Caring for Kids Network, Inc.
9500 Wornall
Kansas City MO 64114
Web and Phone Contact
Telephone (913) 645-9021
Mission Statement
Our vision is for all children to have hope and reach their highest potential.
Our mission is to mobilize community organizations to serve in collaborative, sustainable partnerships with schools to inspire hope and help prepare children to impact their world.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Nancy Mitchell
Board Chair Rev. Gary Schmitz
Board Chair Company Affiliation Citywide Prayer Movement
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2013
Volunteer Opportunities
Ways to donate, support, or volunteer
Ways to donate, support, or volunteer can be found on our website,
  • Ways to donate, support or volunteer can be found on our website -  Checks can be mailed to: Caring for Kids Network Inc 9500 Wornall / Kansas City / MO / 64114
  • The Caring for Kids would love to connect your organization in partnership with a school in need. We will help you connect with one of our 87 Caring for Kids school partnerships. Our partnership directors serve seven KC metro school districts to facilitate collaborative partnerships to help meet principal goals. There are many ways to serve and we will help you connect with the one that is best for you.
  • Consider becoming a mentor to help a child with their reading / math or simply be a friend to a student who needs extra support.
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Mission Statement
Our vision is for all children to have hope and reach their highest potential.
Our mission is to mobilize community organizations to serve in collaborative, sustainable partnerships with schools to inspire hope and help prepare children to impact their world.
Background Statement
The economic downturn in 2008 impacted school budgets and consequently, resources. The combination of increasing needs within the public schools and shrinking resources created a unique opportunity for the community to play a significant role. Additionally, in 2013 YouthFriends (a valued youth mentorship initiative) notified the districts that the services they provided districts would end on May 31 due to financial strain.
Sadly, many of our public schools face increasing challenges in the 21st century as students try to learn with overwhelming obstacles of poverty, hunger, violence and fractured families. All children have the potential to succeed but they need hope and an opportunity to pursue their dreams.
In 2013 we began to dream about how Kansas City organizations – faith, business, civic, nonprofit – could invest in public schools in an organized and strategic way to bring real help. We believed that the volunteers and resources schools need to succeed were all around the schools in the neighborhood community organizations. Many organizations have stepped up to bring good help to schools but often the independent efforts were uncoordinated and difficult for the principal to manage. Sometimes the result was to receive a surplus of items to meet one need while other needs went unmet all year. What was needed was a neutral convener who could bring the community together in collaboration to answer a simple question we ask all of our principals, “How can we help you achieve your goals?”
We designed a process to engage community organizations in partnership to collectively impact schools. Although partnerships can and do happen organically, Caring for Kids identified an opportunity to facilitate and leverage effective partnerships in collaboration with the school districts.
Prior to becoming an official organization we helped the Olathe School District engage 36 schools with a faith partner and a business partner. We officially launched as a nonprofit organization in August of 2013. We added the Shawnee Mission School District; Kansas City, Kansas; and Kansas City, Missouri in our first full year. In 2014-15 we added Raytown and Hickman Mills. In 2015-16 we added Center. In 2018-19 we added the Grandview School District.
There is great potential for collective impact citywide through the development of a backbone organization that continues to develop and equip school/community partnerships.
Impact Statement
Caring for Kids Current Partnerships:

7 Districts - Center School District; Grandview C-4 School District; Hickman Mills C- 1 School District; Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools; Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools; Raytown Quality Schools; Shawnee Mission School District. We no longer actively serve the Olathe School District so we have removed their stats from our outputs and impact.)
87 Schools, 363 Community Partner Organizations Engaged: 178 churches, 95 businesses, 90 civic organizations
The community partners ask one simple question of the principal: “How can we help you achieve your goals?”
In six years, the answer to this question yielded:
  • 1,246 volunteer mentors mobilized (416 currently serving).
  • 2,278 projects to support principals’ goals.
  • 40,672 children served (2,557 currently served directly through mentors).
  • $807,212 invested by partners (in-kind donations and cash contributions to schools).

At the end of the current school year, we will measure how many of the principal's goals for the school partnership were achieved.
We developed an online shared metrics tool with a consultant to increase efficiencies for gathering outputs and impact. We anticipate launching this tool in the 2019-20 school year. This tool will also become our database and email system. The district superintendents and leaders will be able to obtain the data on all Caring for Kids partnerships in their district to see goals, projects, partners engaged, etc. at their convenience.
Needs Statement
We are working to scale up our capacity to serve and equip more schools for sustainable partnerships. Our model is based on a three-year plan to engage, facilitate, implement and train for long-term sustainable partnerships. 
  1. We will hire an Equipping Director who will ensure our three-year equipping strategy is integrated into every aspect of our partnership.  Our Partnership Directors facililate the first year all aspects of the partnership. For the next two years, there is an equipping component to develop leaders who will begin to own various parts of the school partnership. The cost for the Equipping Director will be $45,000. 
  2. We would like to retain a research organization to help us evaluate our theory of change and the effectiveness of our process to create impactful partnerships that support the principal's goals identified for the partnership.  
  3. We plan to launch a new engagement strategy - School Connect - to envision new organizations for the great opportunity to impact the community through school partnerships. We will tell the story through the superintendent, principals and existing partners. Out of the School Connect we will create on-ramps for immediate connection with a school. 
Service Categories
Elementary & Secondary Schools
Areas of Service
KS - Johnson County
KS - Wyandotte County
KS - Wyandotte County Urban Core
MO - Clay County
MO - Jackson County
MO - Jackson County Urban Core
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement
CEO Statement from Nancy Mitchell:

Our Caring for Kids Staff shared their dream for the city recently. It was so compelling to hear their vision and the encouraging perspective they carry every day into the public schools of Kansas City. Kansas City per capita is one of the most generous cities in the nation not only financially, but also investing their time and heart to bring sustainable solutions. We have the opportunity to see great faith and business organizations put heart and hands together with amazing principals to help children succeed.
  • Our dream is to support Kansas City children by building a bridge from the community into the Kansas City public schools to provide needed resources and volunteers in a collaborative way.
  • Our dream is to go beyond meeting the simple needs of students to building long-term collaborative relationships between the community, the schools, and families.
  • Our dream is to be a backbone organization with a process-driven infrastructure to envision, connect, facilitate, and train organizations for collaborative community-school partnerships.
  • Our dream is for the school staff, students and families to know that they are surrounded by a community that cares and wants to invest in them.
  • Our dream is for every child to have hope, to feel loved AND have the opportunity to thrive.

Caring for Kids facilitates a four-step process to help develop mutually reinforcing activities to accomplish common goals. The process is designed to envision, connect, facilitate and train for long-term sustainability. 

PREPARATIONWe work with the school district superintendents and leadership teams to identify the schools with the greatest need and determine existing initiatives that can be applied to goals. We plan several events to envision and connect churches, businesses and civic groups to the identified schools. 

CONNECT: We bring all of the principals of the targeted schools and all of the community partners together for the first time at the District Roundtable. We have volunteer facilitators who sit at each school table to lead the first step of the process.

FACILITATE:  CFK Staff Partnership Directors attends and facilitates the collaboration at subsequent meetings held in the school. They train and equip the partnerships for long-term success. 
SUSTAINABILITY: We have a 3-year plan for equipping and coaching so we can release schools and launch new schools.  
Program Budget $168,000.00
Category Education, General/Other Elementary & Secondary Education
Population Served K-12 (5-19 years)
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success
Initial success measured by the following:
  1. Two faith organizations, one business and one civic group connected and partnered with a school identified by the superintendent.
  2. Every partner has identified an organizational champion to represent their organization in the development of projects. 
  3. Engaged principal who is present and able to provide direction on school vision and goals. 
  4. At least three goals identified by the principal and supported by partnership projects.
  5. Volunteers screened and successfully assigned to students or staff as established by goals.
  6. Relationships develop with commitment to the shared agenda of goals and the success demonstrated by attending all meetings and completing all project responsibilities.
Long-Term Success
Our goal is to build sustainable community partnerships that bring long-term support to our under-resourced schools to help them achieve their goals and prepare children to impact their world. Relationship is key to our success. We work hard to facilitate relationship and mutual ownership for success. One benchmark of health is when partners begin to invite other organizations in the community to serve with them in the school partnership. 
We are working on a tool to measure qualitative changes like hope in teachers and students. Some of the ways partners help are: providing resources, classroom support, enrichment opportunities, volunteer mentors/tutors, event and family engagement support. Ultimately, when schools achieve their goals, we succeed by providing the support needed for those goals through the partnerships.
Program Success Monitored By
It has been difficult to isolate the impact of our partnerships on the school goals since there are so many variables contributing to school outcomes. 
The districts measure our success by the volunteers engaged, resources invested and number of projects completed. The research indicates that when obstacles are removed, students are resourced and volunteers are engaged, the schools are better able to achieve success with their goals. We see impact on school goals through the provision of resources and volunteers.
We developed an online shared metrics tool that will track the achievement of partnership goals in seven areas: academics, behavior, attendance, parent engagement, facility improvement, staff support, school and community connectedness. This tool will be complete in May of 2019 and ready to employ for the 2019-20 school year.  
Examples of Program Success
Superintendent Dr. Allan Markley, Raytown
The Caring for Kids partnership has opened up our relationship with our community. The message has been, “Come in and help students grow” and our community accepted the invitation. Churches, businesses, small groups and individuals are literally flooding our schools with their presence.
Ruskin HS
Two years ago, the valedictorian at Ruskin High School said to her fellow students, “We made it, we made it – in spite of a community that counted us out.” The following year a new principal took leadership and asked Caring for Kids to engage community partners with the school. Through exceptional leadership she laid out a plan to move toward a culture change in the school including community involvement. She wanted students to know that the community not only cares but believes they have a great future. The school saw many key indicators for improvement including a decrease in behavior incidents by 90% and an increase of 8% in the graduation rate.
CEO Comments

As a pastor and community leader in a metro wide movement we began to discover the enormous challenges children living in poverty face in order to get an education. Many children living in a cycle of poverty lose hope for their future, many drop out of oschool, all of which increases the likelihood of to incarceration. As a volunteer reading mentor in a Title One school, I witnessed first hand these challenges and also experienced the impact that one caring adult can have on a child. Our organization helps to bring a caring community to serve together to help neighborhood schools meet their goals and help vulnerable children have an opportunity to flourish. The neighborhoods and communities we serve are very complex and diverse thus we have built a diverse staff and board.  Our Board has competent and committed men and women of integrity and service. Additionally, they represent the different sectors of our school-community partnership composition. Our Executive Director is a passionate leader and advocate for children who has led the organization to a new level of impact.  Gary Schmitz - Caring for Kids Founder and Board Chairman

Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Ms. Nancy Mitchell
Term Start Sept 2015
Nancy is the Executive Director for Caring for Kids. She graduated from Creighton University in Social Work and worked in community mental health. She has a passion for all children to have opportunity to have hope and pursue their dreams. She worked for the Olathe School District and later joined Indian Creek Community Church staff. She serves as a mentor in an urban high school.  She has served on the Governance Board at Indian Creek Community Church, Citywide Prayer of KC, and the India Gospel League of North America. Nancy was part of the original design team for Caring for Kids and previously served as Director of Operations. Nancy and her husband Bob Mitchell have lived in Kansas City for 42 years. They have two grown children and 13 grandchildren.
Senior Staff
Title Partnership and Equipping Director
Title Partnership Director
Experience/Biography Applied Organizational Leadership  B.A.
Paid Full-Time Staff 2
Paid Part-Time Staff 3
Volunteers 2
Retention Rate 100%
Staff Diversity (Ethnicity)
African American/Black 1
Caucasian 3
Hispanic/Latino 1
Staff Diversity (Gender)
Female 5
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Plans & Policies
Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Yes
Organization Has a Strategic Plan Yes
Management Succession Plan Yes
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy Yes
Avenue of Life - Homeless Initiative 
KCPS, KCKPS, Hickman Mills Schools, Grandview School District, Raytown Quality Schools, Center School District, Shawnee Mission School District
Citywide Prayer Movement
Significant Matters - 3.0 Missions 
Outstanding Community Service AwardUSCAA - Missouri Community Action Network2016
Board Chair
Board Chair Rev. Gary Schmitz
Company Affiliation Citywide Prayer Movement
Term Sept 2016 to Aug 2019
Board Members
Mr. Rick BoxxUnconventional Business Network
Dr. Evelyn HillAvenue of Life
Rev. Phil Kreiling411 Impact
Ms. Nancy MitchellCaring for Kids Network Inc
Dr. Anthony MooreRaytown School District
Mr. Glen PosladekA.B. May Company, Inc.
Rev. Gary SchmitzCitywide Prayer Movement
Rev. Henry WashHigh Aspirations
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 3
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 5
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 6
Female 2
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Meeting Attendance % 90%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 90%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 62%
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
Standing Committees
Strategic Planning / Strategic Direction
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Human Resources / Personnel
Advisory Board Members
Tom BassfordSignificant Matters
Jeff Jenkins9Round Fitness Franchise Owner
CEO Comments

Kansas City is known as one of the most caring communities in the nation. I have personally witnessed this generosity in all sectors of our city. But how does a whole community come together to help a school and the next generation to thrive? Who will raise up the village? We have many organizations who wanted to help, but just didn’t know where to start. Many principals have shared that they need help but do not have the capacity to coordinate numerous projects from individual organizations wanting to help. Caring for Kids has stepped into this gap. We created a framework and trained a staff to help the community to engage in the neighborhood school together. There are schools in every neighborhood and resources all around them that simply need to be connected.

The Caring for Kids staff and Board are taking the challenge this year to scale up to increase capacity and reach. We developed additional strategies for engagement, connection and equipping. We will need additional staff and resources but the potential for impact and change is great. We invite you to be a part of the movement of school partnership in Kansas City. When you engage with a school, you are engaging with the whole community – faith, business, civic, nonprofits – who share a dream for all children to have opportunity to be healthy, whole and prepared for life. Together we are making a difference!

Nancy Mitchell, Executive Director
Fiscal Year Start July 01, 2018
Fiscal Year End June 30, 2019
Projected Revenue $180,000
Projected Expenses $170,000
Spending Policy N/A
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Detailed Financials
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201820172016
Program Expense$139,624$130,499$127,490
Administration Expense$0$0$0
Fundraising Expense$0$0$0
Payments to Affiliates----$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.430.970.90
Program Expense/Total Expenses100%100%100%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue------
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201820172016
Total Assets$81,727$11,147$14,571
Current Assets$80,545$9,965$13,389
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$11,800$1,102$0
Total Net Assets$69,927$10,045$14,571
Short-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201820172016
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities6.839.04--
Long-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201820172016
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201820172016
Top Funding Source & Dollar Amount --Hall Family Foundation $36,950 --
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount --Bicknell Family Foundation $20,000 --
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount --Frontline Ministries $15,000 --
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Other Documents
Organization Name Caring for Kids Network, Inc.
Address 9500 Wornall
Kansas City, MO 64114
Primary Phone (913) 645-9021
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Nancy Mitchell
Board Chair Rev. Gary Schmitz
Board Chair Company Affiliation Citywide Prayer Movement
Year of Incorporation 2013