Friends of Yates, Inc.
1418 Garfield Avenue
Kansas City KS 66104-5815
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Telephone (913) 321 1566
Mission Statement
Friends of Yates is committed to it's mission to continuously provide services and a sense of identity to children, youth, adults and senior citizens that facilitate safe and productive lives.
CEO/Executive Director Miss LaDora Lattimore
Board Chair Mr. Clyde Townsend
Board Chair Company Affiliation
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1979
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Mission Statement
Friends of Yates is committed to it's mission to continuously provide services and a sense of identity to children, youth, adults and senior citizens that facilitate safe and productive lives.
Background Statement In 1913, the organization was organized as the colored women’s branch of the YWCA, Kansas City, KS, and later renamed Yates Branch in honor of Josephine Yates a prominent educator and civic leader. This branch served over 69 years in the capacity of providing educational and recreational programs for children, youth, adults, and senior citizens. Emphasis was placed on civic and social responsibility, religion, arts, health, and family leisure activities. In 1979 Friend of Yates, became an incorporated body to provide financial strength to the Yates Branch. In June 1982, the YWCA Board of Directors made a decision to close the branches in Kansas City, KS. Upon the closing of the Yates Branch YWCA, Friends of Yates assumed the role of sovereignty and became the governing and legal Board of Directors of Yates. A combined total of “69” years with YWCA and “31” years with Friends of Yates. - Yates celebrated 100 years of uninterrupted services in December of 2013, “What a history.”
Impact Statement

Friends of Yates is an agency comprised of leadership and staff who are dedicated to reaching agency goals by utilizing professionalism, talent, skill, and passion.

In 2016 Friends of Yates:

  1. Shelter expansion construction underway for DV Survivors and their children, increasing shelter capacity from 22 beds to 44. Partners who contributed to this project include: Board of Public Utilities, Caedmon Construction & Electrical Co., Century Fire Sprinklers, Inc., Department of Children and Families (DCF), E & K Electrical, Greater Kansas City Health Care Foundation, Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors, State of Kansas Governor’s Grant Program, United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Unified Government of Kansas City, Unified Government Commissioners: Harold L. Johnson, Gayle Townsend, Jane Philbrook, Melissa Bynum, Hal Walker, and Youth Build.
  2. Partnered with the KCK Housing Authority who provided 4 single bedroom units and 4, 3-bedroom units, which allowed for the agency to expand emergency shelter accommodations for  Male survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as the off-site Transitional Housing Program. 
  3. Provided emergency shelter and transitional housing to 111 adults and 92 children, 191 adult and child survivors in face-to-face outreach services including, PAVE, Legal Advocacy, BridgeSpan Medical Advocacy program, answered 4,783 crisis hotline calls, and reached over 4,000 individuals through Community Awareness, Prevention, Presentations and Trainings.   

In 2017 Friends of Yates will have its shelter renovation operable which will  provide additional emergency housing placement for victims fleeing abuse in the community, continue providing the needs of the diverse population served, and launch its Community Awareness and Educational Training (CAET) to educate the community about domestic violence/sexual assault, equipping community members to Recognize, Respond, and Refer. CAET will use actual dramatizations as a training tool in schools, corporations, faith- based and community organizations regarding dynamics domestic and sexual violence.   

Needs Statement
The following are the Top 5 Needs of Friends of Yates, Inc.:
  1. 100K in additional funding to meet the ever increasing needs of  serve survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as all crime victims.
  2. Increased Volunteerism in providing direct and indirect client services in areas such as child care, 24-hour hotline, grant writing, administrative assistant duties. 
  3. 40K for Automobile and/or Van/Truck Donation to transport clients. 
  4. Women & Children’s Urgent Needs (Clothing, Technology for the Disabled, Personal Care Items)
Service Categories
Family Violence Shelters and Services
Alliances & Advocacy
Funding Raising & Fund Distribution
Areas of Service
KS - Wyandotte County
MO - Jackson County
MO - Jackson County Urban Core
KS - Johnson County
Friends of Yates primarily serves Kansas City, KS, Wyandotte County but also serves the  Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, including Johnson, Leavenworth Counties in Kansas and Jackson, Cass, Clay, Platte Counties in Missouri. 
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement
As the Executive Director/CEO, I am quite proud of the continued success Friends of Yates, Inc. achieves each day. All the work that the staff, volunteers and Board Members do has proven to make a positive, sustainable difference in the lives of our clients. Each day I witness how through our full continuum of comprehensive supportive services, our clients are empowered to live violence free and are able to approach personal heights that for many, were never possible.
Our staff is highly trained in crisis intervention, support counseling, and life skill coaching, because of which, we are able to support these families through the transition from abuse to self-sufficiency. Our Board President often states the reason he has been with the agency so long, “he is moved by the passion and commitment of the staff, volunteers and Board Members to serve the at risk population and effect tangible positive change in their lives. It compliments my life’s work towards community engagement.”
As an agency we have resolved to work hard to eradicate violence on any level with Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas. With the great work we do, we also have great challenges in meeting client needs. With the decrease in funding for domestic programs, the constant need for new funding sources to support, maintain, and establish new services geared towards clients. We also, have the challenge of disseminating the quality and quantity of the services we provide. We are looking into ways of expanding our marketing and communications approach to be more inclusive and cultural diverse; so that everyone can benefit from the great work we do at Friends of Yates, Inc. Finally, we share the need of many agencies in engaging new volunteers. We are working to build strong community collaborations so that in turn, we are able to place volunteers in areas that they are most passionate about, as well as identify new volunteer opportunities that we may have not accessed as an agency in the past.
The Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center, a program of Friends of Yates, is a domestic violence program that includes eight transitional housing units for survivors of domestic, sexual violence, or stalking and their children, who are fleeing abuse. The Center is a part of the Metropolitan Family Violence Coalition (MFVC), which represents the six domestic violence programs in the Greater Metropolitan Area. The DG/JHWC provides a safe, warm and caring environment to victims fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. With its fully comprehensive program, providing services such as Crisis Intervention, Hotline Advocacy, Strength Based Case Management, Medical Advocacy, Court Advocacy, Children/Youth Advocacy, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, Job Coaching, Substance Abuse Counseling, Individual and Group Counseling, Referrals to community agencies and Community Outreach Education (to name of few); survivors are able to transition from violence to self-sufficiency and violence free living.
Category Mental Health, Substance Abuse Programs, General/other Family Violence Counseling
Population Served Families, ,
Short-Term Success We have been able to see our clients’ attitude towards victimization and abuse dramatically change while in our program. For many of these families, the dynamics of abuse have caused them to feel as if the very act of abuse was their fault. We immediately, validate them and encourage them to understand that no one has the right to be abused and it is absolutely not their fault. This allows us to begin working with families to develop new skills and help to change their perception of themselves. Parenting is a great example of such changes. Through our group sessions, they gain the skills to re-develop a positive parenting approach with their children, as well as feel empowered to make healthy decisions relative to their family’s needs. Our program has also made strides in changing the social perceptive of abuse. We have developed presentations and collaborations that speak to perpetrator accountability, survivors’ access to services, and general domestic violence education.
Long-Term Success

The ultimate goal for the clients of the DG/JHW Center is to assist them in becoming self-sufficient members of society without the threat of violence. Through our programs and services, all of which are voluntary; clients are given the skills to make informed decisions in transiting from abuse to violence free living. Our goal upon a client exiting the program; is that they have the necessary tools to be empowered to be self-sufficient, without returning to an abusive situation.

Program Success Monitored By The agency's measurement system for program success comes from the requirements for Accreditation through the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Each program component is measured for accessibility, fluidity, and relevance.  Friends of Yates is pleased to announce that the Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center has continued to receive Full Accreditation. Also, the program is evaluated through the in house principles established by the Board of Directors and Senior Staff of Friends of Yates, Inc. Evaluations are performed reviewing the policies, procedures, and outcomes of services provided, staff competency and client participation. These recommendations are then reviewed and program guidelines are developed to ensure full success of each program component.
Examples of Program Success

Friends of Yates has provided emergency shelter and transitional housing to 111 adults and 92 children, as well as 191 adult and child survivors in face-to-face outreach services including, PAVE, Legal Advocacy, BridgeSpan Medical Advocacy program. We have answered 4,783 crisis hotline calls, and reached over 1,140 individuals through Community Awareness, Prevention, Presentations and Trainings.

  • "I am genuinely grateful for being able to provide Christmas for my children in a time that so difficult for us. Thank you so much for the clothes and toys that my children and I received"
  • "I was able to receive my U Visa, and now have citizenship through the staff, and advocacy work."   
  • The Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams staff has made me realize that I am not worthless and I do not have to stay and be abused and there is help to make sure my kids are safe with me. I realize now all the physical and verbal abuse was not my fault and that me and my children deserve much better.
Description The Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort (C.A.C.E.) is a program of Friends of Yates, Inc., in partnership with the United States Attorney’s Office, the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office, and the Kansas City, Kansas Police and Sheriff’s Offices. This collaboration was formed to address crime across Wyandotte County after the homicide of a 10 year girl in 1998. The focus of the C.A.C.E. program is multifaceted in its approach in addressing the root causes of crimes, offender accountability, crime victim support and intervention services, and strategies to eradicate all types of crime within Wyandotte County Neighborhoods. Through its Monday Crime Intervention Forums, C.A.C.E. keeps the community at large abreast to the ever changing trends in crime and acts as a vehicle to disseminate crime intervention and prevention strategies, as well as provide a holistic support to families who have become victims of homicide and other crimes in Kansas City, Kansas.
Category Crime & Legal, General/Other Crime Control & Prevention
Population Served General/Unspecified, ,
Short-Term Success The Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort (C.A.C.E.) has been a beneficial tool in changing the Wyandotte County perception of what is available to victims of crime. Through its forums, community members are able to receive information and resources from law enforcement officials, community agencies, governmental leaders and community activists, essential to prevention and intervention plan implementation. These forums change community perception on what is being done to support victims of crime, as well as how offender accountability is being promoted across the spectrum of Wyandotte County. Residents have access to such programs as the Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center for Battered Women, the KCKPD Victims Services Unit, the U.S. Attorney’s Office Victims Assistance Department and many more. This access to information and services has been able to develop, connect, implement, and evaluate services for accessibility and effectiveness in crime and/or crime prevention awareness.
Long-Term Success The ultimate goal of the Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort (C.A.C.E.) is to implement strategies which will lead the community into violence free, livable neighborhoods. It is the hope that through the continued efforts of C.A.C.E., Wyandotte County will mobilize in prevention and intervention strategies to derail crime, act as a voice for those who experience crime, and change the social behaviors which lead to crime. These strategies can act as a model for other struggling communities.
Program Success Monitored By The Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort (C.A.C.E.) is measured for success based on three areas: Community Awareness, Mobilization, and Implementation of Services. To this end, through the efforts of C.A.C.E., in collaboration with other community agencies neighborhoods which are at high risk for crime are able to identify programs within their community to address the threat of violence and crime. Through those same collaborative efforts, we are able to identify if those services are able to bring about a decline in crime related activities. Also, we can evaluate if the crime within a specific corridor was due to the lack of services, like employment, alcohol/drug counseling, housing, etc. and develop relationships with other agencies to address these disparities. These Needs Assessments and Outcome Measurements assist C.A.C.E. in addressing the immediate needs and reducing crime as a whole.
Examples of Program Success
C.A.C.E. Participant
The Annual CACE Memorial/Candle Lighting Service & Forum is the time when the community can come together to remember homicide victims from the previous year. The forum brings the community together, it is an opportunity for community members to ask questions of Panel Participants. Homicide Detectives were also at the Forum to inform the community and family members of homicide victims.     

The Black Men and Women of Distinction Program is a ceremony that highlights various African American leaders within the community who have partnered with Friends of Yates to help fulfill its mission of serving DV survivors. This event is held annually in February in recognition of Black History Month. Friends of Yates is a Multi Service, Multi Cultural agency that not only serves a diverse community, but appreciates setting aside a time to honor that diversity. This program was established 18 years ago, and continues to thrive. The agency presents several individuals with "Black Men and Women of Distinction" Awards, the "Donald D. Sewing Prestigious Service Award" and the "Portrait of a Black Man" "Portrait of a Black Woman" Award. These honorees are nominated by community members, and voted on and selected by the Friends of Yates Board of Directors.

Program Budget $5,000.00
Category Community Development, General/Other Community Renewal
Population Served Adults, ,
Program is linked to organization's mssion Yes
Program Frequently Assessed Yes
Short-Term Success  This is an annual program held in February of each year. In recognition of Black History Month, Friends of Yates honors various African American Community partners who continue to help our agency fulfill our mission. Honorees bring their family and friends and other community members to the program. This is a time in which we not only celebrate and give honor to those who continue to support our mission, but it is also a time that we are able to share who we are and how we service the community. At this program we also collect funds from those willing to make financial contributions. This provides us means to continue to serve our victims priority needs. Many in our community are familiar with our mission and vision, nevertheless, there are still many who are being introduced for the first time. Friends of Yates' mission is being spread, more survivors will be served, and DV awareness, and prevention is being taught.     
Long-Term Success This is an annual program held in February of each year. In recognition of Black History Month, Friends of Yates honors various African American Community partners who continue to help our agency fulfill our mission. Honorees bring their family and friends and other community members to the program. This is a time in which we not only celebrate and give honor to those who continue to support our mission, but it is also a time that we are able to share who we are and how we service the community. Many in our community are familiar with our mission and vision, nevertheless, there are still many who are being introduced for the first time. Friends of Yates' mission is being spread, more survivors will be served, and DV awareness, and prevention is being taught.     
Program Success Monitored By Over the years we have seen the program attendance increase. With the increase of attendees, it shows that Friends of Yates is continuing to grow in the community. Although, DV is a serious issue, the awareness and prevention efforts is vital. The more people that know who we are, the more referrals we receive, and the more DV survivors we serve.
Examples of Program Success At this program Friends of Yates has honored those in the community who are extraordinary leaders, and who stay connected to the agency to allowing the ability to maintain the vital lifeline Friends of Yates is to many survivors of DV. The agency has Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, District Attorneys,  Social Workers, Teachers, and many more influential African American members within the community who have been honored at this program not only because they serve the community as a whole, but well serve Friends of Yates. Friends of Yates would not be the agency it is today if it were not for these partnerships.
CEO Comments Friends of Yates is vital to the health and well being of our community. As we strive to make known the implications and severity that domestic violence has had and continues to have on those who fall victim to it,  the support of the community is needed to stand together in agreement that this must stop. Some of the challenges faced are funding, space, and transportation. The challenge of space is being addressed by our renovation project that is scheduled to come to an end by the close of the year. The agency continues to form alliances, and make known where we can use the support of donors. Friends of Yates currently does not have a van or truck, which would help tremendously with transportation needs. The agency continues to take advantage of any and all opportunities to get the word out of who we are, and how we serve our community through speaking engagements, community outings, programs, and events. As we do this it is our goal to gain more support from those who can and will partner with us as we strive to create safe healthy living spaces for those in need.      
Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Miss LaDora Lattimore
Term Start Jan 2014

Miss LaDora Lattimore has provided 36 years of service as the Executive Director/CEO of Friends of Yates Inc. Her tenure includes leading the transition of the dissolution of Yates Branch YWCA, which is now known as Friends of Yates Inc. She developed the first and only shelter for Victims and their children in Wyandotte County. Miss Lattimore has established a partnership with the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City that has provided over a million dollars in funding to fund Yates sponsored programs. In addition to this, she also established the Della Gill Villa- Transitional housing Program, and has expanded the Gladys Burks Library to include Robbins/ Meeks Jr. / Jackson/ Watson/ and Meeks. Miss Lattimore has increased the agency’s budget over 200%, and under her leadership there have been several renovation projects developed managed, and completed. These renovations include a $250,000 renovation project in 1985 that led to burning the mortgage 14 years later, a 1.5 plus million dollar Yates renovation project in 2000, and a “New Yates” $250,000 renovation project in 2014.

Miss Lattimore has expanded Friends of Yates involvement in community collaborations through developing programs such as the Black Men and Women of Distinction Program in recognition of Black History Month, and the Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort (C.A.C.E). She has served as KCK Housing Authority, Board of Commissioner Member, Vice –Chair and Chair. She has served on numerous other boards where she felt a difference could be made, as she continues to serve on local, state, regional and National Boards to increase Yates Purpose.

Miss Lattimore has been the featured speaker for numerous Churches, Schools, Civic, and Social Organizations, that included local, state, regional and national institutions. She has developed and conducted numerous interviews and appearances on Radio and T.V. as well as served as a founding member of the Metropolitan Family Violence Coalition (MFVC). Miss Lattimore provides more than just service, but also commitment to the Mission of Friends of Yates Inc.

Co-CEO/Executive Director
Term Start 0
Compensation Last Year
Former CEOs
LaDora Lattimore Jan 1980 - Dec 2013
Senior Staff
Title Program Director
Paid Full-Time Staff 25
Paid Part-Time Staff 11
Volunteers 20
Paid Contractors 0
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Plans & Policies
Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Yes
Organization Has a Strategic Plan Yes
Management Succession Plan Yes
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
Friends of Yates, Inc. is a comprehensive community service agency with strong emphasis on DV and the following partners serve to enhance that vision and service delivery. To name a few there is the Baptist Ministers Union, KCK Housing Authority, KCKPD, District Attorney, Donnelly College, Health Department, Department for children and Families (DCF)
External Assessment and Accreditations
Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence2016
Government Licenses
Is your organization licensed by the government? Yes
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Clyde Townsend
Term Jan 1996 to Dec 2018
Board Members
Dr. Charles Alexander M.D.Retired
Ms. Rosalyn Brooks Retired
Ms. Castina Cooper Liberty Bank
Ms. Arzelia Gates
Ms. Lucy Gethers Retired
Ms. Fay Gooden
Senator David Haley
Mr. Joe Taylor
Mr. Clyde Townsend
Mr. Richard Wallace
Mr. Herman Watson
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 9
Asian American/Pacific Islander 1
Caucasian 1
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 6
Female 5
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 2
Board Term Limits 5
Board Meeting Attendance % 95%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 6
Advisory Board Members
Dr. James T. Birch Jr., M.D.Physician
Ms. Rosalyn Brown Retired
Ms. Castina Cooper Banker
Mr. Larry E. Cruitt Sr.Foreman
Ms. Fay Gooden Retired
Ms. Toya Gooden Author/Writer
Ms. Katherine Idleburg Retired
Ms. Lynette Lasley Government Employee
Ms. Martha Smith Community Activist
Mr. Joe Taylor Proprietor
Ms. Phyllis G. White Retired
CEO Comments

Friends of Yates Inc. faces opportunity, as well as challenge. In either case we address it accordingly and continue to move forward. One challenge that we face, is tough economic times and budget cuts. Through these tough economic times however, Friends of Yates Inc. remains diligent in increasing its program awareness as we press forward to see the fruits of our labor. Although this challenge has presented itself we are glad in the fact that we yet and still have opportunity. We are continuing in our goal to expand our services for victims of domestic violence and to embrace combined community support and effort that helps victims regain their self-worth and self-empowerment. As we remain a leader in civic engagement, and continue to expand our support network, the opportunity for those in our community to become actively involved with our agency creates opportunity and partnership between our community and Friends of Yates Inc. This partnership allows Friends of Yates Inc. to be able to continue to provide quality service to the Kansas City, Kansas community.

Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2017
Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2017
Projected Revenue $1,835,000
Projected Expenses $1,835,000
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Fiscal Year201520142013
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$926,917$1,034,835$1,046,915
Individual Contributions------
Investment Income, Net of Losses$36$38$4
Membership Dues$0$0$0
Special Events$0$0$0
Revenue In-Kind$181,326$89,323$124,361
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$911,593$1,104,830$1,127,607
Administration Expense$220,147$21,613$33,941
Fundraising Expense$0$6,967$0
Payments to Affiliates------
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.041.031.04
Program Expense/Total Expenses81%97%97%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%1%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$1,082,482$1,065,406$1,047,939
Current Assets$134,772$140,980$124,451
Long-Term Liabilities$67,386$31,157$37,483
Current Liabilities$16,521$6,339$5,218
Total Net Assets$998,575$1,027,910$1,005,238
Short-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities8.1622.2423.85
Long-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets6%3%4%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountSynergy $16,000 -- --
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountHope House $7,917 -- --
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount -- -- --
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years Yes
Organization Comments

Friends of Yates, Inc. continually seek resources and capacity building on a local, state, and federal level. Friends of Yates, Inc. has sought and continues to seek funding through foundation and private sector entities. Our program is continually faced with challenges to expand or reshape our services to meet the emerging needs of victims and to include a primary prevention component. Due to funding constraints most of the agencies’ resources focus on direct services and systems advocacy that address the needs of survivors after the violence has occurred. However, through community outreach, education and awareness primary prevention of violence is addressed and support of the community is sought. Through capacity building efforts such as volunteerism and collaboration with other community and social service agencies our efforts to continue providing services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault has been enhanced and constant. We will continue to seek new funding sources continuously from all possible sources.

Organization Name Friends of Yates, Inc.
Address 1418 Garfield Avenue
Kansas City, KS 661045815
Primary Phone (913) 3211566
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Miss LaDora Lattimore
Board Chair Mr. Clyde Townsend
Year of Incorporation 1979