military and Veteran Caregiver Network. She is also a Peer Mentor with the VA Caregiver Program. Shawn is an advocate for all caregivers and openly shares her story with the community. She was chosen as one of the Caregiver Visionary winners for and will be presented the award at the 2019 National Convention in Chicago. She is also one of the presenters for the conference. Shawn is also a facilitator for the Compassion Without Fatigue workshop and QPR Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention training. 
Senior Staff
Title Program Director
Experience/Biography Rachel has been caring for her disabled veteran spouse for over 4 years. She is an Outreach, Engagement, and Training Associate with the Red Cross Military and Veteran Caregiver Network. While navigating her caregiving role and two young children, Jackson and Isabelle, she completed her Doctoral Degree in Education with an emphasis on Instructional Leadership. Rachel has always had a passion for our military community. While her husband was on active duty, she volunteered her time to strengthen the bonds of the military family. She created and executed many events to help our military service men and women find ways to reconnect with their children and spouses. This passion continued after her husband’s retirement. Today, in addition to her support of Caregivers on the Homefront she also co-facilitates the caregiver support group with Shawn which is designed to decrease isolation among veteran families while also creating an environment of empowerment and support to navigate this journey together.
Title Caregiver Support Advocate
Experience/Biography A graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Courtney Sanders received her BS in Community Health Education and her MS in Rehabilitation Counseling. She started her career in higher education in 1992 at Southern Illinois University as a student worker in Admissions and Records. Courtney spent over 25 years climbing the ladder in higher education working for Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, University of Illinois Chicago, Robert Morris University, Governors State University and Chicago State University, even though she had climbed the ranks to include the title of Associate Dean, Dean and Vice President, with several funding challenges in the State of Illinois, she found herself unemployed. After several months of no luck finding another job in higher education, Courtney decided that it was time to do something else. A caregiver to her Army Vet husband Brandon, Courtney became very involved in the Veteran Caregiver world. Courtney decided that it was time she focus her efforts in an area where she was passionate. That area was Veteran families. Courtney now works for Catholic Charities Diocese of Joliet as the Program Coordinator for the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program. She fights to help end Veteran homelessness every day. She is committed to providing resources to Veterans and their caregivers in her local community as well as nationally. Courtney has facilitated and presented at several state, regional and national conferences on LinkedIn, social networking, managing up, motivating your staff and managing from a distance. Courtney continues to educate herself through professional development opportunities. She is a past president of the Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (IACRAO) and is currently the Scholarship Chair (and past president) for the Resources for the Education of Adults in the Chicago Area (REACh). She has won several awards including the Robert Morris University Director of the Year award and the “On the Bus” award and has received two proclamations from the Board of Trustees of RMU. Courtney was named one of the Business Ledgers 2010 Influential Women in Business, was presented with the Near West Cook Chapter of Women in Management 2011 Woman of Achievement Award and has been named the 2012 National Charlotte Danstrom Award winner in the area of academia for the National organization of Women in Management. Courtney is a firm believer in developing leadership skills for herself, her employees, her students and her colleagues.
Title Caregiver Support Advocate
Experience/Biography Gina Hill graduated from Ottawa University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She spent 6 years in the classroom until life took her to new adventures. Gina became a stay at home mom after the birth of her youngest son, in anticipation of her husband’s combat deployment to Iraq, which resulted in her becoming a full-time caregiver for her wounded husband upon his return in late 2007. Throughout her time as a caregiver, Gina became an advocate for family caregivers. Gina shares the journey of her family publicly in order to raise awareness for other like families and also started a blog in order to help others in her same world not feel so alone. Gina has volunteered for several non-profits during her time as a caregiver. Currently, she works for a Veteran non-profit based in Kansas City and volunteers her time with Caregivers on the Homefront. Gina is the mother of 2 boys and has a few canine kids as well. In her spare time, Gina enjoys spending time with family, reading, quilting and traveling.
Title Program Director
Experience/Biography Natasha received her Bachelor's of Social Work and a Master's of Social Work degree from Park University. Natasha is a member of Phi Alpha Rho Epsilon Honor Society and was active in participating in service activities as a member. Natasha has a passion for the military community and is a caregiver to her ex-spouse. Natasha brings a unique perspective to Caregivers on the Homefront as she openly shares her story of how she continues her role as a caregiver and what the caregiver role looks like after divorce, especially when children are involved. While completing a Summer internship at The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Leavenworth Kansas and connecting to Caregivers on the Homefront, Natasha's desire to advocate for the caregivers of military families grew. Natasha is a mother to three children and enjoys walking, trying new restaurants, traveling, listening to music, and meditation.
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Board Chair Susan Moore
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Board Co-Chair Jonathan Zerr
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Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2020
Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2020
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Organization Name Caregivers on the Homefront
Address 8506 N Wayland Ave
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CEO/Executive Director Shawn Moore
Board Chair Susan Moore
Board Chair Company Affiliation Country Club Bank
Year of Incorporation 2018