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Mission Statement

Youth Ministry Institute Midwest (YMIM) seeks to share the love of Jesus Christ with young people through skilled and effective leadership.

We accomplish this mission and ministry by providing leadership training and theological education to church youth leaders with the goal of effectively sharing grace, good news, and discernment to enrich the faith lives of adolescents and their families.
Services include Consulting, Coaching, and Cohort Learning. Over 30 churches in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska partner with YMIM each year so that their youth ministers and volunteers can excel in youth ministry. Those church leaders and youth ministers, in turn, annually care for 500 youth in the most transformational time in their lives.
CEO/Executive Director Matt Vaughan
Board Chair Ryan Hussey
Board Chair Company Affiliation Saint Luke's Health System
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2013
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Mission Statement

Youth Ministry Institute Midwest (YMIM) seeks to share the love of Jesus Christ with young people through skilled and effective leadership.

We accomplish this mission and ministry by providing leadership training and theological education to church youth leaders with the goal of effectively sharing grace, good news, and discernment to enrich the faith lives of adolescents and their families.
Services include Consulting, Coaching, and Cohort Learning. Over 30 churches in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska partner with YMIM each year so that their youth ministers and volunteers can excel in youth ministry. Those church leaders and youth ministers, in turn, annually care for 500 youth in the most transformational time in their lives.
Background Statement

Youth Ministry Institute, founded in 2005, meaningfully extends the tenure, effectiveness, and spirituality of youth ministers. The Midwest affiliate launched in 2015 and is independently funded and operated, sharing the corporate 501(c)3. Specifically, 80 percent of the youth ministers who have completed the two-year program at both national locations stayed longer than five years or are still at the church that initially hired them. The impact is clear. Young people respond to this kind of commitment, leadership, and longevity from their youth ministry leaders.

  • Youth groups led by YMI-trained youth ministers grew by 15–400 percent, averaging 135 percent growth.
  • Kelly, a parent new to youth ministry, enrolled in YMI in 2007. In the three years after her YMI training, Kelly’s youth group grew from 40 to 85 youth every week, a 110% increase. Kelly said that “God gave me exactly what I needed in YMI… to do the job He was calling me to do.”
  • Robert was hired in 2007 to lead the youth ministry at his church after volunteering for 17 years. During his time as a volunteer, Robert saw eight youth ministers come and go in the position. Robert credits YMI as equipping him with spiritual, psychological, and administrative tools to build the ministry. The youth program at Robert’s church grew from 30 to 80 active youth, a 250% increase during his tenure.

How YMI Achieves Success

Participating local churches partner with YMI for three years; two years of monthly instruction plus individualized coaching from a mentor who has been in youth ministry for 10 years or more. Youth ministers are challenged to immediately apply the skills and instruction in their ministry setting. This includes:

  • Multiple workshop classes, utilizing an ordered and tested curriculum;
  • Monthly coaching to provide accountability and prayer in the application of new skills;
  • Four theological intensive courses taught by a professor or a qualified pastor with a PhD;
  • Four national conferences to provide exposure to national speakers and elective classes;
  • On-site, three-day church assessment to invite prayer and volunteer leadership from the congregation;
  • Core competency assessment to shape the individualized coaching;
  • On-site consulting for three years.
Impact Statement

2017 Accomplishments

  1. Youth Ministry Institute Midwest enrolled a 20th church in its two-year Cohort Learning program.
  2. An innovative “new to ministry” program was recently launched to teach bi-vocational youth ministry leaders and interns in addition to supporting small churches throughout the Midwest.
  3. The Youth Ministry Institute provides in-depth instructional training and has now certified over 50 youth ministers since 2008 at our two regional locations.
  4. Church consulting has expanded beyond Kansas and Missouri to include multiple denominations in other states including Presbyterian, United Methodist, Congregational, Lutheran, and Disciples of Christ in Nebraska, Iowa, North Carolina, Michigan, and Maryland.

2018 Goals:  

  1. Youth Ministry Institute Midwest will recruit 5 additional youth ministers to enter the two-year instructional program in August 2018.
  2. The organization will refine and continue the “new to ministry” program by specifically reaching small churches.
  3. The board is in negotiations to add new partners in the Kansas City area in addition to one significant national partner.
Needs Statement
  1. Support a portion of the $66,162 for instructional training process of our program, which directly impacts the work of our client churches and the youth they serve. This financial support helps with the costs of recruiting, training, and compensating seminary professors, pastors, counselors, and successful business leaders to become faculty for Youth Ministry Institute.
  2. Support a portion of the $25,603 for coaching and consulting services of our program. Youth Ministry Institute offers personalized support to each client through on-site visits, phone calls, and strategic planning.
  3. Support smaller churches (under 100 in weekly worship) and internship training by reducing the enrollment costs for one or two youth ministry leaders, totaling $1,500 per student Eight students participated in this program in 2017.
  4. Support in the range of $400 to $1,200 will help purchase marketing supplies, including a display setup and brochures to share at conferences and with denominational offices and their associated events.
Service Categories
Graduate & Professional Schools
Youth Development-Religious Leadership
Areas of Service
Training and coaching is focused on local churches and youth ministry leaders in the four-state region surrounding Kansas City. Additional consulting services are provided nationally.
CEO/Executive Director/Board Chair Statement

“Nobody else is doing anything like this,” said Dr. Israel Kamudzandu, our New Testament professor, at an instructional retreat. “With YMIM, these are leaders who will change the church!”

Youth Ministry Institute Midwest makes a difference because youth ministers in our program immediately apply what they’re learning. The results are transformative. Youth ministers who complete our two-year program stay in their jobs more than twice as long as their peers and see their youth ministry attendance more than double.

We are a national organization with a local footprint. Thanks to your encouragement and generosity —

Youth Ministry Institute Midwest is beginning its sixth year of operation. Our 20th student enrolled in our two-year Cohort Learning program. We also provided additional support to over 20 churches and forged new partnerships. Our faculty expanded to include 25 gifted educators and coaches.

Our growth and stability is exciting, but telling the stories of our students is more compelling.

Carissa Welsh recently completed our two-year Cohort Learning. She reflected about how YMIM impacted her life and ministry:

“Youth Ministry Institute Midwest has been a wonderful addition to not only my professional life, but it has given me friends and a support system. The grace and love that is offered through this program is amazing. YMIM has given me the tools and the knowledge to increasingly become a better youth minister. YMIM paired me with a wonderful coach, who had a similar background, to help me in the trenches – something that has been incredibly helpful as I’m trying to figure out this whole ‘youth ministry’ thing. Youth Ministry Institute Midwest has helped me network with people in the area as well as people who have been in youth ministry for a long time. YMIM is a blessing.”

Well said, Carissa. We are thankful for those who give to Youth Ministry Institute Midwest so that youth can experience the grace and transformation God offers through the leadership of YMIM-trained youth ministers like Carissa.

As you consider your charitable giving, we encourage you to support Carissa and her colleagues as they make a difference with youth in their local churches. Thank you for your kindness and your support!


Matt Vaughan, Director

Youth Ministry Institute Midwest

PS – You can read more about our students online:

Instructional Training is the centerpiece of what Youth Ministry Institute Midwest offers to the community.
Experienced practicing youth ministers, theologians, and experts in youth culture teach youth ministers at monthly workshops and semi-annual week-long intensives. The course outcomes are to learn strategies, leadership principles, theology, and practical ministry ideas to guide youth in their spiritual and moral development. Each participant writes a reflective paper after each workshop, offering timely feedback on the principles learned and applied since the previous time.
In addition, participants attend two national conferences per year and read up to thirteen books during their time with the Youth Ministry Institute.
Papers, readings, class participation, and presentations are evaluated by the instructors to maintain a standard of academic rigor for the instructional training program.
Category Religion, General/Other Religion, General/Other
Population Served Adults, ,
Short-Term Success
The Youth Ministry Institute is committed to the complete development of youth ministers. Instruction in best practices and theology is extremely valuable, especially when individual learning application is measured.
The education model utilized by the Youth Ministry Institute includes a monthly instructional retreat, a bi-annual intensive course, and participation in a national conference.
This format encourages the immediate application of learning in each local church. In traditional education, graduates might remember and apply 20 percent of their learning to a new job, forgetting 80 percent. Youth Ministry Institute participants are applying 80 percent of what they learn as they learn it.
Long-Term Success Many youth ministers enter the profession with little or no formalized instruction. An increase in ministry-related degrees and certifications among practicing youth ministers will measure the long-term success of the program. Youth ministers completing the Youth Ministry Institute gain credit towards undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as denominational and nondenominational certification.
Program Success Monitored By
Personal development, a key factor in being an effective leader, encourages youth ministers to rise to the level of excellence through self-examination.
The Youth Ministry Institute utilizes an objective Core Competency Assessment tool that was developed in partnership with HUMAN eX Ventures, a national partner that builds high-impact cultures through developing talent. The tool is utilized to gauge the effectiveness of youth ministers at the beginning of their enrollment and after they complete the two-year program.
The Core Competency Assessment measures professional excellence in thirteen categories deemed essential in youth ministry. An increase in the use of these competencies indicates the success of the program and the potential effectiveness of the youth minister. Nearly every participant in the program has experienced dramatic improvement.
Examples of Program Success
Bob, a youth minister in Tampa, completed the two-year instructional training program in 2010. This is what he had to say about his experiences.
“Let’s start with the monthly small groups. I learned my struggles in the ministry are not unique to me – it’s refreshing to know I am not alone. It was a place where my fellow students and I could come together and support each other.
“The monthly retreats helped me realize my strengths and work on my growing edges. It was not just a time to listen to speakers, take notes, and do papers. There were several assigned readings that really helped me in my ministry.
“Youth Ministry Institute was effective – it was a great two years. The instructional retreats were like sabbaticals for me. It was not just a time to relax, spend time with friends, and get my thoughts together. I would return to Tampa feeling refreshed and full of new ideas, concepts, and tools.”
Bob recently joined the Youth Ministry Institute faculty as an instructional coach.
Coaching provides ongoing support to youth ministers by veterans in the field. Their experience and friendship are invaluable to the less experienced youth minister. 
Youth ministers spend 120 hours in one-on-one coaching or coaching cohorts. A personal coach, a youth minister with greater than ten years of experience, is matched with a youth minister in their region. Monthly meetings follow a set curriculum, reinforcing the learning and development the youth minister has experienced. 
These monthly meetings are guided by a curriculum piece that mirrors the instructional training workshop topics, creating multidirectional input and feedback. 
Youth ministers who have received coaching reflected upon how their confidence grew as a result of learning best practices from experts in their field.
Category Education, General/Other Guidance & Counseling
Population Served Adults, ,
Short-Term Success
The coach is an independent expert who can effectively keep the youth minister and the church accountable to the expectations involved in the two-year instructional training program.
The coach meets monthly with the youth minister and communicates quarterly with the supervisor. Semi-annual on-site observations allow the coach to see the youth minister in action with adult volunteers and youth.
The coach’s involvement in the Youth Ministry Architect assessment gives the coach additional insight and influence in the church system.
The short-term success of this program is measured by the content of the evaluative summaries completed by each coach. These observations are reviewed regularly by the regional director and the on-site supervisor of the youth minister.
Long-Term Success Coaching broadens the base of youth ministers participating in the Youth Ministry Institute. This network forms the fabric that supports youth ministers in every geographic area. The long-term success will be measured by the supportive relationships within each section of the Midwest region.
Program Success Monitored By
Coaches complete an evaluative summary with the youth minister after each interaction. This information is utilized by the regional director to evaluate the success of the coaching program. Each evaluative summary is also furnished to the on-site supervisor of the youth minister so that all partners can measure growth of the youth minister.
The regional director meets with the coach, one-site supervisor, and youth minister at the end of the program to evaluate core competency growth of the youth minister. Over 90 percent of our students achieved significant growth over two years in our Florida region.
Examples of Program Success
Emily, a youth minister, grew up in Chicago and moved to Florida to be near family. She has a communications degree from a Christian college and was active in her church youth group as an adolescent. Soon after she was hired by her church, her pastor took a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time and the financial future for the church looked bleak. Emily was feeling helpless, alone and ill-prepared to deal with the stress of her new employment situation. 
After one year, on the verge of resigning, her church enrolled her in the Youth Ministry Institute in the Florida region. She was matched with Kathy, a youth minister with 17 years of experience. Kathy’s advice and availability allowed Emily to gain confidence in her abilities. Emily says her coach has been the primary reason she survived initially and eventually thrived.
Many of the consulting and networking services that offered by Youth Ministry Institute Midwest are given pro-bono. Churches that are searching for a youth minister contact Youth Ministry Institute Midwest for a 90-minute pre-hiring consultation at a reduced rate (many of these churches then choose to enroll in our program at our normal rates). The consultation consists of creating a profile of the youth minister based on personality characteristics, leadership style and ministry focus.
In addition, the regional director travels across Kansas and Missouri annually visiting with more than 50 churches, meeting new youth ministers and pastors, and building a network and support system of like-minded professionals.
Category Employment, General/Other Employment, General/Other
Population Served Adults, ,
Short-Term Success A continual stream of youth ministers participating in Youth Ministry Institute Midwest will indicate the effectiveness of the face-to-face marketing and networking being done. This will be measured as the organization establishes itself and grows.
Long-Term Success
The long-term success of effective marketing will be measured in the number of referrals to Youth Ministry Institute Midwest. A progressive annual increase will be an indication of the number of youth ministers, pastors and lay people who trust the services of Youth Ministry Institute Midwest. 
Eighty percent of youth ministers stayed at their church for five years or more at our first region in Florida. The Midwest region has the same long-term goal, which will revitalize local churches.
Program Success Monitored By
The success of Youth Ministry Institute Midwest depends on building positive relationships with churches, pastors, youth ministers, volunteers, and most importantly, the youth and families in our community. 
The regional director and board members have a number of established relationships with churches in the community. These relationships are facilitating the organization’s expansion and growth to the Midwest.
Examples of Program Success
In 2013 the Youth Ministry Institute Midwest regional director contacted a church in Overland Park, Kansas. The previous youth minister, after serving the church for more than ten years, had left to take a job at another church. The church had an interim youth minister in place and was ready to begin the process of searching for its next youth minister. Youth Ministry Institute Midwest provided three on-site consultations to the church to offer pre-hiring and instructional training services. The church felt that partnering with Youth Ministry Institute Midwest gave it a better possibility for success in hiring its next youth minister – one that would stay for several years and achieve excellence and positively impact the youth at their church. The church signed a contract with Youth Ministry Institute Midwest to partner together. They began the search process in February 2014.
In 2017, church consulting has expanded beyond Kansas and Missouri to include multiple denominations in other states including Presbyterian, United Methodist, Congregational, Lutheran, and Disciples of Christ in Nebraska, Iowa, North Carolina, Michigan, and Maryland. 
CEO Comments

As a non-profit, we rely on the generosity of partnership grants and individuals to provide quality education and training to youth ministers. Gifts are crucial to our mission, and progress is being made.

31 percent of our annual budget is supported by individual donors, and 15 percent is supported through foundation and corporate grants. Your prayers and support are appreciated!

There’s good news – over 150 families and five partner organizations support our ministry. Please consider helping us work towards our goal of raising $45,000. By partnering with us, your gift helps us recruit students and faculty, refine our curriculum, and support our staff.

Thank you for considering a partnership with Youth Ministry Institute Midwest. Your prayers and gifts sustain our work, and we are grateful.


Matt Vaughan, Regional Director

Youth Ministry Institute Midwest

Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Matt Vaughan
Term Start Feb 2013
Matt Vaughan is the regional director for Youth Ministry Institute Midwest and teaches a youth ministry practicum at Saint Paul School of Theology. He previously served as a youth minister for over 18 years at three Presbyterian churches with varied memberships of 350 to 4,500, including Village Presbyterian Church. His mother is a retired United Methodist pastor in the Great Plains UMC Conference. Matt received theological education from Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, a teaching certificate from the University of Missouri – Saint Louis, and an architectural degree from the University of Kansas. Matt and his wife, Amy, live in Prairie Village, Kansas with their two sons. When they are not at a basketball game or tennis match, they yearn to hike, camp, or ski in Colorado and Arizona. Matt also teaches, consults, and coaches for YMI Midwest.
Matt also serves as the interim youth minister at First Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, Kansas. He previously served Village Presbyterian Church for twelve years and Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church for five years. He served on the Front Porch Alliance board of directors in Kansas City, Missouri, for five years, and previously taught 8th grade science in the Kansas City, Missouri, school district.
Matt received his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas. He studied at Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City and was later certified as a secondary school teacher by the University of Missouri – Saint Louis.
Matt and his wife, Amy, live in Prairie Village with their two sons.
Co-CEO/Executive Director
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Volunteers 16
Paid Contractors 25
Retention Rate 100%
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CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
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Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
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Plans & Policies
Organization Has a Fundraising Plan Yes
Organization Has a Strategic Plan Yes
Management Succession Plan Under Development
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
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Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
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Board Chair
Board Chair Ryan Hussey
Company Affiliation Saint Luke's Health System
Term Jan 2015 to Dec 2017
Board Members
Sara Aitken
Chris Andersen Hoefer Wysocki Architecture
Peggy Dean
Joni Hernly Hernly Associates
Ryan Hussey Saint Luke’s Health System
Rev. Lee Johnson Asbury United Methodist Church
Kristin E. Kvam PhDSaint Paul School of Theology
Thomas McIntyre Merrill Companies,
Celia Nicholas Community Volunteer
Desiree Reinke Community Volunteer
Linn VerMeer Community Volunteer
Rev. Zach Walker Village Presbyterian Church
Rick Walter
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Carissa Welsh Tonganoxie United Methodist Church
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Male 8
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Board Term Lengths 3
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Board Meeting Attendance % 75%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 4
Standing Committees
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Human Resources / Personnel and Finance and Marketing and Nominating and By-laws
Program / Program Planning
CEO Comments

Thanks to you, hundreds of youth benefit from Youth Ministry Institute Midwest.

Hundreds! How do we quantify that number? Over 40 churches, all posted on our website, partnered with YMIM. We consult, train, and teach their youth ministers, directors, volunteers, and staff. 30 additional churches attended one of our events, with more to come.

Thanks to you, these leaders are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ!

  • C.J. from Garden City saw his youth group grow from 3 to 11 in two years while enrolled in YMIM (his cohort is pictured).
  • Carissa’s group in Tonganoxie grew from 10 to 28.
  • Amy in Overland Park saw her group grow from 15 to 40.
  • Chris in Wamego saw his group grow from 8 to 40.
  • And, in his first year, Evan’s group in Wichita grew from 5 to 45 youth every week!

Evan said, “Getting involved with YMIM helped me take my passion and made it tangible for sustainable youth ministry. I have seen numbers increase and have developed a program that is truly meaningful and life changing, and I feel confident in equipping our youth in their faith.”

Our board continues to explore ways to build this ministry:

  • Our partnership with Heartland Presbyterian Center is growing from four to seven interns.
  • We are partnering with Village Church to hold a two-day conference with a Princeton professor.

Thanks to you, good things are happening in YMIM.

Your gift this year is is making a difference!

We appreciate your gifts and support in our nonprofit work. With your support, we raised 70 percent of our budget in the first half of 2017 to fulfill this portion of our budget. Information is available at if you’d like to make an additional gift. We are beginning to plan for our 2018 budget, which will include specific recruiting, training, support, and consulting goals.

Thank you – your financial support makes this ministry possible.

Matt Vaughan, Director 
Fiscal Year Start Jan 01, 2018
Fiscal Year End Dec 31, 2018
Projected Revenue $114,000
Projected Expenses $113,645
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  • Foundations/corporate revenue line item may include contributions from individuals.
Detailed Financials
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$244,860$205,233$154,904
Administration Expense$65,709$77,347$97,142
Fundraising Expense$9,170$8,597$0
Payments to Affiliates----$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.001.030.97
Program Expense/Total Expenses77%70%61%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue9%6%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$45,305$46,779$39,335
Current Assets$45,305$46,779$39,335
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$0$0$0
Total Net Assets$45,305$46,779$39,335
Short-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities------
Long-Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar Amount -- -- --
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount -- -- --
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Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years No
Organization Comments Youth Ministry Institute Midwest operates as an independently funded regional affiliate of the Youth Ministry Institute, Inc., a nonprofit organization. YMIM is overseen by a regional board and has voting privileges with the parent organization, Youth Ministry Institute, Inc.
Organization Name Youth Ministry Institute Midwest
Address 7409 Ash Street
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Primary Phone (913) 972-2530
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Matt Vaughan
Board Chair Ryan Hussey
Board Chair Company Affiliation Saint Luke's Health System
Year of Incorporation 2013