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KSDS, Inc.

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KSDS, Inc.


120 W. 7th Street

Washington, KS 66968-
Washington County

Primary Phone

(785) 325-2256

Primary Fax

(785) 325-2258

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CEO/Executive Director

Mrs. Glenda Keller

Board Chair

Mr. Roger Post

Board Chair Company Affiliation

Retired from Farm Credit Bank

Board Members


Year of Incorporation


Former Names

Midwest Canine Assistance (2001/2/21)

Kansas Specialty Dog Service, Inc. (2000/3/29)

Spring Class 2013
Spring Class 2013


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KSDS mission is to promote the independence and inclusion of people with disabilities as fully participating and contributing members of their communities and society.  This is accomplished through a unique resource, a highly trained canine, selectively matched with a human partner, forming a team.  The dog will provide assistance either specifically for their partner or they will help their partner assist others in prevailing over their disabilities.  Placements occur at no charge to the person receiving the dog.  Continuing support for the graduates is also part of the services offered.  The support is utilized to keep the team working at peak performance and is offered throughout the life of the partnership.  The staff provides one-on-one training for specialized needs and on-going support to all teams.  KSDS assistance dogs are valued at $25,000, and has given away over $12 million in product and services since 1991.
KSDS was the first organization in the USA to provide both guide and service dog programs from within the same facility.  KSDS has placed teams in 32 different states and has volunteer puppy raisers located in 16 states.
KSDS is a fully accredited  member of Assistance Dogs International ( ADI).  ADI is a coalition of programs from around the world which train and place canine assistance dogs that formed in 1987.  Together the coalition established the standards and ethics for training and placing assistance dogs.
KSDS relies on the contributions from individuals, corporations, service clubs, wills and bequests.  KSDS' corporate sponsors include Hills Pet Nutrition, Kansas State University, Merial, Zoetis, Bayer, and Novartis.  The majority of KSDS corporate sponsors provide support by means of donating product or services that directly benefit puppies, dogs in training or teams that have graduated.  Lions Clubs of Kansas provide funding to help offset costs incurred by students while attending classes at KSDS during the placement process.

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Training and placing assistance dogs

Puppy raiser program

Topeka Correctional Facility Pooches and Pals

Disability related education and awareness

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